Deal Summary

3-month to 60-month tiers, $1,000 minimum opening balance, withdraw interest without penalty

Seattle Bank’s Top CD Rates

Seattle Bank offers eight regular CD’s, IRA CD’s, and youth CD’s.

To open a CD for someone under 18, the minimum balance is only $300. All other CD’s require a $1,000 minimum balance.

The top rate at Seattle Bank is 0.80% for a 60-month (5-year) regular CD. The APY goes down by 0.05% for each tier under that until it lands at the 12-month tier with an APY of 0.60%.

The short term tiers are 9-months with a 0.50% APY, 6-months with a 0.33% APY, and 3-months with a 0.15% APY.

Interest is compounded daily and added to the balance quarterly. You can withdraw credited interest without facing penalties. If funds are withdrawn beyond the initial balance, you will face penalties which will reduce your earnings.

Both regular and IRA CD’s have the same rates, but IRA CD’s can have a minimum balance as low as $500. Withdrawals of an IRA CD before the age of 59 will be penalized with a 10% federal tax and possibly state taxes too.


You can open a new account with Seattle Bank online, on the phone, or at a branch. Get in contact with a banker to get the best rates and answer any questions. The bank is located in downtown Seattle and you should live, work, or go to school within their service area if you want to open an account. Currently, you must make an appointment to visit the branch in person.

Branches in Washington

Downtown Seattle

Bank Overview

Seattle Bank operates on the principles of partnership, customization, and service. They partner with the members, customize their financial products to their needs, and then provide amazing service. Their goal is to always go above and beyond for every member. By helping their member’s grow their financial wellness, they help the community that they live and work in grow as well. They prioritize helping families and small businesses as well as the individual. They provide general banking services like checking and savings, and also investment banking. Seattle Bank is a federally insured lender who can offer competitive rates for mortgages, small business loans, and more.

They treat everyone who walks through their doors with respect. Giving back to the community is also important to them. Seattle Bank is active in the Seattle, WA community and is located in the heart of bustling downtown in a convenient location. They are inclusive of all kinds of people and treat everyone with the same dignity and transparency. You can trust Seattle Bank to care for your interests and not just their own. They give back to their community through direct financial contributions to nonprofit organizations that focus on families and education.

Seattle Bank is a huge supporter of United Way. They allow their employees to nominate local organizations for donations as well. Employees often volunteer at local events throughout Seattle. Among the nonprofits they benefit are Alliance of Angels, ArtsFund, Capitol Hill Housing, College Success Fund, Female Founders Alliance, Martin Luther King, Jr., Scholarship Fund, Nordic Museum, Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Washington Community Reinvestment Association.