BMO Harris Bank

BMO Harris Bank offers a range of Certificate of Deposit (CD) options for individuals seeking a secure and predictable investment avenue.

Its CD rates provides a stable and consistent return over the chosen duration, allowing investors to lock in their rates for the entire term. While BMO Harris offers flexibility in terms of deposit amounts and duration, potential investors should consider the relatively low-interest rates in comparison to other market alternatives.

BMO Harris CD Rates Offers

The BMO offers a secure, FDIC-insured CD product with average interest rates across durations.

BMO Harris 13-month CD

Key Features

  • APY: 5.00%
  • Investors can choose a term that aligns with their financial goals.
  • With a minimum opening deposit of $1,000, the CD is accessible to a broad range of investors.


  • While providing stability, the CD may offer limited potential for higher returns.

Pros & Cons

Consistent fixed interest rate.Limited growth potential.
Provides stability for investors.
Rate is locked in for the entire term.

How do BMO Harris CD Rates Compare?

BMO Harris 13-month CD rate, with an APY of 5.00%, provides a competitive option for investors.

Potential investors should regularly assess and compare CD rates to ensure they align with their financial goals and offer competitive returns.

How do BMO Harris CD Rates Compare?

In comparison to BMO Harris, Wings Financial Credit Union and Abound Federal Credit Union offer higher Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) of 2.58% and 3.25%, respectively, for their 5-year and 4-year CD terms. Conversely, Umpqua Bank provides an 12-month special CD with an APY of 3.25%, while Incredible Bank offers a 13-month CD with an APY of 4.58%.

BMO Harris stands out for its flexibility in offering various terms, as well as its competitive APYs.


CDs are a contract between you and your financial institution where you agree to deposit cash for the duration of the term. If you withdraw your cash early, you will typically be charged with a penalty. Usually the penalty is either a fixed number, or the interest earned on the CD.

BMO Harris’ early withdrawal penalties are a bit more complex than other financial institutions. They calculate withdrawal fees based on the interest paid during a specific amount of time. For example, on a 1 month CD you would be charged all interest earned, while on a 48 month CD you would be charged 545 days worth of interest.

Overview BMO Harris 

BMO Harris is the 8th largest bank in the U.S. with over $126 billion worth of assets. BMO was founded in 1882 and established under its current charter in 2011. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and run over 600 physical locations.

Locations BMO Harris 

Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit for a BMO Harris CD?

The minimum deposit required to open a BMO Harris CD is $1,000.

Are the CD rates fixed or variable?

BMO Harris CD rates are fixed for the entire duration of the chosen term.

What is the maximum CD term available?

The maximum CD term offered by BMO Harris is 30 months.

Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?

Yes, there may be penalties for early withdrawal from a BMO Harris CD.

How do BMO Harris CD rates compare to the market?

BMO Harris CD rates, with an APY of 5.00%, may be considered more competitive compared to some other financial institutions in the market.