Deal Summary

11-month CD special; 0.45% APR; minimum deposit $5,000.00


Waterstone Bank offers three different types of CD: Standard CD, Promotional CD, and Purpose CD.

11-month CD special; 0.45% APR; minimum deposit $5,000.00

15-month CD special; 0.50% APR; minimum deposit $5,000.00

25-month CD special; 0.60% APR; minimum deposit $5,000.00

6-month CD special; 0.10% APR; minimum deposit $1,000.00

1-Year CD special; 0.20% APR; minimum deposit $1,000.00

2-Year CD special; 0.30% APR; minimum deposit $1,000.00

3-Year CD special; 0.40% APR; minimum deposit $1,000.00

4-Year CD special; 0.50% APR; minimum deposit $1,000.00

5-Year CD special; 0.60% APR; minimum deposit $100.00

For more information about these three different types of CD, please check it out on their website here.

Please note that according to Waterstone Bank’s website, this is very important information:

When opening an account, we must receive your opening deposit within 10 business days of your online application in order for you to receive the interest rate that is offered to you at the time your account is opened. If we receive your opening deposit after the 10th business day, your interest rate will be the advertised rate for the term as of the date of funding your new account.


In order to access Waterstone Bank’s CD rates, you must be a member of Waterstone Bank. Joining the Waterstone Bank family does not take a lot of time and can be done either in person or on the phone. For more details, please check below:

  • By phone:
    • 24-hour Telephone Banking (512) 532-1146 or (512) 532-1146
  • In person: Please check out their available locations on their website.

Monday – Friday:

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM


Branches in California

Waterstone Bank currently does ot have any branch locations in California. If you would like to see the locations of their current branches you can do so on the Waterstone Bank’s website or simply click here.

Bank Overview

Waterstone Bank was first established back in 1921. Since then Waterstone Bank has served many local communities as a well-established institution. Waterstone Bank is known for its tradition of stability and its continuous involvement in the community. It is also known for its great customer service.

Waterstone Bank has offices throughout the state of Milwaukee. Waterstone Bank offers its members the best bank offers mortgage products, unbeatable home equity products, checking, savings and certificates of deposits as well as money market, and IRA accounts. Businesses will also appreciate their commercial loans and business banking products.

Please note that Waterstone Bank did go through a rebranding. You may have known Waterstone Bank to be formerly known as Wauwatosa Savings Bank. Although its name has changed, its service to its members has not. There is a reason why people keep coming back to  Waterstone Bank.