RBFCU has some great options to choose from and would make a solid choice for practically anyone at any stage of their financial journey through life. RBFCU has good rates and also is favored among their clients because of their good customer support

In addition to the standard CD rates, RBFCU also offers jumbo CD rates for larger minimum deposits. These CDs work largely the same as the standard account but have slightly better rates and higher account minimum deposits. 

RBFCU CD Rates Offers

SuperSaver Certificate – 18 Month

  • APY: 5.21%
  • Consideration: Lock in a high 5.21% APY for 18 months with our SuperSaver Certificate. Ideal for short to mid-term savings goals, offering a competitive rate for your financial growth.

Pros & Cons

High 5.21% APYLonger commitment compared to short-term CDs

Certificate – 6-11 Month

  • APY: 4.26%
  • Consideration: Short-term flexibility with a 4.26% APY. Perfect for those looking for a brief investment horizon and a competitive return on their investment.

Pros & Cons

Favorable ReturnsShorter term limits potential returns

Certificate – 12-23 Month

  • APY: 4.87%
  • Consideration: Strike a balance between term length and APY with our 12-23 month Certificate at a 4.87% APY. Optimal for those seeking a mid-term commitment with a higher return.

Pros & Cons

Balanced returnsLimited liquidity during the term

Certificate – 24-35 Month

  • APY: 4.21%
  • Consideration: Consider the 24-35 month Certificate for a steady 4.21% APY, providing a balance between commitment and attractive returns over a mid-term period.

Pros & Cons

Solid 4.21% APYModerate term commitment

Certificate – 36-47 Month

  • APY: 4.06%
  • Consideration: Explore a 36-47 month Certificate for a consistent 4.06% APY. Ideal for those seeking a reliable return over a mid to long-term investment horizon.

Pros & Cons

Enhanced returnsLimited access to funds during the term

Certificate – 48-59 Month

  • APY: 3.66%
  • Consideration: Opt for the 48-59 month Certificate to secure a competitive 3.66% APY. Balancing commitment and return for a favorable long-term savings strategy.

Pros & Cons

Long-term growth potentialExtended commitment period

Are RBFCU CD Rates Competitive?

The SuperSaver Certificate stands out with an impressive 5.21% APY over an 18-month term, providing a favorable mid-term investment opportunity.

For those favoring short-term flexibility, the 6-11 Month Certificate offers a competitive 4.26% APY. The 12-23 Month Certificate strikes a balance with an attractive 4.87% APY, catering to mid-term savings goals. The 24-35 Month Certificate provides a solid 4.21% APY, offering a balanced risk-return profile for mid-term investors.

Meanwhile, the 36-47 Month Certificate and 48-59 Month Certificate offer respectable 4.06% and 3.66% APY, respectively, making them strategic choices for those planning for the mid-to-long term.

With diverse term options and consistently competitive rates, RBFCU CD options empower individuals to align their savings strategy with their specific financial objectives.

Overview RBFCU

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) is a financial institution based out of texas. RBFCU employs more than 2,000 people and originally started as a military credit union. It has since expanded its banking products to a wider clientele. 

As is the case with most credit unions, you must first apply for membership before you can make an account. You can apply for membership if you live in one of the Texas areas serviced by the union or you are part of a third-party organization that has been accepted by the union. Once you are accepted as a member, you can start to open checking accounts, and savings accounts, and start using the bank’s financial services.

Locations RBFCU CD

It was founded over 60 years ago and currently has more than 55 branches in the Texas area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional benefits or perks associated with RBFCU Certificates?

RBFCU may offer additional benefits or perks with their Certificates, such as relationship discounts or special promotions. It’s worth checking with the credit union to explore any extra advantages that may come with your investment.

What is the process for opening an RBFCU Certificate account?

Opening an RBFCU Certificate account typically involves becoming a member of the credit union, completing an application, and making the minimum required deposit. 

Do RBFCU Certificates offer any options for interest disbursement?

RBFCU may provide options for interest disbursement, such as crediting it to the certificate, depositing it into another account, or issuing a check. Understanding these options can help you choose the most suitable method for your financial goals.

What happens if I need to access my funds in an emergency during the CD term?

While RBFCU Certificates are designed for a fixed-term commitment, emergencies may arise. So, inquire about the credit union’s policies on early withdrawals, penalties, and any exceptions or provisions they may have for unforeseen circumstances.