Identity GuardIdentity Guard Total Protection is a type of identity theft protection services that works to keep members’ names and personal information safe from any identity theft. The service comes with a lost wallet protection as well as $1 million insurance policy to cover any costs that may be incurred due to either loss or fraud. Identity Guard also offers a security suite that can be installed on user’s computer and on mobile devices too. The service provides up to $2,000 of emergency cash if users lose their wallet. It does not, however, set up fraud alerts with all of the three credit bureaus.

Intesections, Inc. created Identity Guard to offer consumers a trusted protected that it once had with the major financial institutions. They offer an innovative solution to protecting one’s public records, open data, PC and financial information, all in one place. Their products are created with their unique Monitor, Protect, and Recover system. They offer tools that their customers need to stay protected against identity theft. They provide an expert Member Services team that is ready to help members 24/7.

Identity Guard promises to use their innovative technology to monitor your financial and personal information to help you stay aware and alert to any issues. They will secure your information that it stays out of the hands of those that will use it for identity theft. They will recover any of your personal information that may get stolen and will do what has to be done to reclaim your identity without repercussions.

Identity Theft – What They Offer

Identity Guard offers three separate full identity theft protection plans that are designed to suit different budgets and different needs. Although they don’t offer some minor services, their plan options and bonus products making it simple to find a solution for what you’re looking for regarding identity protection. Plans range from $10 to $24.99 each month. The essential plan is comprehensive without bells and whistles. The Platinum package offers everything you want regarding protection including triple-bureau scores and reports, credit monitoring, computer security, etc.

Identity Guard Essentials ($9.99 per month): Offering ID verification alerts, account takeover alerts, lost wallet protection, online black market monitoring, SSN monitoring, ID vault, identity theft victim assistance and more.

Identity Guard Total Protection ($19.99 per month): Offering daily 3-bureau credit monitoring, quarterly report and score updates, address change monitoring, account access with the mobile app, public record surveillance, credit analysis, PC antivirus software and PC keyword encryption.

Identity Guard for Kids ($9.99 on its own or $5 extra with Total Protection): This protects your children from being a victim of identity theft. Offering timely monitoring alerts, registered bank accounts monitoring, SSN monitoring, public records monitoring and a child’s ID footprint report with analysis.

The Website

The homepage allows users to see any new alerts, any information about their particular plan and their current credit scores. The tabs at the top of the screen enable you to view your credit details, any new details and any results from Internet scans of your personal information. The Get Support tab offers articles on how to protect one’s self and what steps to take if you are a victim of fraud.

Mobile App

IdentityGuard offers an app for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android users. This helps them stay connected to their account, no matter where they are. The app will provide detailed information about credit reports and any recent alerts. Users also have access to FAQs about credit reports and identity theft as well as access to the latest news about the service.

Computer Protection

The service also gives anti-spyware software with antivirus as well as PrivacyProtect. This encrypts all keystrokes and prevents keyloggers from seeing and stealing your valuable information. ID Vault password protection software will encrypt passwords so that identity thieves cannot access them in any way. It will then save the information and log you into your accounts, so you don’t have to remember all of your passwords yourself. These are all helpful tools that help keep your information from getting into the hands of someone who will use it incorrectly.


The company offers an email ticket system for support. Users can also contact them via toll-free phone number.

Cons of Identity Guard

The service provides information on the credit card, bank account, and social security number monitoring, but doesn’t take care of medical information. Also, Identity Guard doesn’t help you get your name off mailing lists, which is an important and preventative strategy for preventing identity theft. Experts say that their login security on their official website is also weak. Proper antivirus protection should be placed on the computer that is used to access the site.

Better Business Bureau – Intersections, Inc. is BBB accredited since 2006 with an A+ rating. They have only 37 complaints over a three-year period.

The Bottom Line

Identity Guard is a reliable identity theft protection service at affordable rate. It offers a large number of useful tools and monitoring that is easy to maneuver through. The credit score monitoring protection is excellent along with the alerts and notifications delivered through the portal. Regarding personal information and financial activity monitoring, the service is good (above average). Their financial calculators, antimalware software suite and credit score analyzer all make it stand alongside the best identity protection services on the web. It is an excellent option for those looking to protect their financial future for an affordable price.