Frost Bank is a reputable financial institution with a long-standing history in the banking industry. It offers a range of financial products and services, including Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts. CD accounts are a popular choice for individuals seeking a low-risk investment option with a fixed interest rate over a specified term.

The detailed perspective of Frost Bank CD Rates is elaborated next;

Frost Bank CD Rates Offers

The most popular offers by Frost Bank are as follows;

Jumbo CD Offer – Earn 5.15% APY on 90-Day Terms

·         Competitive APY: The 5.15% APY on 90-day Jumbo CDs

·         FDIC insurance covers deposits up to $250,000 per depositor.

·         IRA Compatibility


Frost Bank ensures that account management is convenient for customers. The Jumbo CDs can be easily viewed online or through Frost Mobile Banking, providing investors with real-time access to their account details. This flexibility aligns with the modern investor’s need for seamless and efficient banking.

Pros & Cons

Competitive 5.15% APYMinimum deposit of $500,000 required
Backed by Frost’s securityInterest rates and APY subject to change

How do Frost Bank CD Rates Compare?

Frost Bank’s Certificate of Deposit rates, particularly the 5.15% APY on 90-day Jumbo CDs, stand out in the market, showcasing a competitive edge. The bank’s offering caters to investors with a substantial deposit of $500,000 or more, providing an attractive short-term investment option.

When compared to industry standards, Frost Bank’s rates demonstrate a commitment to offering competitive returns on investments. The 5.20% APY is notably higher than many standard savings accounts, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a lucrative yet secure avenue for their funds.

Additionally, the bank’s backing by Frost’s financial stability and FDIC insurance enhances the credibility and security of their CD rates.

Are Frost Bank CD Rates Competitive?

Frost Bank’s CD rates are indeed competitive in the financial landscape. The 5.15% APY on 90-day Jumbo CDs reflects an effort to provide investors with a compelling alternative to traditional savings accounts.

The competitive nature of Frost Bank’s CD rates is further reinforced by the flexibility and accessibility offered to account holders. With the ability to view account details online or through Frost Mobile Banking, the bank caters to the convenience needs of modern investors.

While acknowledging the minimum deposit requirement and the short-term commitment associated with the 90-day term, the overall package positions Frost Bank as a noteworthy player in the market, offering a blend of competitive rates, security, and strategic benefits for investors with significant funds.

Overview Frost Bank

Frost Bank is Texas-chartered and based in San Antonio. It has full-service branches throughout Texas but with the largest number of locations in San Antonio.

In the major cities of Texas, Frost Bank has 134 branches and 1,300 automated teller machines. It currently has 4,270 employees and assets valued at about $31.747 billion.

Frost Bank was founded by T.C. Frost in 1868. It was first a mercantile store where Frost provided local Texas people with supplies and other materials they needed to make a living. It received trust powers in 1919 from the Federal Reserve Board. Despite the Great Depression, it still thrived and helped provide financial tools to people despite over 5,000 banks being shut down.

In 1963 it opened its first motor bank and in 1977 it merged with Cullen Bankers which was based in Houston.

In the 1980s, there was a devastating Texas banking collapse. The oil crisis also started and the real estate market crashed, but Frost Bank lived on.

As of 2000, they introduced comprehensive online banking to better serve their customers and allow instant access to all their banking needs. Since then, they have doubled their ATM network to over 1200 machines. They have also launched an app for both iPhone and Android devices that many other banks have followed. Their debit card and fraud alert systems are also considered top of the industry.

They are well-known around the community for supporting nonprofits. They help many local teams in the sectors of education, economic development, health, human services, and the arts.

All employees at every branch are encouraged to volunteer to help the state’s most vulnerable. They mentor people at schools and universities, care for the elderly, and participate as board members for nonprofits.

As part of their commitment to helping students, they provide yearly scholarships to those who academically qualify.

They also actively take part in the Community Reinvestment Act. This allows the community to explore how Frost Bank is adequately addressing and meeting the credit needs of the entire community.


Anyone can open up a CD account at the nearest Frost Financial Center. Accounts cannot be opened online. You can also ask any questions or express any concerns over the phone before going to the branch closest to you.

Locations Frost Bank 

Branches in Texas

The branches in Texas are:

San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Houston, as well as the Permian Basin and Rio Grande Valley Regions

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are Frost Bank CDs?

Frost Bank CDs are backed by the security of Frost and are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor, providing a robust safeguard for investors.

Can I access my Jumbo CD account online?

Yes, Frost Bank offers online access to Jumbo CD accounts, allowing customers to view account details conveniently through their website or Frost Mobile Banking.

Are there any potential fees that could affect my earnings on the Jumbo CD account?

Yes, fees may apply, and they have the potential to reduce the overall earnings on the Jumbo CD account.

What is the term of the 5.15% APY Jumbo CD offer?

The special 5.15% APY offer applies to 90-day Jumbo CDs, providing investors with a short-term investment option.

Can I use a Jumbo CD to waive monthly service charges for a Frost consumer checking account?

Yes, Frost’s Jumbo CDs may be used strategically to waive monthly service charges for a Frost consumer checking account, providing an additional benefit for account holders.