Certificates of Deposit are a great option for people seeking a shorter or longer-term opportunity who don’t need their cash on hand but can also enjoy an almost no-risk investment. Investors can also deposit more than the minimum amount if they want to.

Americu CD Rates Offers

Take a look at Americu CD rates offers:

12-Month CD


  • Minimum Balance to Open: $500
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY): 0.80%
  • Dividend Rate: 0.80%


  • Due to the shorter term, this CD provides relatively quick access to your funds after 12 months. However, withdrawing before maturity may result in penalties.

Pros & Cons

Extremely easy access to fundsLower returns than longer terms
Fixed interest ratePenalties for early withdrawal
High liquidity after term

24-Month CD


  • Minimum Balance to Open: $500
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY): 2.28%
  • Dividend Rate: 2.25%


  • With a longer term, you may want to consider the current interest rate environment. If rates are expected to rise, locking in a longer-term CD may not be as advantageous.

Pros & Cons

Higher returns
Fixed interest rateInterest rate risk
DiversificationOpportunity cost
Moderate minimum balance investment

Are Americu Bank CD Rates Competitive?

The 24-Month CD offering a 2.28% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) from Americu presents a less competitive option in the market. This rate falls short of other low APY options, such as Umpqua Bank and several nationwide banking alternatives. 

This APY signifies a lower return on investment over the 24-month term, offering a balance between a moderate commitment and an okay yield. 

How do Americu Bank CD Rates compare?

For creating the comparison approach, the APY is a crucial factor, whereas other considerations such as account terms, minimum deposit requirements, and institution reputation should be taken into account when making a decision. 

We tend to elaborate on certain crucial APY factors for the more concerned financial institution to make the image of the Americu bank clearer.

Financial InstitutionAPY
Inova FCU4.25%
Seattle Bank4.75%
All In Credit Union4.54%

Overview of Americu Banks

AmeriCU has been locally owned for over 50 years. AmeriCu belives that there success is tied to the success of our community. The bank support national organizations with local ties, like the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Rome, New York, and the American Heart Association’s Walk Challenges in Utica and Syracuse.

We are also an active supporter and sponsor of more local events like the Taste of Syracuse: Restaurant Rescue and the Be a Neighbor Fund, which was founded to help local small businesses. We believe and know that small businesses employ many of our customers and their success means the success of the entire community.

AmeriCU also actively supports cancer research through the Baldwin Fund, which provides research in the New York Area in an attempt to find ways to prevent and cure cancer.

AmeriCU offers personal banking, business banking, and investment services for both. One of our goals is financial literacy, so we have financial advisors as well as student education for financial wellness. We believe in teaching students and adults how to invest and make responsible choices with money. Our goal is to help you with a lifetime of financial advice and borrowing needs, regardless of which stage of life you are starting in.

Locations for Americu Banks

AmeriCU’s locations are spread around New York to help our users find a location or branch easily regardless of where they are. Our 5000+ shared branch locations are ready to serve you!


The only requirement to open an AmeriCU CD is to become a member of AmeriCU and have an open checking or savings account from which to transfer money. You can start opening your account online, over the phone, or by visiting one of our locations in person.


What security measures are in place for online banking with Americu?

Americu employs various security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure the safety of online banking transactions. Customers are encouraged to follow best practices for securing their accounts.

Are there ATMs where I can access Americu accounts without fees?

Americu may have a network of fee-free ATMs. You can locate these ATMs on their website or inquire with customer service for specific details on ATM accessibility.

Does Americu offer online banking services?

Yes, Americu provides online banking services, allowing customers to manage their accounts, pay bills, and conduct transactions through their website or mobile app.

What types of accounts does Americu offer?

Americu offers a range of accounts, including savings, checking, certificates of deposit (CDs), and various loan options.

Is there a mobile banking app available?

Yes, Americu provides a mobile banking app that allows users to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and perform other banking activities on the go.