Deal Summary

6-month; 0.65% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

Wright Patt Credit Union CD RATES’s Top CD Rates

If you are a new customer to Wright Patt Credit Union consider their short-term deals starting at 6-months; 0.65% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit. They also have a 6-month option with a deposit of $100,000.00 if you wanted to put down a larger deposit; the APY will go from 0.65% to 0.75%. There are also more long-term deals; please see the chart below:

6-month; 0.65% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

6-month; 0.75% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.

12-month; 0.90% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

12-month; 1.00% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.

18-month; 0.95% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

18-month; 1.06% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.

24-month; 1.00% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

24-month; 1.11% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

30-month; 1.00% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

30-month; 1.11% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.

36-month; 1.06% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

36-month; 1.16% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.

48-month; 1.11% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

48-month; 1.21% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.

60-month; 1.16% APY; $10,000.00 minimum deposit.

60-month; 1.26% APY; $100,000.00 minimum deposit.


In order to access Wright Patt Credit Union’s CD rates, you must be a member of the Wright Patt Credit Union. In order to apply, please be sure to have the necessary paperwork. Applications can be done either online, in person, or via phone.

On the phone: (937) 912-7000 or (800) 762-0047

In-person: Currently, all of Wright Patt Credit Union branches are located in Ohio. If you’ll live in Ohio, please check their respective website to see which branch is nearest to you.

Branches in California

Wright Patt Credit Union currently does not have any locations/branches located in California. However, if you live in Ohio then you are in luck. If you live in Ohio (Southwest and Central Ohio) and would like to find a location nearest you, you may find it by visiting their respective website or you could also simply click here.

Bank Overview

At Wright Patt Credit Union they believe that banking should not be hard so they work every day to make their members’ experience better. They have branches throughout Southwest and Central Ohio, not to mention the 40,000 + ATMs available as well. Wright Patt Credit Union believes in serving the people and that should always come first. Wright Patt Credit Union’s commitment to its members is what makes it stand out among the rest of its competitors. For more information about Wright Patt Credit Union or their CD rates, please visit their website or call their toll free number to talk to one of their live representatives.