Associated Bank started its banking practices in 1970 and now employees more than 4,900 colleagues. They take pride in their strong relationships to their communities and it is actually a known fact that many offices date back to the 1880s and 1890s. Associated Bank’s vision is to be the well most respected financial institution in the Midwest and strive to accomplish this goal each day with their superior customer service.

Many different services are provided by Associated Bank. They specialize in personal, business and commercial banking. They also offer ways to protect yourself with their various insurances such as home insurance or health insurance. Associated Bank helps business with other $5 million in revenue by providing cash management services and employee benefits. The commercial services Associated Bank go all the way from foreign exchange services to fraud control.

Throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota Associated Bank has more than 270 banking offices. They service over 1 million customers and hold approximately $22 billion in assets. This bank has proven their successful track record and continues to be one of the best. Associated Bank helps communities through investment, volunteerism and local partnerships. They believe a strong community will result in financial success.

Associated Bank offers a wide variety of services and more than likely to meet your financial needs.

Associated Bank is able to offer a diverse group of CD accounts to their customers. They have the fixed rate CDs and mini jumbo CDs; however, they also offer the fixed rate add-on CD. This CD allows customers to add to the account when needed.

For current rates, please call 800-236-8886 or locate a branch.

Fixed Rate CD

The terms available with the Fixed Rate CDs are as follows:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months

The minimum opening deposit is $1,000.00 and additional deposits are not allowed for the fixed rate CDs. The interest is credited and compounded quarterly for all terms except the 3 month CD, which does so at its maturity.

Fixed Rate Mini Jumbo CD

This CD has a short 30 day term, but requires a $40,000.00 minimum opening deposit. This CD is designed to help you earn interest in a short amount of time and allowing you to know exactly how much you will earn. The interest earned on the account can be transferred to any other Associated Bank account.

Fixed Rate Add-On CD

The fixed rate add-on CD is a 12 month term CD that requires an initial opening deposit of $1,000.00. During its term, you are allowed to make unlimited additional deposits. The interest on the account is credited and compounded on a quarterly basis.

Terms & Conditions: Substantial penalties apply to early withdrawals.

Associated Bank wants to make sure your saving needs are completely met and do so with their variety of savings account. They realize each person has diverse needs and want to keep the saving process simple with their accounts. Associated Bank offers the Basic Savings, Advantage Savings, Homeowner Advantage Savings, Senior Savings, Minor Savings and Holiday Savings accounts.

For current rates, please call 800-236-8886 or locate a branch.

Basic Savings Account

This account makes savings much easier because it is designed to minimize fees. The minimum opening deposit is $100.00 for standard customers; however, if you already have a checking account through Associated Bank (preferred customer), then the opening deposit is lowered to $25.00. The minimum daily balance to maintain is $300.00 for standard and $0 for preferred and the monthly balance to maintain is $500.00 for standard and $0 for preferred to avoid maintenance fees. The interest is credited and compounded monthly with this account.

Advantage Savings Account

Earn a higher interest rate with this savings account. The minimum opening deposit for standard and preferred customers is $1,000.00. This balance needs to maintain on a daily basic to avoid maintenance fees. The average monthly balance for standard customers needs to maintain at $2,500.00 and $1,000.00 for preferred customers. The interest is credited and compounded monthly.

Homeowners Advantage Savings Account

This savings account is ideal for those who want to buy or refinance a home. Simply open an Associated checking account and enjoy the extra benefits you will get with a Homeowners Advantage Savings account. The minimum opening deposit is a low $25.00 and there are no monthly maintenance fees. You are able to earn higher interest yields and have the option of automatically transferring money to grow your savings.

Senior Savings Account

With this account, seniors who are 55 years old and over enjoy no minimum balance requirements and maintenance fees. They are able to earn higher interest rates, as long as they have the Classic Advantage Checking account.

Minor Savings Account

For customers who are under 18 years old, this savings account teaches the importance of saving for expenses or leisure. It only takes $10.00 to open and there is no minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee. Once the customer reaches the age of 18, the account is automatically converted to a Basic Savings account, where it does require minimums to meet to avoid fees.

Holiday Savings Account

This account is ideal for those who need extra funds around the holidays. The account can be opened with just $25.00 and you are able to make additional deposits throughout the year. Starting on October 15, the funds can be withdrawn. Any withdrawals made prior to October 15 will result in a fee.

Terms & ConditionsFees may reduce earnings.

The money market accounts provided by Associated Bank are scarce; however, that fact is made up with easy access to your money and competitive rates. They provide the Associated Advantage Money Market account and the Money Market IRA.

For current rates, please call 800-236-8886 or locate a branch.

Associated Advantage Money Market Account

This account is designed in the manner that when your balance grows higher, so does your interest rate. The minimum opening deposit is $10,000.00 and this balance needs to be maintained to avoid the $16.00 monthly service fee. The interest is credited and compounded on a monthly basis and checks are available for this account. Free amenities are included with this account such as online banking and unlimited ATM access at more than 20,000 surcharge-free network ATMs. When using a non-Associated ATM, you are allowed up to 2 transactions and it is $2 for each additional ATM transaction.

Money Market IRA

Enjoy tax advantages and easy access to your money with this account. The Money Market IRA requires a $10,000.00 minimum opening deposit and offers great interest rates. When your balance grows, so does your interest rate. This account is ideal for rollovers or transfers because of the earning power you are capable of having.

Associated Bank wants to help with the home lending process and provides a relationship manager to give clear and straightforward guidance to make the process easier.

Currently, Associated Bank is offering a special rate through their Express Mortgage Refi option. For the first three years, a 3.49% APR is made available to customers. There are no fees on most mortgages of $125,000.00 or less.

Associated Bank offers their ASSIST program, which stands for Actively Seeking Solutions in Success Together. This program is designed for those who are struggling to make their payments and experiencing financial hardship. The options within this program consist of payment agreements, modifications on the loan, pre-foreclosure sale assistance or establishing a deed in lieu.

To receive the most up-to-date information on their loans and more information, it is best to locate a branch or speak with a representative.

The following mortgage loans and refinance options are provided by Associated Bank:

  • Fixed rated mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgages
  • Construction loans
  • FHA loan
  • Guaranteed rural housing loan
  • Community affordable real estate
  • Federal VA loans
  • Portfolio mortgages
  • Jumbo mortgage loans
  • Signature mortgage
  • Traditional mortgage refinancing
  • Associated Bank’s Express Refi