Deal Summary

Flexible terms available, low minimum deposit of $500, top rate of 0.20%, interest accrued and paid out monthly, penalties for early withdrawal

TRUSTCO’s Top CD Rates

The top CD rate available through TRUSTCO is an APY of 0.20% for a term of 5-years. They have a CD special that pays out 0.20% in dividends for a term of 9 months.

The lowest deposit and term for CD’s at TRUSTCO is a one-month, 30-day, term which pays 0.05%.

3-year and 4-year terms yield an APY of 0.15%. CD’s and IRA’s with terms between 3-months and 2-years pay 0.10% in APY dividends, compounded monthly.

The rate stays the same no matter what deposit amount is initially made between $500 and $250,000. The APY is based only on the length of the term.

For early withdrawals before the end of the term there will be significant penalties which will have an affect on the earnings. To purchase a special CD such as the 9-month offer you will need to contact a branch.


To be eligible for a TRUSTCO CD special rate you must contact a branch and be an existing member. Start a checking or savings account with TRUSTCO to start investing using their CD and IRA options today. You can call, visit in person, or apply online.

Branches in New York

TRUSTCO has 88 branches in New York, 53 branches in Florida, 4 branches in Massachusetts, 2 branches in New Jersey, and 1 in Vermont.

Bank Overview

TRUSTCO was started in 1902 in New York. Today they have over 145 branches throughout the East coast of America. They have the slogan of “Your HomeTown Bank”. They provide comprehensive banking services from saving, investment, mortgage, and small business lending. They have a staff of qualified experts who provide financial advising to individuals, families, and small businesses to help promote financial wellness throughout their communities. TRUSTCO is a combination of the words “Trust Company”.

They are an affordable provider of high-quality financial products and services. In the early 2000’s the bank expanded to cover all of New York and some areas in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Vermont. They now have 53 branches in Florida as well. The philosophy of this bank is “old school”. By not falling for the latest banking trends and staying consistent throughout the years they have been able to grow their bank while others were failing. They now manage over $15.2 billion in assets and give back to their community regularly.

Throughout their hundred year old history this bank has remained profitable and paid out interest to all shareholders, even when the country was in a state of financial emergency. It was rated as the 15th best savings bank by the S&P global intelligence.

TRUSTCO hosts local events and grand openings throughout their communities. They are a patriotic bank who sponsors 4th of July events and baseball tournaments in New York and Florida. While they have stayed true to their traditional “hometown” roots, they have also made initiatives towards greener business practices since the early 2000’s with “seed paper” and recyclable/reusable tote bags for their members.