Trumark Bank is not-for-profit and is owned by its members. As a result, members benefit from competitive rates, higher investment returns, and fewer fees. Trumark was formed based on its core values, which are integrity, service, and soundness. 

Not only that, but Trumark is determined to always put its members and their financial needs over everything else.

Trumark CD Rates Offers

To meet the needs more conveniently, the Trumark CD rates are well recognized. Here is the complete description stated below;

24-Month Bump-Up Certificate

  • Initial Interest Rate: 4.410%
  • Bump-Up Rate: 4.500%
  • Minimum Deposit: $500


  • Offers the option to “bump up” the interest rate during the term.
  • The initial rate is fixed, but you can take advantage of a higher rate if it increases during the term.

Pros & Cons

Bump-Up OptionPotentially Lower Initial Rate
Moderate Term DurationMinimum Deposit Required ($500)

48-Month Bump-Up Certificate

  • Initial Interest Rate: 3.928%
  • Bump-Up Rate: 4.000%
  • Minimum Deposit: $500


  • A longer-term investment with the option to bump up the rate.

Pros & Cons

Bump-Up OptionLonger Commitment
Potential Rate IncreasePotentially Lower Initial Rate

6-Month Jumbo Certificate

  • Interest Rate: 4.937%
  • Jumbo Requirement: $75,000+


  • Suited for those seeking a short investment horizon.

Pros & Cons

Short-Term InvestmentLimited Term
Suited for Larger DepositsJumbo Requirement ($75,000+)

9-Month Jumbo Certificate

  • Interest Rate: 4.937%
  • Jumbo Requirement: $75,000+


  • Offers a similar interest rate compared to the 6-month option.

Pros & Cons

Higher YieldLimited Term

Are Trumark CD Rates Competitive?

Trumark Financial Credit Union offers a range of Certificate of Deposit options, including the 24-month Bump-Up Certificate, 48-month Bump-Up Certificate, 6-month Jumbo Certificate, and 9-month Jumbo Certificate.

The Bump-Up Certificates provide a unique advantage with the option to increase the interest rate during the term, offering flexibility to capitalize on potential rate increases.

However, the initial rates for both the 24-month and 48-month Bump-Up Certificates are relatively modest, posing a potential downside. 

The Jumbo Certificates, requiring a minimum deposit of $75,000, cater to investors seeking higher yields, particularly evident in the 9-Month Jumbo Certificate with a competitive 4.937% interest rate.

Trumark’s Jumbo offerings can be appealing to those with significant funds to invest, balancing short-term and longer-term options. However, the limitation lies in the jumbo requirement, potentially excluding some investors.

The competitiveness of Trumark CD rates is notable, especially for those with substantial deposits who can benefit from the higher yields in the Jumbo Certificate options.

The centralized role of the Jumbo offerings reflects Trumark’s strategic approach to attract larger investments, providing an avenue for investors to optimize their returns within a well-rounded CD portfolio.

Overview Trumark 

Trumark was founded in 1939 thanks to employees of Bell Telephone Company. Since then, Trumark has continued to grow and grow and is now the primary source of savings, transaction, and credit services for its community.

To show how much they care about their members, Trumark established the Trumark Financial Cares Foundation. 

The foundation aims to provide local schools with all the financial resources necessary to make sure students are being taught about the importance of personal finance via a program called Building Financial Futures.

Thanks to their efforts, Trumark is making a difference in the lives of the community by providing programs and partnerships designed to improve the quality of life, particularly for those who are part of a low-income community.

Trumark has managed to donate over $250,000 in the last several years, which has gone to local schools to teach students about smart saving, spending, and borrowing and to fund personal finance materials. 

Because of their efforts, today’s youth will grow up to have a better understanding of their finances.


You must be a member of the Trumark to open a CD. This means that you will need to open a checking or savings account. Aside from that, you must also be a resident of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties to join.

Locations Trumark 

Branches in Pennsylvania

The branches in Pennsylvania are:

Fort Washington, Horsham, Jenkintown, Philadelphia, Conshohocken, North Wales, Warrington, Trooper, Richboro, Trevose, Doylestown, Wayne, Upper Darby, Newtown, Phoenixville, Springfield, Malvern, Levittown, West Chester, and Downingtown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bump-Up Certificate?

A Bump-Up Certificate is a type of Certificate of Deposit that allows you to increase your interest rate during the term if market rates go up. Trumark offers a 24-month and a 48-month Bump-Up Certificate with initial fixed rates of 4.410% and 3.928%, respectively.

Is there a minimum deposit for Bump-Up Certificates?

Yes, there is a minimum deposit of $500 for both the 24-month and 48-month Bump-Up Certificates.

What is the benefit of a Jumbo Certificate?

Jumbo Certificates cater to larger deposits, starting at $75,000. The 9-Month Jumbo Certificate, for example, offers a higher interest rate of 4.937%, providing an opportunity for increased returns on substantial investments.

Can I withdraw my funds before the CD maturity date?

While early withdrawal is possible, it may result in penalties and a reduction of earned interest. Specific terms and penalties vary depending on the CD type and duration.

Are Trumark CD rates competitive?

Yes, Trumark offers competitive CD rates, especially in the Jumbo Certificate category, providing an attractive option for investors with larger sums to deposit.