Deal Summary:

Redstone’s longest term and highest paying certificate of deposit rate is 12 years at 1.35% APY. A minimum deposit of $1000 is required. Interest is paid out at maturity. Member’s Choice customers may have more options for interest payment and interest rates.

Redstone CD options:

Redstone has an unusually large number of options. Their second longest option is a 10 year certificate of deposit with a 1.19% APY.

Redstone otherwise offers yearly rates including a 96 month rate at .99% APY and 84 months at .85% APY. The shortest term is 6 months at .15% APY. Minimum deposits on all accounts are $1000.

Jumbo Certificates of up to $100,000 are offered as well with their own rates. In addition, Member’s Choice customers may request a change of rate based on current market conditions. Should market rates increase, your rate can increase too.

All interest payments are given at the end of the maturity date. Certificates of Deposit are a great option for those who don’t need liquid cash and want a no risk investment.


Join Redstone Federal Credit Union and we can help you make a checking or savings account and open your certificate of deposit. You can visit our branches, work with us over the phone, or start online.


Redstone has 27 branches throughout the Tennessee Valley in addition to thousands of free ATMs. Our locations are primarily located in Huntsville, Tennessee though we have many in surrounding cities.

Bank Overview

Redstone Federal Credit Union is founded in the community, We believe in giving back in ways that support our community and its citizens on a daily basis. Some of our actions include Redstone’s Acts of Brightness in which our employees go out into the community and perform random acts of kindness to our neighbors. These actions can include paying a utility bill, purchasing groceries or back to school supplies, and other helpful random acts.

We strive to hire compassionate employees and allow them to serve in our community with hours of volunteer work per year. Our Letters to Santa initiatives have helped raised tens of thousands of dollars for local support to buy and distribute Christmas gifts for less fortunate children around the holidays.

Finally, as a credit union, our goal is to help our members and community attain financial security. Financial security requires knowledge and Redstone can help with that! We offer financial advisors who will help you every step of the way from opening your first checking account to opening an IRA and other investment accounts to prepare for your children’s education and retirement. Consider us a long term partner in helping you succeed and grow accounts worry free. Stop in to one of our branches, call in, or use mobile banking to check in once in a while and see what else we can do for you.