iGo Banking is one of the primary financial options available for the standard CD options. The standard and authorized approach of the CD option is the greatest attraction that is making the way financial way more convenient to add up more to the savings in this regard, here is the quick elaboration of iGo Banking CD Rates mentioned next;

iGo Banking CD Rates Offers

The most authentic and precise CD offers by iGo Banking are as follows;

3-Month CD

  • APY (%): 5.00
  • Minimum Opening Balance: $1000


  • Short-term investment with a maturity of 3 months.

Pros & Cons

Short-term commitmentLower APY compared to longer terms
Quick access to fundsLimited time for interest growth

9-Month CD

  • APY (%): 5.25
  • Minimum Opening Balance: $1000


  • It balances a reasonable term length with a competitive interest rate.

Pros & Cons

Mid-term investment
Slightly higher APYLess liquidity than shorter terms

36-Month CD

  • APY (%): 4.75
  • Minimum Opening Balance: $1000


  • Slightly lower APY of 4.75% due to the extended term.

Pros & Cons

Long-term commitmentMinimum opening balance
Stable returns over timeLess liquidity during the term

Are iGo Banking CD Rates Competitive?

iGo Banking CD rates are competitive across various terms. In comparison to the CD rates explained above, iGo Banking offers attractive Annual Percentage Yields for different durations.

Their rates are in line with or exceed the average APYs presented, demonstrating a commitment to providing competitive returns to investors.

Additionally, iGo Banking maintains reasonable minimum opening balances, making these CDs accessible to a broad range of investors. Other than all this, market conditions and fluctuations can impact competitiveness, so investors must regularly check for the most up-to-date rates.

Overview iGo Banking 

The goal of iGOBanking was to create a completely online bank that made banking accessible for everyone. It is an innovative and modern banking service. Your life doesn’t stop after 5 pm and neither should your bank. You can access all of your accounts online or on the mobile app at any time of day. They do not have physical branch locations, but you can find an ATM anywhere in the USA to withdraw or deposit money. You can become a member of iGOBanking no matter where you live.

Simplifying banking makes it more accessible and less time-consuming. It is easy to use their online banking services as the website and app are streamlined for maximum efficiency. Managing your financial health has never been easier with this user-friendly online banking service. This bank has some very competitive rates and offers high APY on investment and savings accounts.

iGOBanking is owned by Flushing Bank which is federally insured. It is a division of Flushing Bank that is online-only. The best thing about iGOBanking, besides the great interest rates, is that the member experience is great. It is easy to care for your finances at any time, anywhere with this innovative banking technology. Instead of going to the bank, they bring the bank to you.


To open a CD with iGOBanking you must first be a member. Start by opening a checking or savings account. You can sign up for a new account online. Because iGOBanking is an online service, you must have another bank account or debit card first to initially add funds to your new account. You can transfer money from your current bank using the routing numbers, or you can deposit funds using your debit card. The maximum first deposit is $500,000.

Locations iGo Banking 

iGOBanking is a completely online banking service. They do not have physical branches. They do have ATMs all over the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are iGo Banking CDs FDIC insured?

Yes, iGo Banking CDs are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowed limit per depositor, providing a secure environment for your investment.

What is the difference between APY and interest rate on iGo Banking CDs?

The Annual Percentage Yield accounts for compounding, offering a more comprehensive measure of the effective annual return, while the interest rate represents the base rate before compounding.

How will I receive interest payments on my iGo Banking CD?

iGo Banking typically allows you to choose between having your interest paid out monthly, quarterly, annually, or at maturity. This choice provides flexibility based on your preferences and financial needs.

What happens if I miss the grace period after my CD matures?

If you miss the grace period after your iGo Banking CD matures, the account may automatically renew for the same term, or you may have a limited window to make changes.

Can I have multiple CDs with different terms at iGo Banking?

Yes, iGo Banking typically allows customers to open multiple CDs with different terms, providing flexibility to create a diversified investment portfolio based on individual financial goals and preferences.