Seattle Bank is a huge supporter of United Way. They allow their employees to nominate local organizations for donations as well. Employees often volunteer at local events throughout Seattle.

Among the nonprofits they benefit are Alliance of Angels, ArtsFund, Capitol Hill Housing, College Success Fund, Female Founders Alliance, Martin Luther King, Jr., Scholarship Fund, Nordic Museum, Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Washington Community Reinvestment Association.

Additionally, CD rates offers are also commendable and highly featured for grabbing the audience attraction. Let’s find out the respective details in the section below;

Seattle Bank CD Rates Offers

The most crucial and precise CD offers are;

3-Month CD

  • APY Rate: 2.60%
  • Minimum Deposit: $1,000


  • Lower APY means lower returns compared to longer-term options.

Pros & Cons

Short-term commitmentLower returns compared to longer terms

6-Month CD

  • APY Rate: 3.75%
  • Minimum Deposit: $1,000


  • While the APY is higher, returns may not be as substantial as with longer-term CDs.

Pros & Cons

Balanced durationModerate returns compared to longer terms

9-Month CD

  • APY Rate: 4.25%
  • Minimum Deposit: $1,000


  • Although more flexible than shorter terms, liquidity remains restricted.

Pros & Cons

Slightly extended durationMiddle ground in terms of returns and liquidity

12-Month CD

  • APY Rate: 5.25%
  • Minimum Deposit: $1,000


  • One year strikes a balance between short and long terms but may still lack flexibility for some.

Pros & Cons

One-year commitmentModerate term; may lack flexibility

18-Month CD

  • APY Rate: 5.00%
  • Minimum Deposit: $1,000


  • A longer-term commitment means a more extended period of fixed interest rates.

Pros & Cons

Solid returnsLess liquidity

Are Seattle Bank CD Rates Competitive?

The competitiveness of these CD rates appears favorable when compared to general market trends. The offered Annual Percentage Yields for the various CD terms—ranging from 2.60% for the 3-month CD to 5.25% for the 12-month CD—are notably attractive.

These rates compare favorably to the broader financial landscape. However, interest rates for savings and investment products have generally experienced fluctuations.

The 5.25% APY for the 12-month CD, for instance, stands out as particularly competitive, potentially outpacing offerings from many traditional financial institutions.

On the other hand, the competitiveness of these rates is subject to the broader economic environment, interest rate trends, and specific promotions or changes in rates offered by other institutions. 

Additionally, individual financial goals and risk tolerance should be considered when evaluating the overall competitiveness of these CD rates.

As some investors may prioritize other factors such as flexibility or liquidity over higher yields. They should make a thorough market analysis. So that they can compare these rates with offerings from other institutions to ensure they align with their specific financial objectives.

Overview Seattle Bank

Seattle Bank operates on the principles of partnership, customization, and service. They partner with the members, customize their financial products to their needs, and then provide amazing service.

Their goal is to always go above and beyond for every member. By helping their members grow their financial wellness, they help the community that they live and work in grow as well. They prioritize helping families and small businesses as well as the individual.

They provide general banking services like checking and savings, and also investment banking. Seattle Bank is a federally insured lender that can offer competitive rates for mortgages, small business loans, and more.

They treat everyone who walks through their doors with respect. Giving back to the community is also important to them.

Seattle Bank is active in the Seattle, WA community and is located in the heart of bustling downtown in a convenient location. They are inclusive of all kinds of people and treat everyone with the same dignity and transparency.

You can trust Seattle Bank to care for your interests and not just their own. They give back to their community through direct financial contributions to nonprofit organizations that focus on families and education.


You can open a new account with Seattle Bank online, on the phone, or at a branch. Get in contact with a banker to get the best rates and answer any questions. The bank is located in downtown Seattle and you should live, work, or go to school within their service area if you want to open an account. Currently, you must make an appointment to visit the branch in person.

Locations Seattle Bank 

Branches in Washington

Downtown Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit required for Seattle Bank CDs?

The minimum deposit for Seattle Bank CDs is $1,000. It provides accessibility for a range of investors.

Can I withdraw funds from my CD before maturity?

While making early withdrawals, penalties are a compulsory addition to it.

Are Seattle Bank CD rates fixed for the entire term?

Yes, Seattle Bank CD rates are fixed for the entire duration of the term. Ultimately, it offers stability and predictable returns.

How often is interest compounded on Seattle Bank CDs?

Interest on Seattle Bank CDs is typically compounded at regular intervals, providing you with the opportunity to earn interest on your interest.

Are there additional fees associated with Seattle Bank CDs?

Seattle Bank aims to keep its fee structure transparent. While early withdrawal asks for penalties. There are generally no hidden fees other than penalties.