Deal Summary

6-month to 48-month terms, minimum opening balance of $1,000, highest APY of 0.90%

iGOBanking’s Top CD Rates

iGOBanking has high rates for CD’s. You can open a new CD with only $1,000.

The shortest term of 6-months pays out an interest APY of 0.55%.

12-month CD’s have an APY of 0.60%.

18-month CD’s have an APY of 0.65%.

36-month CD’s have an APY of 0.85%.

48-month CD’s have an APY of 0.90%.

Interest is compounded at the date of maturity.

They can help you liquify and re-invest the CD funds at the maturity date to keep saving with an even higher rate.

At the date of maturity you can easily transfer the funds into another iGOBanking account.

There may be applicable penalties for early withdrawals before the maturity date of the CD which could affect earnings. 

They have a product called GiftsforBanking which offers a free gift when you open a CD with a $25,000 minimum balance. The rate for these special CD’s is 0.40% or 0.45%. The GiftsforBanking tiers are 2,3, and 5-years. The gifts are things like technology, athletic equipment, or vacations.


To open a CD with iGOBanking you must first be a member. Start by opening a checking or savings account. You can sign up for a new account online. Because iGOBanking is an online service, you must have another bank account or debit card first to initially add funds to your new account. You can transfer money from your current bank using the routing numbers, or you can deposit funds using your debit card. The maximum first deposit is $500,000.


iGOBanking is a completely online banking service. They do not have physical branches. They do have ATM’s all over the USA.

Bank Overview

The goal of iGOBanking was to create a completely online bank that made banking accessible for everyone. It is an innovative and modern banking service. Your life doesn’t stop after 5pm and neither should your bank. You can access all of your accounts online or on the mobile app at any time of day. They do not have physical branch locations, but you can find an ATM anywhere in the USA to withdraw or deposit money. You can become a member of iGOBanking no matter where you live.

Simplifying banking makes it more accessible and less time consuming. It is easy to use their online banking services as the website and app are streamlined for maximum efficiency. Managing your financial health has never been easier with this user-friendly online banking service. This bank has some very competitive rates and offers high APY on investment and savings accounts.

iGOBanking is owned by Flushing Bank which is federally insured. It is a division of Flushing Bank that is online-only. The best thing about iGOBanking, besides the great interest rates, is that the member experience is great. It is easy to care for your finances at any time, anywhere with this innovative banking technology. Instead of going to the bank, they bring the bank to you.