San Mateo Credit Union is preferably known for the higher convenience of the consumers, as it offers extreme credibility. The CD rate offers versatile consumer requirements that they can invest in as per their budget and preferences.

To avail of any of the terms, you must be clear about all the details of CD offers; including minimum deposit, interest rates, and most importantly the Annual Percentage Yields. Here is the quick elaboration stated next;

San Mateo Credit Union CD Rates Offers

Favorable CD offers for consumers of San Mateo Credit Union are;

3-Month CD

  • APY: 0.50%


  • Quick turnaround for returns in just 3 months.
  • Ideal for short-term savings goals or those seeking liquidity.
  • Lower APY reflects the shorter commitment period.

Pros & Cons

Quick returns in just 3 months.Lower APY compared to longer-term CDs.

6-Month CD

  • APY: 1.00%


  • A balance of short-term commitment and competitive returns.
  • Suitable for individuals looking for a slightly longer investment horizon.

Pros & Cons

Balances short-term commitment.Moderate APY compared to longer terms.

12-Month CD

  • APY: 2.00%


  • A standard choice for a one-year investment with solid returns.

Pros & Cons

Solid returns with reasonable commitment.Limited flexibility for rate negotiation.

20-Month CD

  • APY: 4.50%


  • Higher APY for those comfortable with a longer investment period.

Pros & Cons

Balances returns and commitment.Less li

11-Month CD

  • APY: 4.75%


  • Attractive for those seeking optimal returns without a long-term commitment.

Pros & Cons

High APY for a shorter duration.Limited time frame for interest growth.

Are San Mateo Credit Union CD Rates Competitive?

San Mateo Credit Union ensures a range of competitive CD rates catering to various investment preferences.

  • For those looking forward to short-term gains, the 3-Month CD provides quick returns, though with a comparatively lower APY.
  • The 6-month CD strikes a balance between commitment and returns, suitable for those seeking steady growth.
  • The 12-month CD, a standard choice, ensures consistent performance over one year.
  • The 20-month CD stands out for its high returns, especially for individuals comfortable with a longer investment horizon.
  • Additionally, the 11-month CD offers optimal returns within a shorter time frame.

While each term has its advantages, investors need to align their financial goals with the specific features and durations that best suit their needs.

Overview San Mateo Credit Union

Committed to the financial wellness of their community members, they host workshops and seminars on financial topics. Their bankers and professionals go above and beyond with their service and seek to develop genuine relationships with their clients on top of delivering financial services. San Mateo has comprehensive financial services for individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. This includes saving, credit, lending, and investment accounts.

Members of the credit union vote on the leadership of the credit union which means that the community has a say in the day-to-day operations. The credit union is not for profit and instead serves the community. Benefits include lower loan interest rates and higher dividends for saving/investment accounts.

Visit a branch in person or sign up online to get started. Certain CDs must be opened in person such as Youth or IRA accounts. Membership is limited to those who live or work in San Mateo County, the City of Palo Alto, or specific areas of San Francisco.


There is a $500 limit from funding with outside accounts so with a $1000 minimum deposit you must first open a bank account with San Mateo Credit Union to be able to transfer at least $500 into the CD. You will need an active checking account with SMCU to receive the CD’s rates advertised.

Visit a branch in person or sign up online to get started. Certain CDs must be opened in person such as Youth or IRA accounts. Membership is limited to those who live or work in San Mateo County, the City of Palo Alto, or specific areas of San Francisco.

Locations San Mateo Credit Union

Redwood City, San Mateo, Daly City, East Palo Alto, South San Francisco, Redwood City, Half Moon Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an option to receive interest payouts during the CD term?

San Mateo Credit Union typically compounds interest throughout the CD term, and members often have the option to receive payouts periodically.

How can I monitor the performance and status of my San Mateo Credit Union CD?

Members can conveniently monitor their CD status through San Mateo Credit Union’s online banking platform. This includes accessing account balances, interest earned, and maturity dates. Additionally, customer service is available for any further inquiries.

Are San Mateo Credit Union CDs insured by the NCUA?

Yes, San Mateo Credit Union CDs are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000 per account. This insurance provides an added layer of security for members’ deposits.

What happens at the end of the CD term?

At the end of the CD term, a grace period is allowed during which they can decide to renew the CD, withdraw funds, or make other adjustments. If no action is taken, some CDs may automatically renew.

Is it possible to use CD rates as collateral for a loan?

Yes, San Mateo Credit Union CDs can be used as collateral for loans.