Hudson City Bank is one of the most credible financial institutes for all those who are looking for stability and innovation. If we consider the intricate world of banking, it has become imperative thing to precisely appreciate the institutions that play an important role in shaping personal financial experiences.

In this comprehensive approach, the Hudson City Bank is the most authentic institute. To provide the most credible facts, here is the precise overview stated below. The content will cover the offerings of the bank, its commitment to customer satisfaction, and further technological advancements.

Let’s delve into the facts below;

Bank Overview

The most important point to consider is that, in 2015, the Hudson City Bank merged with the Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company. Since that time, it has been called M&T Bank.

This bank is credibly known due to its well-established reputation in the financial horizon. It comprises a rich history that begins in 1868.

From the perspective of the primary location, it was initially headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey. Along with this, it also worked for a versatile savings association.

During all these years, the bank has undergone several changes. The changes belong to a wide extent. the extent comprises mergers and acquisitions, The changes are primarily made in terms of powers and organization type. In addition to this, the alterations are also made in its federal regulatory agency.

Hudson City Bank Locations

Hudson City Bank or M&T Bank is based on a broad range of network presence. The offices or branches are well equipped with high-edge services.

This bank primarily operated in states;

In New Jersey alone, it had the highest number of branches in various locations;

  • Kearny
  • Kendall Park
  • Lakewood
  • Livingston
  • Lodi
  • Lyndhurst
  • Madison
  • Mahwah
  • Manchester
  • Mansfield
  • Marlboro
  • Middletown
  • Midland Park
  • Millburn
  • Monroe Twp
  • New Milford
  • Newark

Each branch is well-defined in terms of facilities. All the local communities get fruitful services to all extents. Moreover, the branch in Clifton, NJ, is highly popular to be served along with the full-service banking even in the varied lobby hours. All these are done significantly to accommodate the schedules of customers.

Checking Accounts

The most significant approach for M&T Bank or Hudson City Bank in terms of checking accounts is explained below in the section next;

Checking AccountMyChoice Premium$24.95 (waived with either an average daily balance of $7,500 or a combined daily average balances of $25,000)MyWay BankingMyChoice Plus
Monthly Fee$24.95 (waived with either an average daily balance of $7,500 or a combined daily average balance of $25,000)NoneNoneMay apply
Interest0.02% APY on balances up to $1 millionNot specifiedNoneYes
Additional BenefitsFree standard check orders, discounted personal loan rates, safe deposit box discount, no fees for incoming or foreign and domestic wire transfersNot specifiedNo overdraft feesATM surcharge rebates, ability to earn interest
Included AccountsMyChoice Money Market and Relationship Savings without a monthly feeNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
Other FeaturesCustomized debit card, mobile deposit, digital wallet integration, online and mobile banking, M&T Alerts, Zelle money transferCustomized debit card, mobile deposit, digital wallet integration, online and mobile banking, M&T Alerts, Zelle money transferCustomized debit card, mobile deposit, digital wallet integration, online and mobile banking, M&T Alerts, Zelle money transferCustomized debit card, mobile deposit, digital wallet integration, online and mobile banking, M&T Alerts, Zelle money transfer, potential overdraft fees for MyChoice Plus

Saving Accounts

Apart from the checking accounts, the Savings account is another product for M&T Bank. The most authenticated details about these saving accounts are;

Savings AccountPremium Savings AccountRelationship Savings AccountM&T Starter Savings Account
Minimum Daily Balance$10,000 to avoid monthly maintenance charge$500 to avoid monthly maintenance chargeNo minimum balance requirement
Monthly Maintenance Charge$7.50 (waived with a $500 daily balance, a personal checking account with M&T Bank, or one deposit per monthly cycle)$7.50 (waived with $500 daily balance, a personal checking account with M&T Bank, or one deposit per monthly cycle)$0
Overdraft ProtectionNot specifiedAvailable for linked M&T checking accountNot specified
Direct DepositsNot specifiedCompatibleNot specified
Easy Save FeatureNot specifiedAvailable for automatic transfers between M&T accountsNot specified
InterestNot specifiedCompounded daily and paid monthly, rates vary by regionNot specified
FDIC-InsuredUp to the maximum applicable limitYesYes
Age LimitNot specifiedNot specifiedUnder 18

CD Rates

Apart from the other products, the M&T Bank also offers Certificates of Deposit. These CDs tend to be available in the most varied terms and competitive interest rates.

These CDs are especially impactful to support the attractive rates. It is equally compatible with the online banking approach. Apart from all the other online banking approaches, the bank also delivers the traditional brick-and-mortar bank.

The most precise overview of the D listing includes;

CD Term (Months)Minimum DepositEarly Withdrawal Penalty (Greater than 364 days)Early Withdrawal Penalty (Less than 365 days)
6$1,000$50 plus 182 days’ interest$25 plus 91 days’ interest
12$1,000$50 plus 182 days’ interest$25 plus 91 days’ interest
18$1,000$50 plus 182 days’ interest$25 plus 91 days’ interest
24$1,000$50 plus 182 days’ interest$25 plus 91 days’ interest
36$1,000$50 plus 182 days’ interest$25 plus 91 days’ interest
60$1,000$50 plus 182 days’ interest$25 plus 91 days’ interest

All the above-mentioned CDs, including IRA CDs, are high-edge insured by FDIC. This ensures that a degree of safety is highly required for your investment plan.

Money Market Accounts

M&T Bank’s Money Market accounts offer interest rates. These interest rates vary a lot and they range from 0.03% and go up to 0.15%, this variation depends on the balance available in the account.

The rates are extremely flexible, and the higher balances generally appear to enjoy earning at higher interest rates.

Additionally, these interest rates and accounts particularly provide a perfect blend of the benefits for both savings and checking accounts. It ensures a relatively higher interest rate. When these interest rates are compared to regular savings accounts. The liquidity perspective is also worthy of consideration.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

Mortgage options of the bank are highly adjustable to support the rates of mortgages. It contains fixed-rate mortgages and some other special programs. This is highly incredible to choose from by low-income/moderate-income borrowers.

The rates and terms are good to go for their varied terms,s and this variation is based on the type and location of the property, as well as the borrower’s credit history and other factors.

In addition to mortgages, the products also comprise some of the noteworthy loan options, such as;

  • Personal loans
  • Auto loans
  • Home equity loans.

Additional Products and Services

Apart from all this, M&T Bank has extended its banking services from basic to innovative. The services are bound with several offerings, investment, retirement, and insurance products. Moreover, the bank is also equipped with the following services;

  • Online and mobile banking
  • Financial planning
  • Wealth management services

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

BankHeadquartersFoundedTotal AssetsNumber of Branches
M&T BankBuffalo, New York, USA1856$150 billion (as of 2021)More than 750 branches
JPMorgan ChaseNew York City, New York, USA1799$3.4 trillion (as of 2021)More than 4,700 branches
Bank of AmericaCharlotte, North Carolina, USA1904$2.8 trillion (as of 2021)More than 4,300 branches

Pros and Cons Analysis

Pros of M&T Bank

  1. M&T Bank holds authentic and well-defined financial needs with products. This product range includes MyWay Banking, MyChoice Money Market, Relationship Savings, and many other Starter Savings for students and young adults. These are the products that are known for the promotional CDs. These CDs are convenient to use for competitive rates.
  2. Various loan options, credit cards, and comprehensive business banking solutions are designed for customer support.
  3. Each account is fully insured. It has authentic insurance for around $250,000. The insurance offers a great level of security for the deposits.

Cons of M&T Bank         

  1. M&T Bank has a range of fees. The fees imply different services. The services are overdrafts, ATMs that prove helpful outside the network, wire transfers, and other early account closures.

Customer Reviews

Customer experiences with M&T Bank vary. While some appreciate the bank’s service range and customer support, others have raised concerns about fees and interest rates. As with any financial institution, individual experiences can differ based on personal financial needs and interactions with bank services.

Final Review

M&T Bank is one of the most credible banks that is known and popular to provide a wide array of banking services. These services are well suited for different customers. The customer range may vary from individual account holders to business professionals. Moreover, its strength lies in its personalized customer service. It is well authentic due to its broad spectrum of products.

However, the bank’s appeal might be limited by its territorial focus and less competitive interest rates compared to E-banks. Dormant customers should consider these points, specifically the fees and regional reach, when contemplating M&T Bank for their banking requirements​​​​​​​​.


M&T Bank stands out as a well-grounded and customer-basic monetary institution, offering a variant spectrum of banking products and acts of assistance. With a strong focus on individualized customer relationships, M&T Bank has built a regard for trust and firmness. 

Their dedication to community engagement and local support further bolsters their commitment to creating positive outlooks beyond the banking monarch. Whereas the bank may not have the same national impression as some vast institutions, its territorial sturdiness allows for a more adaptable reach to customer needs.


What are the fees for using the M&T Debit Card?

M&T Bank does not demand fees for using their debit card for putting money within the U.S. Despite that, fees apply for usage facade in the U.S., including online purchases from vendors based outside the U.S. Moreover, other fees like bankruptcy fees may have relevance based on the spell of your account.

How do I activate my M&T Debit Card?

To trigger the card, you can make a call to the number shown on the sticker on the forepart of the card or switch on it at an ATM. After switching the card on, detach the sticker and put a signature in the signature panel on the rear side of the card.

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card with the Visa logo?

Despite the fact that there is a Visa logo on the M&T Debit Cards, they are still not credit cards. The Visa logo straightforwardly means you can use the debit card for international purchases, over the internet, in-app, or over the phone. The dissimilarity is that debit card proceedings are abstracted directly from your checking account.

What should I do if my M&T Visa Debit or ATM Card hasn’t arrived?

If you haven’t received your new card, call M&T Bank at 1-800-724-2440 to verify the address of.

What happens if I return an item purchased with my M&T Debit Card?

Purchase remit will be cast back in your M&T Online and Mobile Banking, but the means of approach to the funds won’t be accessible until the cast back is verified by the store or service provider. The process can take up to three business days.