Associated Bank is the most prominent bank that is an exception due to focusing on digital growth and customer acquisition at the same time.

The bank is known to implement a large amount of customer-facing upgrades to its digital platform. This upgrade is highly efficient as it leads the bank to increase in customer satisfaction.

It holds broad future initiatives, that most commonly comprise the integration of AI and digital marketplaces. It will ultimately provide a high-edge and more personalized banking experience.

To stand by the credibility of these initiatives, the bank is extremely worthy to practice diligent expense control. It covers up the noninterest expenses and reinvesting in growth strategies for the investors.

For a favorable overview, here is an analysis provided below for “Associated Bank Reviews”. Every factor of the analysis is described with greater precision for the personal choice decision.

Bank Overview

Associated Bank has its major headquartered in Green Bay – Wisconsin. It is one of the most significant financial institutions in the Midwest.

As of the most recent research made on the bank, the bank comprises a total assets of almost $42 billion. It is the largest bank that is held and operated by a company based in Wisconsin.

On a strategic basis, the bank focuses on the growth horizon massively. This affluent segmentation further improves and enhances customer relationships through digital innovations.

As discussed above, this innovation includes the introduction of AI-enabled chatbots in the system. It appeared as the omnichannel branch sales platform that works with enhanced digital banking experiences for both private and public wealth clients.

In addition to these updated advances, Associated Bank is also making itself credible in terms of its balance sheet. It consists of the sale of investment securities and mortgage loans. That will ultimately improve the financial performance.

Associated Bank Locations

The bank primarily includes almost more than 200 banking locations. It serves over 100 communities all across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Additionally, it has specialized loan production offices in states; of Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Texas.

This extensive network further signifies and enhances the Associated Bank to be more accessible for its customers in these regions.

Associated Bank Checking Accounts

The most convenient and highly significant checking accounts linked with Associated Bank are explained in the section below;

Various checking accounts are flexible enough to cover different customer needs.

Checking Account TypeMonthly Maintenance FeeWaive Fee OptionsAdditional Information
Associated Access Checking$0 (with eStatements)– Opt for eStatements– Paper statements incur a $4 monthly fee
$4 (with paper statements)
Associated Balanced Checking$9– Maintain a daily balance of $1,000– Direct deposits or Associated SnapDeposit™ totaling $500 or more per statement cycle
– Hold $2,500 in combined deposit accounts with the same statement cycle date– Have an HSA or investment account
– Opt for paper statements to avoid a $4 monthly fee
Associated Choice Checking$25– Hold $10,000 in combined deposit accounts with the same statement cycle date– Have an HSA or investment account
– Fee waived for two months for new accounts

Saving Accounts

Other than the savings accounts, the Associated Bank holds the most significant savings banks that deliver high-edge performance to it. The accounts include:

Savings Account TypeDescription
Associated SavingsStandard savings account suitable for various savings goals, such as saving for a home, a car, or a vacation.
Zero Interest SavingsSpecific details about this account type weren’t provided in the available sources.
Relationship SavingsAimed at customers who want to build a stronger banking relationship with Associated Bank, potentially offering better rates or benefits.
Retirement SavingsIncludes IRAs and other retirement planning options, geared towards long-term savings and retirement planning.

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

Savings/Investment Account TypeDescription
Money Market AccountOffers higher interest rates compared to standard savings accounts. Provides more flexibility to access funds than CDs.
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)Time-bound deposit accounts with fixed interest rates. It ensures an extremely guaranteed return for a specific period of time.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

The credibility of mortgage and loan products plays an important role in the authenticity of the institutes. The basic customer needs and requirements that can be benefited by Associated Bank in terms of relevancy include:

Mortgage ProgramDescription
Mortgage LoansAssociated Bank simplifies the mortgage application process through Excellend™, their online loan application platform. They are known for a variety of mortgage options. The options comprises fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages. The category also includes government loans such as VA and FHA loans.
PATH ProgramThe PATH (Program for Assisting Today’s Homebuyer) is a unique offering by Associated Bank, designed to assist borrowers in purchasing or building a primary residence. Eligible people are able to get $4,000 in terms of financial assistance grants. It is applicable in the form of down payments. Moreover, their closing costs are collaborated with the Federal National Mortgage Association. These grants do not require any repaid activity.

Additional Products and Services

In addition to mortgage and loan products, the bank has a broad spectrum of financial products and services. They cover a large horizon of personal, business, and commercial banking needs. It offers everything from basic checking and savings accounts to more complex financial solutions.

Their services comprise;

  • Wealth management
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance
  • Investment products.

With all this, the bank focuses on and extends the edge of supporting community development and affordable housing projects.

This further reflects the honorable commitment to strengthening local economies and neighborhoods. They also emphasize on the banking products and programs that facilitate homeownership and support the economic health of the communities.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

Feature/AspectAssociated BankOther Institute 1 (e.g., Chase)Other Institute 2 (e.g., Wells Fargo)
Checking Account OptionsAccess, Balanced, ChoiceVarious options with different features and benefitsVarious options with different features and benefits
Savings Account OptionsStandard, Zero Interest, Relationship, Money Market, CDsVarious options including CDs, high-yield savingsVarious options including CDs, high-yield savings
Mortgage Loan ProgramsPATH Program, Fixed & Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Government LoansStandard, Jumbo, FHA, VA mortgages, etc.Standard, Jumbo, FHA, VA mortgages, etc.
Digital BankingAI-enabled chatbot, Omnichannel sales platformAdvanced online and mobile banking platformsAdvanced online and mobile banking platforms
Customer ServiceMixed reviews on service qualityTypically high-quality service but can vary by locationTypically high-quality service but can vary by location
Community InvolvementActive in community development, affordable housing projectsVarious community programs and philanthropyVarious community programs and philanthropy
Branch AvailabilityOver 200 locations in WI, IL, MNThousands of branches nationwideThousands of branches nationwide
Notable ProgramsPATH for homebuyersDifferent rewards and offers for account holdersDifferent rewards and offers for account holders

Pros and Cons Analysis of Associated Bank


  1. Innovative Programs – Incredible initiatives that include the PATH program precisely explain and demonstrate the commitment to assist homebuyers and significantly contribute to community development.
  2. Digital Banking Operations – The bank has sought a concise contribution to the system and its reputation from the perspective of digital banking. These banking approaches are upgraded with AI-enabled chatbots


  1. Regional Limitations – The most significant objective and focus of the bank is in the Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota) region. Its objectivity may have limited its appeal to customers of other regions.
  2. Mixed Customer Reviews – Some customers have reported issues with customer service, particularly in response to lost debit cards and branch service quality​​.

Customer Reviews

Customer experiences with Associated Bank appear to be mixed. While some customers appreciate the local presence of the bank and the variety of services, others have raised concerns about customer service and responsiveness.

Final Personal Review – Services, Customer-Centric Approach

Associated Bank reflects a concerning commitment to its offering with a particular focus on serving the communities in the Midwest.

Most specifically, their efforts in digital banking and customer service initiatives like the PATH program indicate a comprehensive customer-centric approach.

ConclusionAssociated Bank Reviews

In conclusion, Associated Bank is a prominent player in the Midwest banking sector, emphasizing digital innovation and customer relationship growth. Its extensive branch network and strategic focus on technology and expense management position it as a forward-looking financial institution in the region.


What types of versatility are available for accounts at Associated Bank?

Associated Bank provides a great variety of account types. This comprises checking and savings accounts along with money market accounts. It also contains certificates of deposit (CDs), and retirement savings options, i.e. IRAs. There are also a wide range of mortgage and loan products available.

Are there any special programs for homebuyers at Associated Bank?

Yes, Associated Bank offers the PATH (Program for Assisting Today’s Homebuyer) program, which provides financial assistance for eligible borrowers. This program offers up to $4,000 in grants for down payments and closing costs for those purchasing or building a primary residence in eligible areas​​​​.

Does Associated Bank have a strong digital banking platform?

Associated Bank has invested in digital banking, including launching a new digital banking platform and introducing features like AI-enabled chatbots and an omnichannel branch sales platform. These enhancements are part of their effort to improve customer acquisition and satisfaction​​.

What are the main regions served by Associated Bank?

Associated Bank primarily serves the Midwest, with over 200 banking locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. They also have loan production offices in Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas​​.

How does Associated Bank support community development?

In addition to their mortgage and loan services, Associated Bank actively participates in community development. This includes their involvement in affordable housing projects and the PATH program, which aims to assist low- to moderate-income and minority borrowers within the community​​.