Greenwood stands out as a beacon of reliability and prosperity. If you want to watch your savings flourish with some of the most competitive CD rates in the market, then Greenwood Credit Union is the perfect to-go option as it invites you to step into a realm where your money not only earns interest but thrives.

Let’s get an idea about the details of Greenwood Credit Union CD Rates in the section below;

Greenwood Credit Union CD Rates offers

Popular CD offers by Greenwoods Credit Union are;

3-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • APY: 0.50%
  • Rate: 0.50%
  • Minimum to Open: $1,000.00


Ideal for short-term investors looking for a quick turnover of funds with a competitive interest rate.

Pros & Cons

Quick turnover of fundsLower interest rate compared to longer CDs

6-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • APY: 4.75%
  • Rate: 4.64%
  • Minimum to Open: $1,000.00


It Offers a lucrative interest rate for those seeking a balanced approach to earning returns over a medium-term investment horizon.

Pros & Cons

Competitive interest rateShorter term compared to some other investment options

9-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • APY: 5.00%
  • Rate: 4.88%
  • Minimum to Open: $1,000.00


Accelerate your savings with a high-interest rate in under a year, perfect for individuals with a shorter investment timeline.

Pros & Cons

High-interest rate for a short termLimited flexibility due to the relatively short duration

1-Year Certificate of Deposit

  • APY: 4.25%
  • Rate: 4.16%
  • Minimum to Open: $1,000.00


Strike a balance between stability and growth, making it an excellent choice for those who want to secure their funds with modest returns.

Pros & Cons

Balance between stability and growthModerate interest rate compared to longer-term CDs

18-Month Certificate of Deposit

  • APY: 4.00%
  • Rate: 3.92%
  • Minimum to Open: $1,000.00


Optimize your investment with a competitive interest rate over an extended period, offering higher rewards for a slightly longer commitment.

Pros & Cons

Competitive interest rateLonger commitment compared to shorter-term CDs

2-Year Certificate of Deposit

  • APY: 3.75%
  • Rate: 3.68%
  • Minimum to Open: $1,000.00


Strike a balance between consistent returns and flexibility, suitable for investors who seek a moderate commitment with competitive interest rates.

Pros & Cons

Consistent returnsModerate interest rate compared to longer-term CDs

Are Greenwood Credit Union CD Rates Competitive?

Greenwood Credit Union offers a range of Certificate of Deposit terms with competitive rates that cater to various investment preferences.

Notably, the 6-month and 9-month CDs stand out with impressively high Annual Percentage Yields at 4.75% and 5.00%, respectively, providing investors with substantial returns in a relatively short timeframe.

Additionally, the 18-month and 2-year CDs offer appealing interest rates of 3.92% and 3.68%, striking a balance between competitive returns and a slightly longer commitment.

While the 3-month and 1-year CDs have more modest interest rates at 0.50% and 4.16%, respectively, they cater to different investor needs, such as those seeking quick turnovers or a stable yet growing investment.

Overview Greenwood Credit Union 

Greenwood Credit Union has been proudly serving our community since 1948. We are committed to the financial well-being of our community, city, and state. We offer personal and business banking services. These services include basic checking and savings as well as loans and investment accounts to secure your future. Businesses love our real estate loans and commercial loans to keep them going and expand their sites as well as purchasing equipment.

Our bankers are committed to helping you find your way through money and financial issues with our products and services designed to help you track your money and what you should do with it.

We proudly support food banks as a means of helping our community stay fed and warm. We collected 113 pounds of canned and non-perishable items last year for Rhode Island food banks. 

We recently sponsored a Christmas family from the Mcauley house who would otherwise not have received many if any gifts for Christmas last year. We believe that uplifting people in negative situations goes a long way to improving and building our community – we want to encourage others to give back to the community when they have the means to pay it forward in the future.


The first step to opening a certificate of deposit with Greenwood Credit Union is to become part of our family. Sign up to become a member and we will open a checking or savings account for you. The next step is a certificate of deposit. You’ll need that checking or savings account to deposit the interest earned from your CD.

Locations Greenwood Credit Union 

Greenwood Credit Union offers a primary location in Warwick, Rhode Island, though the entire GCU network is connected by thousands of Credit Unions in a Co-Op program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the CD rates fixed for the entire term?

Yes, the CD rates are fixed for the entire term. However, 3, 4, and 5-year CDs offer a 1-time bump-up option during the term, allowing for a rate adjustment upon request.

Can I open a CD online?

Yes, all Greenwood Credit Union CDs can be opened online for your convenience.

How often is interest compounded for Greenwood Credit Union CDs?

Interest is compounded quarterly for all Greenwood Credit Union CDs.

Are the CD rates the same for both new and existing members?

Yes, the CD rates are consistent for all members, regardless of whether they are new or existing members.

What is the process for utilizing the 1-time bump-up option on 3, 4, and 5-year CDs?

To exercise the 1-time bump-up option, simply call Greenwood Credit Union at 401-739-4600 and notify them of your intention to increase the interest rate during the term.