Privacy Guard Review

Privacy GuardPrivacy Guard  is a company that offers credit reporting, credit monitoring as well as an identity protection service. They have a vast number of resources and assistance available to help consumers who want to monitor their credit and their identity consistently. They can monitor anyone who is trying to use someone’s credit fraudulently and will alert the user if someone is trying to sell their information. While the service is helpful, it doesn’t provide users with FICO scores. Users can receive daily monitoring as well as monthly reports about their three-bureau credit reports.

About The Privacy Guard Service

They offer a basic protection package where customers receive credit reports from all three bureaus for $19.99 monthly. As well as monitoring, they also offer recovery tools and alerts that help their customer reach their credit scores. The interface is clean and easy to maneuver on with accessible information. They put all of the information side by side, which allows users to compare information easily.

The credit monitoring service keeps them up to date about any changes to Experian, TransUnion and Equifax reports with daily observations. A 24-month credit history is also tracked. The report will list the account numbers, balances, account statuses and how long the accounts have been open, just to name a few features. Privacy Guard keeps track of a user’s Experian PLUS credit score.


Identity Protection

If inaccurate data is discovered, PrivacyGuard will give you the information you need in order to contact who you need to dispute the particular claim. They have printable dispute forms for all three credit bureaus and offer toll-free assistant for disputing these notations on your reports. Their credit report service provides assistance in protecting your identity as well as your credit. It will scan the web for your social security number as well as your credit card numbers to ensure that no one is trying to sell your information on the Internet. They can search for as many as 10 registered cards (many comparable services only can search for 5). They also offer Norton Internet Security Online in order to help protect your personal data on your computer. They also offer $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage.


Should a user have any problems, they can use the educational materials on the website, the FAQs or contact the company via toll-free phone or email. There is no live chat option.

What Do They Protect?

  • Name
  • Public Records
  • Address
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Social Security Number


Their service costs $1 for the first 14 days and $17.99 for each month thereafter. Their deal isn’t necessarily the best deal around as many other comparable identity theft protection services offer 2 weeks or even 1 month free before they charge users.

Signing Up

The process of signing up for PrivacyGuard is a simple three-step process. Enter basic information about yourself; verify your identity and you’re in. Once you have entered credit card information, you are asked to confirm your account. After signup, you can instantly activate your three-bureau credit monitoring, receive your credit report and access all of the features your account provides. The interface is easy to use and doesn’t give many problems when looking for information. It is organized in a easy-to-read format that gives more than facts, but detailed explanation of your particular score as a PrivacyGuard member. It is straightforward and easy to use for users of all ages.

Credit Report Monitoring

After signing up for PrivacyGuard, users can receive their scores instantly. While it isn’t the same as a FICO score, it uses a popular credit scoring formula in order to closely resemble a score. Their service is good because it allows access to all three credit bureaus. Creditors often will only report to one bureau, so by having access to all three, you can catch errors or identity theft more quickly. The website is protected by asking you to enter your last four digits of your SNN whenever you’re accessing credit information. One’s scores and reports are updated monthly, so users always have current data. This is more frequently than other types of services in the same range and is very beneficial for any type of user. The service offers a graphic representation of how one’s credit score changes over time. Their credit information and tools are excellent in comparison to their competition.


Users mention that canceling the service is easy so there is no risk involved in trying out this identity theft protection service.


Privacy Guard is not BBB accredited and does not have a BBB rating.


Some cons about PrivacyGuard are that it doesn’t offer a solid protection plan that many other identity theft protection companies do. Their only form of protection is through credit monitoring, which tells customers if they are at risk of becoming a victim. They also don’t have access to attorneys if the identity theft case gets to a point where the consumer needs legal assistance.

The Bottom Line

While PrivacyGuard offers a competitive service at a good price, it doesn’t offer as much as other comparable services do enough to make someone choose it over a competitor. Do your research before committing to this service. While the website offers a solid offering in terms of credit monitoring, user reviews suggest poor customer service. They also lack the $1 million insurance coverage that is offered in other competitors’ services. Choose your identity theft services wisely as identity theft and fraud could happen to you and will affect you for the rest of your life.