Apple Bank is a New York state financial institution. To qualify for the competitive rates offered through the bank you must be a resident of New York state within their service areas, or you must work, worship, or go to school there.

To sign up for an account visit a branch in person or call on the phone. You can get started with a checking account by applying online.

Moreover, take a look at the:

Key Takeaways:

  • Super savings accounts with balances over $5,000 have an APY of 0.25%.
  • Youth savings accounts can be opened with as little as $1 and receive a high-interest rate of 5.83% for accounts between $1.01-$10,000. 
  • Bonus savings accounts with an account minimum of $2,500 have an APY of 0.05%.
  • Grand yield savings accounts with a balance of $2,500 or more have an APY of 0.05%.
  • Standard apple bank savings accounts with a balance of $250 or higher have an interest rate of 3.50%.
  • Apple bank money market accounts have an interest APY of 0.01% for balances over $2,500.
  • Business money market accounts with a minimum balance of $5,000 receive 0.01% dividends in interest annually.

Apple Bank CD Rates Offers

The pondering CD rates offers designed by apple bank are as follows:

3-Month Term

Key Features

  • Interest Rate (APY): 5.00%
  • Short-term commitment.
  • Generally lower interest compared to longer terms.


  • Suitable for those needing quick access to funds.
  • May not provide as high returns as longer-term options.

Pros & Cons

Easy to avail fundsLower interest compared to longer terms
Suitable for immediate liquidity needsNot applicable to provide high returns

6-Month Term

Key Features

  • Interest Rate (APY): 3.50%
  • Short to medium-term investment.
  • Similar interest rate to the 3-month term


  • Balances short-term liquidity needs with slightly higher returns.

Pros & Cons

Balances liquidity needs with slightly higher returnsLimited time authority
Mid-range commitmentRequire optimal returns for long-term goals

1-Year Term

Key Features

  • Interest Rate (APY): 4.00%
  • Mid-term investment with a higher interest rate.
  • Provides a balance between liquidity and better returns.


  • Suitable for those comfortable with a slightly longer commitment.

Pros & Cons

Interest rate is quite highLess liquidity
Balance of  liquidity requireMedium-terms tie

2, 3, 4 & 5-Year Terms

Key Features

  • Interest Rate (APY): 3.50%
  • Long-term investment options.
  • Consistent interest rate across the 2, 3, 4, and 5-year terms.


  • Offers higher interest but ties up funds for a more extended period.
  • Considered by those with a long-term financial strategy.

Pros & Cons

Suitable for long-term financial goalsInterest rate fluctuation apply
Provides stable returns overPenalties of withdrawal added

Are Apple Bank CD Rates Competitive?

Apple Bank’s Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates stand out as competitive, particularly when measured against the national average CD rates.

Current data on Apple Bank’s CD offerings reveals rates that are not only favorable but also compare favorably with or surpass the average rates nationally.

This competitive positioning is essential for attracting customers seeking solid returns on their deposits. Additionally, positive feedback from customers and industry reports further underscores Apple Bank’s reputation for offering compelling CD rates, solidifying its status as a notable player in the banking sector.

How Much You Can Earn With Apple CDs?

The potential earnings with Apple Bank’s Certificate of Deposit (CD) can be calculated based on the specific CD rates and terms available. To determine the exact amount, users can utilize Apple Bank’s CD calculator, which is typically accessible on their official website. 

By entering the principal amount, chosen term, and corresponding interest rate, individuals can swiftly estimate the interest earned and the total amount at maturity. This tool proves invaluable for those considering CD investments with Apple Bank, offering a transparent way to gauge potential returns based on their financial preferences and objectives.

Overview of Apple Bank

This New York bank was founded in 1863 in the Dutch Community of Harlem. It was founded right after the Civil War ended and has a long legacy of serving the people of New York with innovative financial solutions.

They are a community-focused bank that is dedicated to helping its neighbors reach financial wellness and success to further build their communities. The bank expanded over 100 years and in the 1980s took on the name of Apple Bank.

In 2013 the bank established a stronger presence in New York through further acquisitions. For almost 30 years the bank has remained profitable, even throughout the major financial crisis in the US. They practice a conservative approach to finances which has helped them maintain high credit rankings and remain profitable.

Among the benefits of joining this bank are personalized service for each member and affordable, comprehensive banking products. They now own and operate 41 branch locations across New York and provide lending for families and small businesses.

41 Branch Locations of Apple Bank

  • New York
  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Westchester
  • Suffolk
  • Nassau
  • Rockland
  • New Jersey and more.


What is the credibility of Apple Bank?

Apple Bank is a reputable financial institution operating in various locations in and around New York.

Is Apple Bank a legitimate financial institute?

Yes, Apple Bank is a legitimate financial institute.

What is the significance of the cash interest rate in Apple Bank?

The cash interest rate at Apple Bank represents the interest earned or paid on cash deposits. It is a crucial factor for savers and borrowers, influencing the overall profitability of banking transactions.

Does Apple Bank support credit cards?

Yes, Apple Bank supports credit cards, providing financial solutions beyond basic banking services.

What are Apple Bank safety considerations for consumers?

Consumers should ensure the security of personal information, use secure online banking practices, regularly monitor accounts, and report any suspicious activity promptly. Apple Bank likely employs standard security measures, but individuals should stay vigilant to protect their financial information.