Deal Summary

Terms from 3-months to 5-years, $1,000 minimum deposit, interest is compounded quarterly, APY range between 0.25% and 0.65%

Linn Area Credit Union’s Top CD Rates

Linn Area Credit Union has six terms available from between 3-months to 60-months.

The APY for CD’s with a term of 3-9 months is 0.25%.

The APY for 12-month and 15-month CD’s is 0.50%.

The highest rate is the 18-month tier with a rate of 0.65%.

The interest is compounded and added to the balance on a quarterly basis.

There are applicable penalties for withdrawing funds early. CD’s up to 36-months are penalized 180 days of interest and over 36-months are penalized 365 days of interest. Penalties for early withdrawal will reduce earnings.


To purchase a CD from Linn Area Credit Union you need to head down to a branch in person. You can also give them a call to find out more information.

Branches in Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Marion

Bank Overview

Linn Area Credit Union is a small non-for-profit credit union that serves the Cedar Rapids and Marion area communities of Iowa. They are a member-owned banking institution and they are family-based. They see their members as members of their Linn Area family, and the bankers live and work in the area that they serve. It is common to see your bank teller, investment officer, or bank chairman at the grocery store, local events, or schools.

Callahan & Associates awarded Linn Area Credit Union with their #1 nation ranking for credit unions. The award reflects Linn Area Credit Union’s consistent value that they provide to their members. They have helped their community grow by providing accessible banking services with competitive rates. Because they are a non-for-profit credit union, they are driven by their mission to take care of their members rather than make money for themselves. 

Historically, Linn Area Credit Union was known as the Cedar Rapids Teachers’ Credit Union. The credit union was founded in 1935. It now has five branches in the area and serves the entire community. Today they have over 25,000 members, which still makes them small enough to know each of their members by name.  Calahann and Associates ranked Linn Area Credit Union as #1 nationwide out of 4,000 credit unions.

This credit union started out as a teachers’ credit union and they have carried their value for education with them to the present day. They have resources available for educators in their community. Giving back to their community is a clear priority to them because they helped hundreds of local nonprofits with financial contributions and volunteer work. They focus their charitable donations on programs that benefit families, children, small businesses, and education. Linn Area Credit Union founded and manages the Teacher Store. The Teacher Store provides classrooms with free supplies. A lot of teachers pay for materials out of their own pockets, and so the credit union stepped up to help out.