Bank of Oklahoma has a great and well-defined commitment to community engagement. It reflects the diversity for the broader vision of the consumers. It is not simply a financial institution but it is a partner of growth and development for the communities. 

Through its various community initiatives and efforts, it is well known due to its inclusive work for the environment.

The bank perfectly aligns its operations with the preferences, needs, and values of the local clients and the others in the wider community. 

To point out the most innovative aspects and services offered by the bank and to provide a valid discussion that it is a competitive option available for the consumers, here is the comprehensive review guide stated below describing the products and services of the Bank of Oklahoma.

Let’s find out the details in the section below;

Bank Overview

The Bank of Oklahoma has a very confined and deep-rooted history. In the financial sector, it has appeared and evolved to a great extent. The transformation of a regional capital source for the financial industry into a modernized financial institution can never be simple. But the authorities make a tough effort to accomplish the task.

The bank precisely plays a significant and central role in terms of fostering fine economic growth. It is very popular for security, in the regions of the American Midwest and Southwest.

The initial journey of the bank began over a century ago. During these years, it has worked a lot and developed into a significant financial entity. The bank aligned with a wide spectrum of sophisticated wealth.

Its commercial, and consumer products and services are highly managed and appreciated. Apart from its growth and expansion, the bank put credible efforts to maintain a deep focus on individual client success. This factor is highly authenticated for its overall success.

Bank of Oklahoma Locations

The Bank of Oklahoma has expanded its reach far beyond its home state.

Throughout the mid-1990s, the bank kept on growing in terms of its operations, which resulted in the expansion of branches and locations into; Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Missouri.

This expansion is adjourned by the establishment of several new branches. The network of branches reflects the commitment of the bank that it intends to serve a broader customer base.

Notably, the bank has an exceptional reputation in Oklahoma. In this region, the bank stands as a leading financial institution. It further explains that customers from all across the above-mentioned states can access the bank’s services, both physically and through its online and mobile banking platforms, very conveniently.

Checking Accounts by Bank of Oklahoma

Bank of Oklahoma offers a credible range of checking accounts that are easy to access by the people. The authentic details about each CD rate are as follows;

Account TypeAccess CheckingOpportunity BankingSelect CheckingPremier CheckingYouth Banking
FeaturesFull-service accountCheck-less accountInterest-bearing account with perks and discountsExclusive account with financial advice, bonuses, discounts, etc.Aimed at students under 18
Monthly FeeNone with online statementsLow monthly feeCan be avoided with minimum balances or a mortgage auto-debitCan be avoided with certain minimum balancesTypically no monthly fees
Check WritingYesNoNo check writing facilityNoNo
Mobile BankingYes (deposit checks, set alerts, transfer funds)Yes (mobile banking capabilities)Yes (mobile banking capabilities)Yes (mobile banking capabilities)Yes (mobile banking capabilities)
Additional PerksFinancial advice, interest rate bonuses, exclusive discounts
Youth FocusNoNoNoNoYes (aimed at students under 18)
Savings FeatureQuickSave – Matches up to $250 per yearQuickSave – Matches up to $250 per yearQuickSave – Matches up to $250 per yearQuickSave – Matches up to $250 per yearQuickSave – Matches up to $250 per year

Saving Accounts

The major point of attraction for Bank of Oklahoma is its saving accounts, the saving accounts are highly favorable to deal with the preferences of the investors.

The authenticity of details for saving accounts is mentioned as follows;

  1. Savings – This account is designed for those starting to save. It requires a low minimum balance and offers competitive interest rates. The account comes with features like online access and QuickSave for automated saving.
  2. Banking – Aimed at young savers under 18, this account encourages early financial responsibility. It typically has no monthly fee, and the primary account holder must be a minor with a parent or guardian as a co-owner.
  3. Personal Savings – Suitable for individuals looking to save with more flexibility. It requires a low opening balance and provides competitive interest rates. The account includes features like mobile and online banking.

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

In addition to other products, the bank also provides Certificates of Deposit. The CDs are highly compatible and available with different term options. The terms conveniently range from short to long-term investments

Each CD offering is competitive from the perspective of the interest rates.

·         5.15%  – 10 Month IRA CD Promo

·         4.90%  – 17 Month IRA CD Promo

·         4.00%  – 7 Month No Penalty IRA CD Promo

·         3.00%  – 2 Year IRA CD

·         3.00%  – 30 Month IRA CD

·         2.00%  – 3 Year IRA CD

·         1.50%  – 4 Year IRA CD

·         1.50%  – 5 Year IRA CD

However, money market accounts are known and popular as they combine the benefits of savings and checking accounts. Ultimately, they offer higher interest rates along with greater accessibility to funds.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

The bank is credibly famous for its range of loan products. These products contain the combination of, home purchase loans, home refinancing options, and home equity lending solutions. 

In addition to all this, the bank provides auto loans, personal loans, and lines of credit as well. In terms of defense and support of the Bank of Oklahoma, these loan products are specifically designed to meet the various financial needs with competitive rates.

Additional Products and Services

In the horizon of the Additional products and services, the bank includes individual retirement accounts. These accounts are noteworthy for long-term savings. Moreover, its online banking services are very flexible & easy for account management.

It offers flexible payment options with overdraft protection and convenient ATM access.

The bank also offers services like check ordering and a 24-hour automated service called ExpressBank for account management.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

FeatureBank of OklahomaRosedale Federal Savings & Loan AssociationS&T Bank
FoundedFDIC bailout in 1986, acquisition by George Kaiser in 1991.Established in 1908 in Rosedale, primarily a farming community.Established on May 21, 1902, originally as The Savings & Trust Company of Indiana.
HeadquartersTulsa, OklahomaBaltimore area, MarylandIndiana, Pennsylvania
Number of BranchesExpanded beyond Oklahoma into Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Missouri.Operates 13 branches.Operates with 72 branches located in 2 states.
Services OfferedFull range of financial services including wealth management, private banking, trust and estate services, investment management, insurance.Personal and business banking, mortgage products, HELOC, commercial real estate services, and consumer credit cards.Full range of financial services for both individuals and businesses.
Online BankingComprehensive online banking services including bill pay, mobile alerts, and online access guarantee.Digital banking services for account management, bill payments, and transfers.Online banking for managing accounts, transactions, and bill payments.
Mobile Banking AppMobile app for banking with features like deposit checks and payments.Mobile app supports account management, mobile deposit, and setting up text alerts.Mobile banking app with features such as mobile deposit and account management.
Customer ServiceFocuses on building relationships with clients, community service, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.Emphasizes personalized customer service, being a mutual bank owned by its depositors, focusing on local community needs.Known for customer satisfaction in retail banking, focusing on relationships and community trust.
Financial StabilityResilience and growth over the years, diversified approach in services and investments.Details not specified, but offers FDIC-insured security for depositors’ funds.Financial holding company with over $9 billion in assets, indicating strong financial foundation.
Unique FeaturesSpecializes in healthcare-related finance, works with tribal nations, and has a significant presence in the energy financing sector.Community-oriented, focusing on serving local area needs and maintaining strong customer relationships.Commitment to community, including charitable events and donation efforts, and paid volunteering time for employees.

Pros and Cons Analysis


  • The Bank of Oklahoma contains a broad range of financial products. The products include various types of checking and savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, and comprehensive loan services.
  • Its Online and mobile banking, along with services like QuickSave and ExpressBank, offers a highly convenient process for managing finance.
  • Premier accounts and financial advising services cater to individual financial needs, enhancing customer experience.


  • The bank primarily operates in the Midwest and Southwest, potentially limiting accessibility for those outside these regions.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the Bank of Oklahoma would likely reflect individual experiences with the bank’s services, convenience, and customer support.

These reviews can be found on various financial service review websites and offer insights into customer satisfaction, the efficiency of banking processes, and the effectiveness of customer service.

Final Personal Review

The Bank of Oklahoma appears to be customer-centric, offering a range of tailored financial products and services. Its emphasis on combining modern digital banking with personalized services seems to cater well to diverse customer needs.


The Bank of Oklahoma stands out for its wide array of financial products and services, catering to a diverse range of customer needs.

It mainly focuses on personalized services, community involvement, and a commitment to customer satisfaction establishing it as a reliable and customer-centric financial institution. 

However, potential customers should consider their specific financial needs and the bank’s geographical reach when making their banking choices.


What types of checking accounts does the Bank of Oklahoma offer?

The bank offers Access Checking, Opportunity Banking, Select Checking, Premier Checking, and Youth Banking, each tailored to different financial needs and benefits.

Are there savings accounts for young customers?

Yes, the Youth Banking savings account is designed for customers under 18, promoting early financial responsibility with no monthly fee for minors.

What loan products are available at the Bank of Oklahoma?

They offer a wide range of loans including home loans (purchase, refinancing, home equity lending), auto loans, personal loans, and lines of credit.