Hapo Credit Union’s top CD rate is 0.90% APY. This rate is offered on the 60-month CD. This CD requires a minimum $100 deposit, and the dividends are paid quarterly and at maturity. This is perfect for the investor who is looking for long-term investments and the higher APYs that come with those longer terms.

They also offer a 48-month CD with a great rate. This account offers 0.80% with a $100 minimum deposit. This also pays the dividends quarterly and at maturity. Again, this is a great option for those investors that could be looking for longer term investments to supplement their current income or to use this as one source of their base income. No matter the reason behind it, this is great option for any investor.

If you are looking for shorter term investments, Hapo does offer 6 and 12-month CDs. These require the same $100 minimum deposit as the other CDs. The dividends on these are paid quarterly and at maturity. On these accounts, the credit union does allow additional deposits in $100 increments through the term of the certificate. This is the perfect option for the investor who want to gain a quick turnaround on their investments. With the possibility of adding more to the account as time passes, it opens up more possibilities of revenue generation.

Hapo Credit Union offers 8 different CDs. All 8 of these require a $100 minimum deposit. Of course, that is just the minimum, you are free to deposit as much as you like. Starting at 6-months and ending with the 60-month CD, with APYs starting at 0.30% and ending with 0.90%, Hapo has all your investment needs covered.


You will need to become a member or Hapo CCU to invest in their CDs. Make sure you have all your paperwork in order, and the process will take a few, simple minutes. Whether you choose to do it online or in person, the bank representatives are the best in the business at helping new and existing customers.

Branches in Washington

Three branches in Richland, three branches in Kennewick, two branches in Paco, Sunnyside, Vancouver, Walla Walla, College Place, and three in Yakima.

Branches in Oregon

Two branches in Hermiston, Weston, and Milwaukie

Bank Overview

They are often asked what “HAPO” stands for. HAPO is an acronym for Hanford Atomic Products Operations. The company was formed by a group of co-workers who pooled their money together and formed a bank together. Whether you prefer the face to face meeting of a branch visit, or the convenience of online, HAPO is available for all your banking needs. Besides, CDs, they also offer all the standard services of a bank, such as checking accounts, saving accounts, loans, money transfers, Notary of the public services, cash and coin for business’s, wire transfers, sending money and much more.