Deal Summary:

Greenwood Credit Union offers multiple CD options with the highest earning potential coming from our 5 year certificate of deposit at a 1% APY with a minimum deposit of $1000.

Greenwood Credit Union CD Options:

Greenwood Credit Union has several CD options depending on how many years and what rate you would like. Our second best option is our 4 year certificate of deposit with a .75% APY.

3 years still get a good yield of .70% with a shorter limit. Our shortest option is 3 months at .30% APY.

We consider a certificate of deposit an excellent way of having an almost no risk investment, especially if you don’t need your cash back right away. While playing the stock market can yield higher ratings, it does so with the risk that a CD simply doesn’t have. You can also choose to extend your certificate of deposit and continue earning. There is a penalty for removing your deposit early, though it is possible.Certificates of deposit are also a great way of teaching students good investing habits.


The first step to opening a certificate of deposit with Greenwood Credit Union is to become part of our family. Sign up to become a member and we will open a checking or savings account for you. The next step is a certificate of deposit. You’ll need that checking or savings account to deposit the interest earned from your CD.


Greenwood Credit Union offers a primary location in Warwick, Rhode Island, though the entire GCU network is connected by thousands of Credit Unions in a Co-Op program.

Bank Overview

Greenwood Credit Union has been proudly serving our community since 1948. We are committed to the financial well being of our community, city, and state. We offer personal and business banking services. These services include basic checking and savings as well as loans and investment accounts to secure your future. Businesses love our real estate loans and commercial loans to keep them going and expanding their sites as well as purchasing equipment.

Our bankers are committed to helping you find your way through money and financial issues with our products and services designed to help you track your money and what you should do with it.

We proudly support food banks as a means of helping our community stay fed and warm. We collected 113 pounds of canned and non-perishable items last year for Rhode Island food banks. We recently sponsored a Christmas family from the Mcauley house who would otherwise not have received many if any gifts for Christmas last year. We believe that uplifting people in negative situations goes a long way to improving and building our community – we want to encourage others to give back to the community when they have the means to do pay it forward in the future.