Deal Summary:

Mansfield is now known as Bluestone, and has their longest term and highest paying option as a 5 year certificate of deposit with a .65% APY. The minimum deposit is $2000 and the interest is paid out at maturity.

CD Options at Bluestone:

Bluestone offers more options that will put more money in your pocket. Our certificate of deposit include a 4 year CD with .6% APY. The minimum deposit is also $2000 and the interest is paid out at maturity.

The shortest option is 6 months paid at .15% APY with options at 1 year, 18 months, 2 years and 3 years too, with slightly different APYs.

We considered certificates of deposit to be great short and long term investments depending on your needs. While many members open certificates of deposit because they don’t need cash immediately, some opt for a combination of long and short term deposits to keep some of their money in a liquid state. Like other credit unions and banks, Bluestone does penalize customers for removing deposits before their maturity date.


Become a member of Bluestone and we can help you setup a checking or savings account to go with your certificate of deposit. A savings or checking account will allow you to get your earnings in a separate account too. Customers outside of Massachusetts are subject to a higher minimum deposit of $5000.


Bluestone has 16 branches, all of which are in Massachusetts. We also have many ATMs in the area with no surcharge.

Bank Overview

Bluestone is in the community for the community. We are dedicated to providing caring service and a commitment to the community that comes to us for their financial services and needs.

Our employees volunteer with local organizations including Mansfield Food Pantry, especially during the recent COVID pandemic when needs have been at a recent high. We also work with Habitat for Humanity to help provide rehabilitation for homes and help provide low income housing. We have also enjoyed sponsoring the special  olympics with the Attleboro Day Games and Bridgewater State University.

Among our priorities are helping with affordable housing and homelessness, as well as volunteering for and funding educational and substance abuse awareness programs. One of our goals is to reduce poverty and keep people in homes. As a bank, we also offer financial education and many products and services besides certificates of deposit. We offer complete services for personal accounts including credit cards and savings as well as business checking, credit and loan services. Our goal is to offer a lifetime of financial services for families who are seeking financial advice for retirement, savings, loans, and investments. We serve our community through sound advice and the ability to get financing on projects and products that offer the next step in their lives.