AllState Insurance ReviewAllstate is perhaps one of the most well-known names in the insurance industry. They provide a wide range of products for their customers at affordable prices. The company started in 1931 and moved to the publicly traded in 1993. They are headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois and have approximately 16 million customers within the United States. They provide diverse programs to fit the individual needs of each customer and they offer exceptional rewards programs.

The company also provides work to over 70,000 employees, agencies and representatives within the United States. They offer straight forward insurance that is accessible with rewards for those that experience their offerings. The company also offers assistance with retirement planning, college savings, life insurance policies and other tools that can help their customers to handle all aspects of their security. This allows their customers to get everything they want and need within one company and simplifies the process for the customers.

Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews

Are you in ‘good hands‘ with AllState? We take a deep look into AllState as an Insurance Company.

Consensus: Overall, AllState as many issues with their product offerings including the frequent changes in their premiums.  Although, they offer many different insurance products there are a troubling number of dissatisfied customers. If you’re a client with many different insurance needs, we advise you to check out Farmers Insurance.

AllState Insurance BBB Reviews

Allstate Insurance is not a BBB accredited business. They do, however, have an A rating from the company. This is due in part because of the number of complaints compared to the size of the business. Customer reviews seem to lean toward difficulty with changes to premiums. Those customers that were dissatisfied where long term customers and in many cases that were troubled by changes in their premiums. There seem to be very few complaints in reference to customer service or how they handle claims. They have a large number of long term customers that remain with the company.

AllState: Online Complaints 

AllState ComplaintsSelecting the best insurance is a difficult job and it is important that you do your homework. Not only do you want to find out what the insurance company has to offer, but you also want to see what others are saying about the company. Online complaints can help you to see how others see the company and what they find to be a problem. It is also important to recognize how many complaints there are in comparison to the size of the company and the number of satisfied customers they have.

Allstate has some negative complaints about the premiums and other issues with the company. This said, they also have some positive aspects that can be a real advantage for their customers. Some of these include the following:

  • A large number of offices allowing for more choices.
  • The company offers many types of policies so you are sure to get just what you need.
  • They have a wide customer service reach allowing you to get help when you need it.
  • Discounts for good driving and loyalty.
  • They offer a number of options for dealing with your policy including website, telephone, and mobile apps.
  • The company has a long history of providing quality insurance.
  • They are well known and act quickly in claims.
  • Easy access to tools and self-help products that can help the customers.

Allstate is very well known and recognized in most places across the United States as a leader in insurance policies. They provide a wide range of products and are considered to be very competitive. The company has such a large array of options that it is hard for customers to find the same options elsewhere. They are able to provide all of the insurance needs in one location for the convenience of their customers.

AllState Insurance’s Financial Health & Analysis

Allstate Insurance is well known and has been around for a significant amount of time. They have been rated in financial strength by A.M. Best at an A+, Standard & Poor’s at an AA-, and an Aa3 (Excellent) from Moody’s Investors Service. The company has an Operating Income of $2.67 million. The company shows that it is strong and will be able to handle the claims that are thrown at it. This is good news for you as a customer and insured.

AllState Insurance Products Review:

All State: Product Offers

AllState’s Main Insurance Offerings.

Auto Insurance: The most well-known insurance type supplied by Allstate Insurance is auto insurance. They provide auto insurance from basic liability to full coverage for all types of automobiles and drivers. The company provides competitive rates for those looking for the protection they need on the road. If you have financing on your vehicle it is likely that the lender requires that you have full coverage insurance on the vehicle. You will want to consult with the lender regarding specific coverage limitations. Allstate has plans that include everything from glass replacement to roadside assistance. You can even get rental car coverage if your vehicle needs to be towed.

Homeowners Insurance: The second most recognizable insurance type carried by Allstate Insurance is homeowners insurance. This type of policy provides you with the coverage that you need for your home, belongings and individuals in the event of a disaster, theft or other issue. The company can provide you with a variety of coverage options including various deductibles. Check with your home finance lender for exact specifications for coverage and requirements. They might require specific deductibles for the home.

Renters Insurance: Even if you don’t own your own home, you will want to consider protecting your belongings and those within your home. Renters insurance provides a variety of coverage options to renters that will help cover theft, damage to personal belongings and injury to individuals that might be staying with you within your home. Your landlord may require that you obtain renters insurance with a specific amount of coverage. Talk to them before you get your policy.

Condo Insurance: Most condo associations provide some type of condo insurance for your home. This said, it might not be enough to cover everything. Allstate provides condo insurance for those that want to be sure they are completely covered. The policies can cover everything from your television and jewelry to the individuals staying within your home. These things are not always covered by the insurance policy provided by the condo association. Discuss the options with your agent before entering into a policy.

Motorcycle Insurance: When riding a motorcycle you want to make sure that you are completely covered. Allstate offers motorcycle insurance in many different policy types. They can provide you with liability only or a policy that covers comprehensive and collision as well. If you are financing your motorcycle your lender probably wants to see a full coverage policy. You might even want to get coverage for your safety equipment such as your helmet. The policies have a variety of deductibles available to help you fit your budget. You can also find policies that will provide extra savings if the driver has had motorcycle training and uses proper safety precautions.

Business Insurance: Running your own business can be very rewarding, but protecting that business is very important. Allstate provides thousands with quality business insurance to help deal with situations where the business may be at fault for a problem or may be in a dispute with a customer or client. Insurance can protect your business and cover everything from liability for a mistake made to protecting the building that your business is located in. Having excellent insurance could save your business in the face of a problem.

Motorhome Insurance: Protecting your motorhome requires specialized insurance that not only covers you for liability while you are on the road, but also covers your belongings within the motorhome. Allstate can provide you with several coverage options to ensure that when you are traveling you are still covered. The policies are the best way to feel safe and secure as you enjoy your ride. You can choose the coverage that best fits the motorhome value as well as the value of the contents. If you are financing your motorhome you will likely be required to obtain full coverage for your motorhome with specific deductibles and limits.

Off-road Vehicles: Enjoying your off-road vehicle can be exciting and a great deal of fun. Safety is priority and having a good insurance policy is important. This is especially true if you have a finance plan for your vehicle and the lender requires the coverage. Allstate can provide you with different policies to cover your off-road and ATV, safety gear on the vehicles and even the individuals driving the vehicles. The coverage can include liability as well as comprehensive and collision.


Retirement and Savings: Planning for your future can be challenging during the tough times. Allstate offers retirement and college savings. They can provide you with professional assistance in IRAs, mutual funds, annuities and college savings plans. Having your insurance, your savings and your investments all under the Allstate protection is reassuring. The professionals are knowledgeable in investing and retirement options so that you get the best opportunity to prepare for your future. They can help you find the right plan for your budget so that you and your family are ready when it comes time to retire or send your children off to college.

Life Insurance: One of the very best ways to show your family that you love them is by making sure you have a quality life insurance plan. If something happens to you it is important that you have what they need to take care of the bills and the funeral. Allstate offers a wide range of life insurance plans to help you get the very best coverage at prices that you can afford. They can provide you with a policy that fits your lifestyle and situation. Not all life insurance policies are the same. You can learn more about term life insurance, whole life insurance and all the other life insurance policies that could benefit your family. There are even some life insurance policies that allow you to draw from them before death under certain circumstances.

Supplemental Health Insurance: While you likely have a health insurance plan, there may be some limitations with the policy or not enough coverage for your needs. You might find that the policy you have doesn’t fully cover the costs you have. Allstate can provide you with a variety of policies that will help you cover the gap for things such as hospital stays, doctor visits and more. Your health insurance may not be able to handle a bigger problem and you might need the extra help to get the bills paid. Allstate can offer plans that will help you cover the shortfall if there is a health or injury issue.

AllState Insurance Rates

An insurance policy is based on the individual needs of the insured. This means that every policy is different and they are not going to be the same price. There are a variety of things that can alter the pricing and the rates that you pay for your insurance plan. Some of these things might include:

  • The type of insurance policy that you are looking for.
  • How much coverage you need to have for your policy
  • Whether you are able to pay for the premium up front or through installments.
  • The age of the individuals on the policy.
  • The driving record for the individuals on auto policies.
  • The number of people being covered by the policy.
  • The value of the items being covered by the policy.
  • In some cases the credit history of the insured.
  • Discounts that the insured are qualified for.
  • Whether you have completed driving school or not.
  • Where your property is located.

In some cases your can obtain a discount if you have several policy types with the same insurance company. Additionally, the longer you are with a company, the more likely you will be given a loyalty discount. You might even qualify for a good driver discount, a discount based on your age and military discounts. There are other factors such as the location that you live in, the location of the covered items and the crime rate in the area. You will want to make sure you go over all of these details when you are looking for a quote for your next insurance policy.