Numerica’s mission isn’t to make money— it’s to give back to the community that made them. Their dedication to giving back hasn’t gone unnoticed, and they’ve received several awards recognizing them for their good deeds. These awards include the 2015 CUNA OPSS Excellence in Branch Design Award and Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award, amongst others.

Seeking this credible growth output, here we are making a detailed overview of the Numerica Credit Union CD Rates. Let’s find out the details further

Numerica Credit Union CD Rates Offers

CD Rate Offers supported by Numerica Credit Union are;

6 to 11-Month Certificate

  • Rate: 0.40%
  • APY: 0.40%


  • This certificate offers a relatively short-term investment horizon, allowing for quicker access to funds.

Pros & Cons

Short-term commitmentLower interest rate
Quick access to fundsLimited returns compared to longer terms

12 to 17-Month Certificate

  • Rate: 4.36%
  • APY: 4.45%


  • Suited for those with medium-term financial objectives such as saving for a down payment or a planned expense.

Pros & Cons

Attractive returns for mid-term goalsNot as high returns as longer terms

17-Month Promotional Certificate

  • Rate: 4.75%
  • APY: 4.85%


  • Investors should be aware that this rate is likely for a specific period, making it crucial to capitalize on the promotional window.

Pros & Cons

Higher interest rate due to promotionLimited-time offer
The rate may revert to lower after promoThe rate may revert to lower after the promo

18 to 23 Month Certificate

  • Rate: 4.12%
  • APY: 4.20%


  • Suitable for individuals willing to commit their funds for a slightly longer period, potentially for more significant returns.

Pros & Cons

Competitive interest rateLonger commitment period

How do Numerica Credit Union CD Rates Compare?

Numerica Credit Union offers a range of Certificate of Deposit (CD) terms with varying rates.

In comparison to some competitors, the 6 to 11-month certificate at Numerica provides a competitive, short-term option with a 0.40% APY.

However, it’s worth noting that this rate may be lower than some promotional rates offered by other financial institutions for similar durations. The 12 to 17 Month Certificate stands out with a 4.45% APY, providing a balance between return and commitment. While Numerica offers a 17 Month Promotional Certificate with a compelling 4.85% APY, potential investors should be aware of the limited-time nature of this offer.

Competitors such as Navigant Credit Union and Midfirst Bank may provide alternative CD options, each with its unique set of rates and terms. Additionally, Numerica’s 18 to 23 Month Certificate offers a competitive interest rate at 4.20% APY, making it suitable for those with longer-term financial goals.

Overview Numerica Credit Union 

Numerica Credit Union promises to offer the best rates, fees, and support they can. Numerica was started locally and therefore they are very invested in helping their community. As a result, they give back 5% of their income to the community. They focus primarily on helping women, children, and educational organizations. 

Last year, Numerica Credit Union gave back 5% of its earnings to its community. They’ve even funded 16 scholarships worth over $30,000. At this point, Numerica Credit Union has donated over $2 million and supported over 200 organizations locally. Numerica Credit Union doesn’t just give back financially either. Their employees have dedicated a total of 21,523 hours to volunteer with their community. 

Despite giving back to their community in such a big way, Numerica continues to offer low rates and outstanding service to their customers. To them, their clients are more than just that, they are friends, neighbors, and family, so why not treat them that way? 


You do not have to be a member of the Numerica Credit Union before opening a CD account. However, you should contact them for rates and further details before signing up.

Locations Numerica Credit Union 

Branches in Washington and Idaho

The braches in Washington and Idaho:

Airway Heights, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, East Wenatchee, Kennewick, Hayden, Pasco, Post Falls, Richland, Spokane Valley, and Wenatchee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Certificate of Deposit work?

A CD is a time deposit with a fixed term and interest rate. You deposit a sum for a specific period, and in return, you receive a higher interest rate than a regular savings account.

What distinguishes Numerica Credit Union’s CDs from competitors?

Numerica Credit Union offers competitive rates across various CD terms. The 17 Month Promotional CD, with a 4.85% APY, is particularly notable.

Are Numerica CD rates subject to change?

Yes, CD rates are subject to change based on market conditions. Promotional rates may have specific durations, so it’s essential to monitor updates from Numerica for the latest information for precise authentication.

Can I access my funds before the CD maturity date?

While CDs typically have fixed terms, early withdrawals are possible but may result in penalties. Numerica Credit Union outlines these penalties in its terms and conditions.

What happens at the end of a Numerica CD term?

At maturity, you can choose to renew the CD, withdraw the funds, or transfer them to another account. Numerica usually notifies account holders before maturity to discuss options.