Deal Summary

$500 minimum deposit, terms between 3-60 months, special rates for amounts over $100,000, APY rates between 0.20% and 0.75%.

UICCU Bank’s Top CD Rates

All certificates of deposit through UICCU have a minimum balance of $500. They have a young investors tier for minors that has a minimum to open of only $100, but still has a minimum balance of $500 to earn dividends. For balances over $100,000, there is an added percentage of 0.05% per term.

3-6 month terms have an APY of 0.20%.

7-12 month terms have an APY of 0.30%.

13-24 month terms have an APY of 0.40%.

25-36 month terms have an APY of 0.50%

37-48 month terms have an APY of 0.60%.

49-60 month terms have an APY of 0.75%.

Young investor CD’s have an APY of 0.30%.

3-6 month terms have dividends paid out upon maturity, and all other terms have dividends compounded quarterly.

Penalties apply for early withdrawal before the maturity of the term and the amount of the penalty is determined by the term of the certificate. Interest is accrued daily for terms less than one year and for terms over one year 365 days of dividends will be credited.

They have CD specials with the current onee being for 8-month or 17-month CD’s with a balance of $1,000 or more with an APY of 0.65%-0.85%. Ask about what CD specials they are currently offering when you sign up for an account.


Open an account with UICCU to be eligible for CD purchase. You can open an account online in minutes, or visit one of their branches in person. Rates and eligibility for CD’s are only available to bank members who live in the member service areas in Iowa.

Branches in Iowa

Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Valley, Fort Dodge, Dubuque, Grinnell

Bank Overview

UICCU stands for the University of Iowa Community Credit Union. In 2018 the state of Iowa changed the law to make it so that public university names could not be included in the names of credit unions and so they changed the credit union name to GreenState Credit Union. UICCU and GreenState Credit Union are the same financial institution.

The credit union was started in 1938 to serve the Iowa Hospital employees. It expanded in 1966 to include serving the students and alumni of the University of Iowa as well as hospital employees. In 1988 they changed the name to include “community” as they expanded their services to all residents of the local communities and were not limited to University students or hospital staff.

GreenState Credit Union has stayed true to their roots of serving the Iowa community. They have a foundation called GreenState Giveback which provides financial support for community challenges. In 2020 GreenState Credit Union gave over $1.2 million in assistance to credit union members and their communities who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the derecho storm. This included issuing personal emergency loans, business loans, and fee forgiveness for those affected. They also donated over $250,000 in direct financial contributions to local charities.