ALMA Banking horizon is making its way to create convenience and feasibility for the investment structures. For the aspect of prominence, it holds the health grade of the “B+” category with an excellent capitalization level. 

All the perspectives are accounted for by the significant CD terms, that appear to be the greatest attraction for creating the consumer’s attention. 

ALMA Certificates of Deposit Offers

The offers to follow in terms of ALMA Certificates of Deposit are explained in detail.

3-Month CD (Regular)


  • Term: 3 months
  • APY: 0.20%
  • Suited for those seeking a short-term investment with the flexibility to reassess their options in just three months.


  • The lower APY may be a trade-off for the convenience of a short-term commitment.

Pros & Cons

Short-Term CommitmentLower APY
faster access to invested fundsFixed-rate may become less favorable.
Lower Interest Rate Risk

1-Year Liquid CD


  • Term: 1 year
  • APY: 0.10%
  • As a liquid CD, this product likely allows for penalty-free early withdrawals, providing more flexibility compared to traditional CDs.
  • The APY is relatively competitive, especially for a liquid CD where rates might typically be lower.


  • Investors may appreciate the balance between a fixed-term commitment and the ability to access funds if needed.

Pros & Cons

Offers and ensures penalty-free early withdrawalslower interest rates horizon
Reasonable return on investment Authentication

2-Year CD (Regular)


  • Term: 2 years
  • APY: 3.00%
  • This CD locks in the rate for 2 years, offering a predictable return on investment.


  • The 3.00% APY is noteworthy and can be attractive for those looking for a moderate-term investment with a higher return.

Pros & Cons

APY is helpful for financial planning.Inconsistency of fix rates
Consistent rate of return.Inflation damages may occur

36-Month CD (Regular)


  • Term: 36 months
  • APY: 2.00%
  • This CD is for individuals willing to commit funds for a more extended period, with the benefit of a higher interest rate.


  • The 2.00% APY is relatively attractive for a 3-year commitment.

Pros & Cons

Higher interest rateWithdrawal penalties apply
Stable Returns
Longer-Term Investment

Are ALMA Bank CD Rates Competitive?

In terms of competitiveness, the authentication relies on interfacial services. To provide a convenient edge in the market, the authorities design the structure in a way that assures fine working throughout the regulation. One of the noteworthy competitive points of thought includes.

  • Minimum opening deposit of $2,500
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000
  • Convenient automatic renewal feature ensures continued compounding of your investment
  • No fee to open an account
  • Access your account via 24-hour access via phone,
  • ALMA Online & Mobile Banking
  • Penalty may apply if the CD is closed or money is withdrawn before maturity
  • View current interest rates and APYS

How Do Alma Bank CD Rates Compare?

Alma Bank’s 36-month CD, offering a competitive 2.00% APY, positions itself favorably in comparison to CDs from other institutions.

While Wings Financial Credit Union and Fort Knox Federal Credit Union offer slightly higher APYs for 5-year and 4-year terms at 2.58% and 3.25%, respectively, Alma Bank provides a middle ground with a respectable rate for a moderate 36-month commitment.

On the other hand, Umpqua Bank’s 1-year CD and Incredible Bank’s 13-month CD offer lower APYs at 3.25% and 4.58%, respectively, emphasizing Alma Bank’s advantageous position for investors seeking a balance between competitive returns and a shorter investment horizon.

Overall, as individual preferences and financial goals vary, considering factors beyond the APY, such as minimum deposit requirements and early withdrawal penalties, is essential in making a well-informed CD investment decision.

ALMA Bank Overview

Alma Bank is a locally-owned bank that does everything it can to help its community. They were founded in 2007 by Eustathios Valliotis with just a single branch. Now, the bank has 13 branches in New York and their capital reaches $1 billion.

Alma Bank helps its community in many different ways. This can be in the form of donations, volunteer hours, school scholarships, and more. Most recently, Alma Bank employees went out of their way to donate pastries and coffee every week to frontline workers at local hospitals. Employees at Alma Bank are also encouraged to volunteer regularly.

Alma Bank also works closely with the Ronald McDonald House to help those with childhood cancer. Employees volunteered to help Ronald McDonald deliver and serve lunch to families who were staying at the Ronald McDonald house while their children underwent cancer treatments at local NYC hospitals.

The bank also hosts yearly back-to-school backpack giveaways at local NYC intermediate public schools to make sure that everyone has the appropriate supplies for school. The backpacks were also full of supplies to ensure that everyone had everything they needed.

Locations of ALMA Bank

  • 3 Branches in Brooklyn
  • 5 Branches in the Bronx
  • 1 Branch in Manhattan
  • 3 Branches in New Jersey
  • New York


You must be a member of the Alma Bank to open a CD. This means that you will need to open a checking or savings account. Be sure to go in person or call online to find out more information about opening a CD with them.


Are there any special promotions or limited-time offers on CD rates at Alma Bank?

People often inquire about any ongoing promotions or temporary rate increases that could provide an opportunity for enhanced returns on their investments.

What are the terms and conditions for early withdrawal penalties on Alma Bank CDs?

Investors commonly seek information on the penalties associated with withdrawing funds from a CD before the maturity date, as this can impact the overall return on investment.

How frequently does Alma Bank review and update its CD rates?

Understanding the frequency of rate updates helps potential investors assess whether the bank stays competitive in a dynamic financial market.

Are there any relationship bonuses or additional benefits for existing account holders when opening a CD with Alma Bank?

Some customers may be interested in knowing if having other accounts with Alma Bank, such as savings or checking, can result in additional perks or preferential CD rates.