Deal Summary

11-month; 0.03% APY; $500.00 minimum deposit.


At Great Western Bank, they offer seven different Certificate of Deposit Specials, each of them with a great rate that appeals to their customers. The minimum deposit is $500.00 to open a CD account.

You can either choose the short-term investment of 11-24 months or a longer-term investment from 24 months to 60 months. How much you want to put down as your minimum deposit (remember that it is at least $500.00) is up to you and your budget. When your CD reaches maturity, you can either leave it alone to renew automatically for the same term as well as the advertised rate at the time of renewal. However, you could also choose to add funds or make a withdrawal.

Below are Great Western Bank’s current CD rates:

  • 11 Month: 0.03% APY; minimum deposit $500.00
  • 12 Month: 0.85% APY; minimum deposit $500.00
  • 17 Month: 2.40 % APY; minimum deposit $500.00
  • 24 Month: 1.15 % APY; minimum deposit $500.00
  • 36 Month: 1.32 % APY; minimum deposit $500.00
  • 48 Month: 1.41 % APY; minimum deposit $500.00
  • 60 Month: 1.56 % APY; minimum deposit $500.00


You must be a member of Great Western Bank to open a CD. This means that you will need to open a checking or savings account. Ensure that all of your papers are available to make the process as simple as possible.

Branches in California

As of current, Great Western Bank does not have any locations in California. However, they do have nine other branches located in these states: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Great Western Bank also provides access to over 35,000 free ATMs throughout the 50 states. You can find the nearest (and free) ATM next to you through MoneyPass or Shazam Privileged Status.

You can also go on their respective website, enter in your zip code, city, or state and they will be able to locate a branch nearest you. Please note that special deals and promotions might apply to one bank but not another. Talk to your branch representative first to see if they have any special deals or promotions going on at your local branch.

Bank Overview

Great Western Bank has a variety of checking accounts which ensures that there is something for everyone. Customers appreciate Great Western Bank because they offer checking accounts for senior citizens that earn great interest; their opening deposit requirements are also quite low. Not to mention their CDs do own a pretty high APY when compared to other banks. Great Western Bank has nine locations (currently) so if you live around the Midwest and the Southwest, then you will be happy to find that you will probably have a Great Western Bank near you that is ready to be of service to you.