Deal Summary:

CNB St Louis Bank offers several options for CD terms with the highest earning result as a 5 year certificate of deposit with an APY of .75% at a minimum of $500 deposit. Interest is paid out at maturity.

CNB St Louis Bank CD options:

CNB St Louis Bank offers several options of different years for their certificates of deposit, including a high earning 4 year option with .65% APY with a minimum deposit of $500.

You can start with a larger deposit for their 1 year certificate of deposit .30% APY. The interest is paid out at the end of maturity for all deposits.

CNB suggests some different strategies for using a certificate of deposit. A certificate of deposit typically incurs a penalty for early withdrawal. CNB instead offers CD laddering, which involves opening several smaller and shorter term certificates of deposit instead of one bigger, longer term certificate to keep your money able to move in and out of accounts.


To open a certificate of deposit at CNB St Louis Bank, we would love to make you a member first. You can then open a checking account or a savings account to deposit your certificate of deposit earnings.


We offer six locations throughout St Louis including in Maplewood, Florissant, Affton, and St Charles. Our ATM network is much larger and includes numerous spot through Missouri. You can readily find your local community credit union when you need us. Otherwise, we offer a great online experience too.

Bank Overview

We started in 1915 as the Citizens Bank of Maplewood. Our story is born out of a major storm hitting our neighborhoods that dropped 6 inches of rain and left hundred stranded. Our community then met to gather ideas for a new bank.  Since then, we have been focused on helping develop our community through financing and community development events. Recently, we participated in Jeans Day with the St Patrick Center, which is focused on the physical and mental health of individuals and families who have financial and homelessness issues. Helping people who need help is at the core of our community philosophy. Some of the people served by organizations like the St Patrick Center would have a difficult time maintaining a job or home life because of their mental health or other needs. One of our goals as a bank is financial education. We understand that many families and individuals have short and long term financial goals and we love to help them retire on time as well as finance things like vehicles and boats to get them to work and leisure. The focus of a bank should be educate people on the big picture for their money so they can have a stable life and enjoy their purchases without worrying about the financial aspects of these processes.