Huntington Bank stands out as a financial institute that holds a wide variety of financial products. Like all other financial banking options, Huntington Bank is also credible to hold a wide range of checking and savings accounts.

This range further extends to money market accounts, CDs, credit cards, and even business banking solutions. To help you out about the details and reviews of each category, here is the comprehensive article stated next concerning, Huntington Bank Reviews. Let’s explore the details further.

Huntington Bank Overview

Huntington Bank, first established in 1866 and it has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. This is the bank that holds a well-established regional bank reputation. Primarily, it serves the Midwest and South.

It is also known because it offers a comprehensive network of banking services. These services are well supported for the range of customer needs.

It works with more than 1,000 full-service branches and comprises around 1,600 ATMs and more. in terms of its significant physical presence in states, it includes;

  • Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

This huge expansive network tends to provide a very convenient option that helps customers with accessible service areas.

In addition to all this, there are several offering perks like;

  • 24-hour overdraft fee relief
  • Variety of credit cards
  • Range of savings and investment options.

Huntington Bank Locations

As it has been stated above Huntington Bank has a strong presence in the Midwest and parts of the South. This appears to be the key strength of the bank.

It has a large number of branches that are spread around 11 different states, The states are stated above in the overview section.

The branches are credibly known for the accessibility and convenience to customers in the mentioned regions. This extensive branch network is further complemented by a similarly widespread ATM network. Ultimately, it ensures a wide and easy access to banking services.

Checking Accounts

Huntington Bank is known to have a range of checking accounts. The basic details and comprehensive overview of the accounts are as follows. The accounts are worthy enough to meet different customer needs and preferences.

Checking AccountAsterisk-Free CheckingHuntington Perks CheckingHuntington Platinum Perks CheckingHuntington SmartInvest Checking
Monthly FeeNone$10 (waivable)$25 (waivable with $25,000 balance)N/A (For eligible investment customers)
Minimum BalanceNo minimum$5,000 for fee waiver$25,000 for fee waiver$100,000 total relationship balance for eligibility
Interest BearingNoYesYesYes, rates vary based on balance and location
ATM Fees$3.50 for out-of-network$5 monthly refund on out-of-networkUnlimited reimbursements for out-of-networkFee-free ATM use at Huntington Bank and out-of-network ATMs
Additional BenefitsN/AFree credit score monitoringCredit monitoring, relationship discounts, unlimited checksExclusive benefits for investment customers
Key FeatureBasic checking without fees or minimum balanceModerate balance with added benefitsPremium benefits for high-balance customersExclusive benefits for investment customers, potentially higher interest rates

Saving Accounts

Huntington Bank offers several types of savings accounts same as the checking accounts. These accounts are known to have major attractions at the branch services. Customers rely on these services mainly due to their flexible features. The extent of details with proper facts and figures;

Savings AccountHuntington Premier SavingsHuntington Relationship Savings
Interest RateAround 0.01% APY (varies by location)Up to 0.02% APY for checking account owners, 0.06% APY for Private Client Account holders
Monthly Maintenance Fee$4 (waivable)$10 (waivable)
Minimum BalanceNo specific requirement, except for waiving the monthly feeRequires maintaining a balance to avoid the monthly fee
Additional BenefitsN/AHigher interest rate for checking account owners, especially beneficial for Private Client Account holders
Key FeatureBasic savings with easy access and low fee thresholdSuited for customers with higher balances, offering better interest rates with a checking account

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

Huntington Bank CD Rates

  • Range of Terms: CDs are available in a range from 1 to 72 months.
  • Interest Rates: Rates vary depending on term length and deposit amount. 1- and 3-month CDs require a deposit of between $1,000 and $9,999. It offers a 0.05% APY, while a 72-month CD for the same amount gives a 0.10% APY, which is more to notice.
  • Minimum Deposit: Requires a minimum of $1,000 to open a CD.
  • Jumbo CDs: Available for accounts with $100,000 or more, potentially offering higher rates.
  • Key Feature: Offers a variety of terms to suit different savings timelines, with promotional rates occasionally available.

Huntington Bank Money Market Accounts

  • Relationship Money Market Account: Requires a $25,000 balance to earn interest. The APY can go up to 4.18%. but this rise depends on other Huntington accounts also. When the balance gets lower than $25,000, a $25 monthly fee applies.
  • SmartInvest Money Market Account: Offers up to 4.33% APY for customers enrolled in Huntington SmartInvest Checking. No monthly fees and includes fee-free ATM usage.
  • IRA Money Market Accounts: Includes both Traditional and Roth IRA options with no fees or early withdrawal penalties charged by Huntington. Interest rates go up to 0.05% APY with minimum requirement consideration.
  • Key Feature: Higher interest rates compared to savings accounts, especially beneficial for customers with linked checking accounts or higher balances.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

  1. Mortgage Loans
Mortgage ProductsPurchase LoansRefinance LoansHome Equity LoansLines of Credit
Products OfferedYesYesYesYes
Terms and RatesVaryVaryVaryVary
Factors Affecting RatesCredit history, loan amount, down payment, etc.Credit history, loan amount, down payment, etc.Credit history, loan amount, home equity, etc.Credit history, loan amount, home equity, etc.
Key FeatureRange of options for different home buying and refinancing needsRange of options for different refinancing needsUtilizes home equity for borrowingFlexibility with revolving credit based on home equity

    2.  Personal and Auto Loans

Loan TypesPersonal LoansAuto Loans
PurposeVarious personal expensesNew and used vehicles
Terms and RatesDepend on borrower’s creditworthinessCompetitive rates for qualifying customers
Key FeatureTailored options for individual financing needsCompetitive rates for auto financing

Additional Products and Services

Credit Cards

  • Cashback Credit Card: Offers 1.5% unlimited cash back on every purchase.
  • 3x Rewards Credit Card: Earns three points for every dollar spent in pre-selected categories.
  • Lower Rate Credit Card: Provides a lower interest rate option without cash back or points.

Financial Management Tools

  • Money Scout®: Automatically transfers extra funds from a linked checking account to a savings account.
  • Savings Goal Getter: Helps users set and track up to ten savings goals.
  • Standby Cash: Offers a line of credit that can be repaid with no interest or fees over three months.

Business Banking

  • Business Checking Accounts: Multiple tiers available, including accounts designed for small businesses and startups.
  • Business Loans: Includes term loans, real estate loans, lines of credit, and SBA-guaranteed loans.
  • Key Feature: Comprehensive business banking solutions tailored to different business sizes and needs.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

Feature/ServiceHuntington BankChase BankPNC Bank
Branch NetworkOperates in 11 states, over 1,000 branchesLarge branch network nationwideExtensive network, available in many states
Account VarietyOffers checking, savings, CDs, money market accounts, and moreWide range of checking, savings, CDs, and credit cardsDiverse options for checking, savings, and investment accounts
Savings Account APYVaries; 0.01% for Premier Savings, up to 0.06% for Relationship Savings with certain conditionsGenerally low, around 0.01% – 0.02%Varies; competitive rates with certain conditions
Checking Account FeesDifferent accounts with varying fees; some can be waived with minimum balances$12 for Total Checking, can be waived with certain conditionsVaries; some accounts have fees that can be waived
Overdraft ProtectionUp to $50 without a feeOffers overdraft bufferStandard overdraft services
Online BankingExtensive online banking servicesStrong online and mobile banking platformsAdvanced online and mobile banking capabilities
Customer ExperienceGood, with a focus on community support and financial educationExtensive customer service options, high ratings for website and app usabilityKnown for strong customer service and user-friendly online tools

Pros and Cons Analysis


  1. The Waivable Monthly Fees objective of the bank is very fascinating. Many accounts come up with monthly fees that can easily be waived in consideration of meeting the asked conditions.
  2. It comprises over 1,000 branches and around 1,600 ATMs, mainly focused in the Midwest and South areas.
  3. It holds the most general and positive reviews for customer support and resolving other service issues.


  1. Geographical Limitation is the major concern. The branches are limited to only 11 states that are not accessible by areas other than the Midwest and South.
  2. It has Limited High-Yield Options. So all those who are seeking high-yield accounts might not find it the best pick.

Customer Reviews

The overall Customer reviews of Huntington Bank fall on the positive side. The positive aspects mainly bound to the areas including customer services and the extra convenience of branch locations.

On the opposite side, some customers reflect and present their dissatisfaction along with the low-interest rates on savings accounts. Apart from all this, the high minimum balance requirements to avoid fees on certain accounts is also a considerable drawback.

Final Personal Review – Services, Customer-Centric Approach

The customer-centric approach of Huntington Bank is clear evidence of its wide range of products. The products are designed by keeping the diverse customer needs of the customers in forefront. It contains everything from basic banking to more complex financial services.

ConclusionHuntington Bank Reviews

Huntington Bank is the ultimate solution for potential investors. It is a solid choice for all the customers that reside within the service area. The aspect of popularity for the bank is bound by the wide array of financial products and most importantly the customer-centric approach.

In addition to all this, the strength of the bank lies in its comprehensive banking services. Overdraft protection features and exceptional ability to waive off monthly fees are well-defined and commendable for providing high-edge authentication to the system.


What is Huntington Bank’s 24-Hour Grace feature?

It gives customers an extra day to cover overdrafts before fees are charged.

Can monthly fees be waived on Huntington Bank accounts?

Yes, most accounts have conditions under which monthly fees can be waived, typically by maintaining a minimum balance or making regular deposits.

Does Huntington Bank offer high-yield savings accounts?

Their interest rates on basic savings accounts are relatively low, although money market accounts may offer higher rates.

Is Huntington Bank only available in certain states?

Yes, it primarily operates in 11 states in the Midwest and South.

Are Huntington Bank’s CD rates competitive?

They offer a range of CD rates and terms, with promotional rates occasionally available.