Seacoast Bank offers a variety of significant banking features with their certificate of deposits.  The CD terms provide an interest rate that is guaranteed fixed for any CD term.  

They are a great selection of CD terms available to choose from, helping you grow your short or long-term financial savings.  You can access your finances through online and mobile banking.  

Your required minimum deposit to open a CD term is $1,000 and a minimum balance to obtain an APY $1,000.  The interest rate ranges from 0.05 to %-0.55%.  

*You may be charged fees by the provider of the wireless network you are using to access mobile banking and mobile deposit services.

You should be aware that there are early withdrawal consequences when you do not meet your designated CD term length.  If your CD term length is one year and your withdraw your savings, your punishment is the decreased accrued interest for a minimum of three months.  

The APY for your CD term is 0.05%-0.55%.  The CD terms range from as short as 91 days to as long as five years, depending on your financial goals.  

If your CD term is more than a year, then your penalty is the simple interest of six months.  


With Seacoast Bank, you are guaranteed a fixed interest rate, multiple CD terms, and a high-quality, dependable service.  When you are opening a CD term, you need your identity certifications, including your home address, phone number, email address, and personal social security identification.  

Also, to open a CD term, you need an official private bank account number and checking or savings account routing identification number for the deposit. Once you have all of the proper identification and proper documents, you can easily start your savings plan by opening a deposit certificate.  

Branches in Florida

The branches you can access your finances in Florida include Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Port Saint Lucie.  

All of these branches are physical locations that you can access and maintain your finances.  They are all fully supported by talented and professional financial executives that provide the best services to meet all of your banking needs.  

Bank Overview

Seacoast Bank is an excellent option for using a dependable certificate of the deposit savings program.  You can quickly increase your savings regardless of the unpredictability of the market.  Because of Seacoast Bank’s fixed interest rate, you will have growing protection that is predictable and reliable irrespective of the term you choose.  

You can reach your financial goals through a wide selection of many CD terms that are at your disposal.  You can choose whichever period best meets your financial needs, and whether they are long term or short term, Seacoast Bank is an excellent option for you to use.  

Whether you decide to cash in your CD term or not, your finances will always be growing.