Deal Summary:

San Antonio Federal Credit Union has several options for certificates of deposit. The highest payback and longest term is .65% APY for a 5 year term. The minimum deposit is $1000 and interest is paid out at maturity.

SACU CD Options

San Antonio Federal Credit Union offers 7 options for certificates of deposit with the second highest payout and length at .5% APY for 4 years. The shortest time period available is .25% APY for a 6 month certificate.

All deposits are a minimum of $1000, which is perfect for students too. We do encourage customers to deposit more if they wish to earn more to meet their financial goals. Certificates of deposit are a great way to earn money on a shorter or long term investment with almost no risk. Customers who don’t have an immediate need for the cash they deposit are ideal, as there is a penalty for early withdrawal.


Opening a certificate of deposit is easy. First, become a member of San Antonio Federal Credit Union. We can then open a checking or savings account for you. We can deposit earnings from your certificate of deposit into one of those accounts too.


We offer four locations, including San Antonio, Dade City, Zephyrillis, and Wesley Chapel. We also have an ATM network for your convenience of getting cash out of your checking and savings accounts.

Bank Overview

San Antonio Federal Credit Union is a community based bank that loves to help our community grow through financial education and giving. We offer partnership requests for charitable, religious, and educational organizations so we can best know what’s happening in the community and offer our services and skills. We encourage or employees to volunteer with paid hours to improve our community. We also offer scholarships of $2500 for 4 high school students headed to college every year. Many of our events are centered around students and issues with low income housing, as well as people who are struggling to keep their fridges and pantries full of good food.

Why do we give? Because financial education and growth opportunities are essential to our communities and our bank. Without monetary resources, many people and small businesses would be limited in their ability to grow and succeed. Money is always taken seriously and we will provide you all the info you need to make an education decision when it comes to how to use your checking account as well as the performance of your investments, like an IRA, CD, or student account.

SACU offers personal bankers who develop personal relationships with our customers to best get to you and your needs. Everyone is a little different and SACU wants to uncover your hidden needs to best meet you in your life situation. Your success means our success, and inevitably community success.