Deal Summary

$1000 minimum opening balance, top CD rate of 1.00% for 60-month terms with APY rates starting at 0.05% for the shortest terms, terms available between 3-months and 5-years

San Mateo Credit Union’s Top CD Rates

The top CD rate at San Mateo Credit Union is 1.00% for CD’s with a minimum balance of $1000 over a five-year term with an active checking account with the credit union.

Regular certificates of deposits through SMCU all have a $1000 minimum and start at 0.05% for a short term of 3-months and go up to 1.00%.

With an active SMCU checking account the APY rate per term goes up 0.25% across the board. This means that for a short term of 3-months the normal rate is 0.05%, but with an active checking account the APY goes up to 0.30%.

The APY for the long term, 5-year CD’s is 0.75% for standard investors and goes up to 1.00% for members with active checking accounts.

SMCU has special certificates available, IRA certificates, and youth certificates for young investors. The 0.25% increase in CD rates for members with an active checking account is a great incentive to do banking through the credit union.  


There is a $500 limit from funding with outside accounts so with a $1000 minimum deposit you must first open a bank account with San Mateo Credit Union to be able to transfer at least $500 into the CD. You will need an active checking account with SMCU to receive the CD’s rates advertised.

Visit a branch in person or sign up online to get started. Certain CD’s must be opened in person such as Youth or IRA accounts. Membership is limited to those who live or work in San Mateo County, the City of Palo Alto, or specific areas of San Francisco.

Branches in California

Redwood City, San Mateo, Daly City, East Palo Alto, South San Francisco, Redwood City, Half Moon Bay

Bank Overview

San Mateo Credit Union is a community based California financial institution which was founded in 1952. They now manage over $1 billion in assets and serve over 90,000 members.  Their philosophy is that they are not for profit or for charity, but for serving people. They offer financial guidance and resources for members of the community they serve.

Committed to the financial wellness of their community members, they host workshops and seminars on financial topics. Their bankers and professionals go above and beyond with their service and seek to develop genuine relationships with their clients on top of delivering financial services. San Mateo has comprehensive financial services for individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. This includes saving, credit, lending, and investment accounts.

Members of the credit union vote on the leadership of the credit union which means that the community has a say in the day-to-day operations. The credit union is not for profit and instead serves the community. Benefits include lower loan interest rates and higher dividends for saving/investment accounts.