Deal Summary

Minimum deposit of $1,000, interest compounds daily and posts monthly, 0.75% APY, 6-month to 60-month terms

Bogota Savings Bank’s Top CD Rates

Bogota Savings Bank has CD terms available from 6-months to 5-years.

The minimum balance for a regular CD is $1,000.

They have different rates available online and in person, including CD specials.

Online CD rates start at 0.25% for 6-month and 1-year tiers. The APY increases to0. 25% for 24-month and 27-month terms. 48-month and 60-month terms pay out 0.75% APY.

They also have a 17-month CD for larger deposits ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. The APY rate for the 17-month tier is 0.35%.

In-branch they have 3-month terms to 60-month terms. The 3-month term has a 0.15% APY. The tiers over 6-months start at 0.25% and go up to 0.75% just like the online CD’s.

Interest is compounded daily and deposits into the CD monthly.

There are penalties for early withdrawal. Short term CD’s must pay 30 days interest, 5-9 month terms pay 91 days interest, 10-35 months pay 18- days interest, and 36-60 months pay 270 days interest if the account is liquified before the date of maturity. The penalties may affect the earnings.  


These rates are eligible to change at any time, so call a branch today to book an appointment. You can also purchase CD’s online through their website with competitive rates. You need to be a member of the bank to be eligible for their CD products. Start by opening a checking or savings account.

Branches in New Jersey

Bogata and Teaneck

Bank Overview

Bogota Savings Bank is one of the oldest banks in New Jersey. It was founded in Bergen County New Jersey as a bank to serve the employees of Bogota Paper Mills. From there, the founder partnered with an experienced banker to open another location in town to serve the community at large. They offered saving accounts and loans to the people of Bogota, which helped the community grow. In 1996 the state chartered bank officially changed their name to Bogota Savings Bank.

For over 125-years this bank has been a resource to the people of Bogota and the surrounding areas. They make high-quality financial services accessible. You can open a checking account, savings account, investment account, or get a loan through them. Even though they are one of the oldest banks in New Jersey, they have remained a small community based bank that has two locations: one in Bogota and one in Teaneck, NJ.

Throughout the many changes the bank has made, their commitment to excellent customer service has remained the same. They help families and small businesses take advantage of opportunities to grow their community. The bank makes charitable donations to Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Children’s Aid, Center for Food Action and Family Services, and higher educational scholarships for local students. As the times change, so has the bank. They recently released a streamlined mobile banking app as well as a new website.