Alfa InsuranceThe Alfa Mutual Insurance Company was originally founded in 1947, and began by offering property insurance and casualty insurance. Today Alfa Mutual Insurance focuses on providing three primary types of insurance: Auto insurance, life insurance and health insurance, though they also offer specialty forms of insurance such as renter’s insurance, watercraft insurance and so on.

Alfa Insurance Reviews

Alfa's Affiliated CompaniesWhether you are looking for automotive insurance or home insurance, life insurance or farm insurance, business insurance, health or dental insurance, Alfa Mutual Insurance Company is a company that is worth your considerations. Make sure that you obtain a free quote to find out what your premiums and deductibles will be like prior to signing up with this or any type of insurance policy provider.

There are only a few states where Alfa Insurance is provided, which are: Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, Virginia and Kentucky, but the most common areas of coverage are Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.


Alfa BBB Reviews

It is important to note that the Alfa Insurance is not currently Better Business Bureau accredited. Becoming accredited with the BBB is a completely optional process. Despite not being accredited by the BBB, the BBB does still offer some information on the insurance company’s history with complaints and dispute resolution. In the last three years, 84 complaints have been made against the company, and all 84 have been satisfactorily closed. What this means is that Alfa Insurance makes a concerted effort to resolve any issues that its customers have. Alfa Insurance has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Alfa BBB Review

Alfa Insurance Online Complaints

Reading online complaints about Alfa Insurance can give you some insight into how the company operates. Remember that bad experiences can be related to a single claims adjuster or a single incident, and so you should listen to both the good and the bad when reviewing a company such as this one. One website, Consumer Affairs ( offers Alfa Insurance a 1-star out of 5-stars, with a variety of customer reviews to back up the rating. Some of the comments which were made through Consumer Affairs website regarding Alfa Insurance include the following:

  • Multiple users said that it was difficult to get a hold of a claims adjuster by the phone. Some clients of Alfa Insurance claimed that they would have to call the company several times in order to get a response at all.
  • Their claims process is sometimes confusing, and it can be hard for customers to get the answers that they are looking for. Several different customers have cited issues communicating with their claims adjustor, where they were fed misinformation either intentionally or because the person representing Alfa Insurance simply did not know the answer.
  • Customers have cited that if the vehicle involved in the collision has already experienced some damage, the insurance company may use this as a reason to not pay out entirely on a claim. This means that a vehicle with scratches or dents that cannot be attributed to the collision, the insurance company may be unwilling to pay out as much as you were expecting.
  • Numerous customers of Alfa Insurance have said that they have issues with certain areas of their insurance coverage, such as towing and car rental for example. Some customers have said that the claims adjustor will tell them that towing is free, but then they will get a bill in the mail unexpectedly later. Some customers have said that they were not fully reimbursed for their car rental charges, even when the insurance coverage is supposed to handle it.

Value Penguin also wrote a review about Alfa Insurance, which contains both positive and negative information. One of the positives that was mentioned by Value Penguin is that Alfa insurance quotes tend to be cheaper than many other companies, including Nationwide Insurance, though more expensive than Progressive Insurance on average. The Value Penguin website offers the most common industry organization ratings. The NAIC Complaint Index for 2012 was 0.82, which is lower than the average. The AM Best Financial Strength rating for 2013 was an A, which is a strong rating.

It is important to note that no insurance company is without complaints. Complaints happen for a number of different reasons. The fact that Alfa Insurance has successfully closed all of its BBB complaints says something about the company’s interest in satisfying its customers, even when things do not initially work out.

Alfa’s Financial Health

The AM Best Financial Strength Rating for Alfa Insurance in 2013 was an A. Alfa Mutual Insurance is offered in eleven states, and the company is headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. Alfa’s Life Insurance Company has a $27 billion dollar force, and the property and casualty insurance companies are servicing more than 1 million policies. Alfa Insurance has a service center force of 390 centers, and employs more than 2,300 people.

Alfa Insurance Product Reviews

Discounts: Alfa Insurance offers a number of discounts for customers. When you pay in full for your policy, Alfa Insurance will offer you a $3.00 discount per installment. When you combine auto insurance with home insurance, you will receive up to a 12% discount. When you take a defensive driving course, Alfa Insurance will provide you with as much as a 5% discount on your auto insurance policy.

Auto Insurance: Alfa Insurance offers a number of options for vehicle coverage, including liability, bodily injury and protection damage, uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance, collision insurance, medical payments and comprehensive coverage options. Comprehensive is the option if you are looking to cover your vehicle for more than just collision damage. Underinsured or uninsured motorist insurance is designed to protect you if the other driver is not properly insured, so you do not end up paying more than you deserve to. Medical payments insurance coverage insures that if you sustain injuries you will be taken care of.

Life Insurance: Life Insurance options provided by Alfa Insurance include term life insurance, permanent life insurance, universal life insurance and annuities. It is important to have insurance coverage, and Alfa Insurance can help you protect your family. Each type of insurance is unique so make sure you are choosing a coverage option that is going to meet your needs. Term life insurance generally offers more coverage but only for a set term. Universal life insurance or permanent life insurance lasts for the entire length of your life, but generally costs more or offers less coverage, depending on what you sign up for. This is why understanding your options are so important.

Home Insurance: Alfa Mutual Insurance offers a number of home owner’s insurance options for you to choose from. Homeowner insurance policies include protection of your home and its contents, whether you want to protect fine china or your electronics. There is also extra homeowner’s coverage if you want to extend beyond your comprehensive coverage. Tenant dwelling insurance and condominium owner’s coverage are also two excellent options if you’re not quite a homeowner but want to make sure that your dwelling is completely covered. There are also some additional coverage options that you can add such as special valuables coverage and additional premises liability coverage, but these are optional choices.

Farm Insurance: Farm insurance is really important in the region where Alfa Insurance operates. Alfa Insurance was founded to offer this type of coverage. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to farm insurance including property coverage, dwelling and private structure coverage, personal property coverage, liability coverage, poultry house replacement coverage and loss of income coverage. All of these types of coverage are optional depending on what you need.

Business Insurance: If you own a business, making sure that your assets are protected is imperative. There are several different options available for business insurance provided by Alfa Insurance, including property coverage, liability coverage, automobile coverage, commercial umbrella insurance and more. When you insure your business properly, you can rest assured knowing that if anything goes wrong you will be OK. Property insurance is going to cover not only the building and the land, but the contents of the building as well. Liability coverage is designed to protect against bodily injury. If someone gets hurt at your business, this is the type of insurance coverage that you should have to remediate the problem. Automobile coverage is designed to provide you with protection against damage to any vehicles that you use for your business. Commercial umbrella insurance is ideal for companies  that

Health Insurance: Now you can bundle your health insurance with other types of insurance that you need for your vehicle, home and business. Health plans provided by Alfa include 100% benefits for cancer treatments, deductibles reimbursed for faulty seat belts or child restraints during automotive accidents, and rates based on residence and age. It is important to note that health insurance is only provided in certain states, and there are eligibility requirements depending on which state you live in. It’s important to make sure that this is the right insurance for you before you make the purchase.

Dental Insurance: Just like with Alfa’s health insurance, dental insurance is only provided in certain states so make sure that Alfa will cover you in your state. There are several different plans for you to choose from including Dental Blue and Dental Blue Select. Each offers different rates and benefits, so you will want to make sure that you are considering which is going to be the best one for your family before you buy. The dental insurance options available from Alfa Mutual Insurance are an excellent addition to Alfa Health Insurance.

Other Insurance: Sometimes you need insurance protection that simply doesn’t fall within the scope of the available products. As such, Alfa has made available church insurance, watercraft insurance, flood insurance and personal umbrella insurance. These are types of insurance which you will have trouble finding elsewhere. You can couple them with other types of insurance to really get the most out of your coverage. If you’re looking for special insurance coverage, it would benefit you to see if Alfa offers a coverage plan that is going to fit your needs.

Alfa Insurance Rates

Although it is possible to get a rough estimation of what your insurance policy will cost through Alfa Mutual Insurance, the best way to know for sure what your costs will be is to request a personal quote. When you request a personalized quote through Alfa Insurance, you will be able to learn exactly what type of policy is available to you. There are a number of things that can influence what your quote will be, and how much coverage you will receive, including but not limited to the following:

  • All Policies:
    • Your age
    • Your state of location
    • Your history with insurance in the past
    • Whether or not you are currently covered
  • Auto Insurance
    • Your driving record
    • Whether you’ve had accidents in the past
    • The type of vehicle you drive
    • How often you use your vehicle and for what purposes
  • Home Owner’s Insurance
    • The age of the home
    • The size of the home
    • The location or region the home is in
    • How much land the home is on
    • The cost of any special possessions in the home,

These are just some of the things that you need to consider when you are buying insurance. If you have any question about the cost of your insurance, you should reach out to an agent. It is important that you completely understand everything that your insurance coverage entails so that there are no questions or surprises in the future. Once you choose your plan, in many cases you are locked in, so make sure you completely understand your insurance plan before you buy.