Deal Summary:

SDCCU offers an outstanding and high paying long term certificate of deposit option with a 5 year deposit ranging in APY from 1.04% to 1.14% depending on the amount of deposit. A minimum $2000 deposit yields 1.04% while a deposit up to $90,000 earns up to 1.14%.

SDCCU CD Options:

SDCCU offers a total of 8 certificate of deposit options. The second highest earning option is 4 years with a range of APYs depending on the deposit. $2000 – $9999 earns you .8%, $10,000 to $89,999 earns .85% and $90,000 plus earns .9%.

The best option after that is 3 years with a range of .7% to .8% depending on the size of deposit. All certificates of deposit pay out at maturity. 

We have a couple of options for a year or under certificates of deposit from one year down to 3 months depending on your needs.

Our certificates of deposits are an excellent way to build risk free wealth with cash you aren’t currently using. We also recommend trying CD laddering, which involves opening several smaller, shorter term CDs so that you have the option to get cash earlier if needed. Otherwise, penalties do apply if you end your term early.


SDCCU only requires you become a member of our credit union and open a checking account or savings account to begin your certificate of deposit.


We have 34 branches located around San Diego, Riverside, and Orange countries. Our branches are close enough together that you won’t have to worry about finding a convenient location to speak to a banker or find an ATM.

Bank Overview

SCDDU was founded in 1938 with the principle that people come first, and profits come second. We have many partnerships with non-profit organizations, community education organizers, and organizations promoting public awareness of issues. We helped start the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl in 2005, with $1 of all ticket sales going to a local non-profit, resulting in thousands of dollars helping to improve countless lives. We also donated $48,500 to Biz Kids, an organizations that teaches kids about money and investing to help them for a future in which they can build wealth.

One of our favorite things is our SDCCU Classroom Heroes program which provides $500 VISA gift cards to 10 nominated teachers throughout the counties we serve.

Finally, SDCCU is dedicated to personal and business banking. Our goal is to provide the products, services, and expertise to help you fulfilll your financial goals. Whether you are buying a home or car, or expanding a business, or paying off debt, we can help you put together something that works to achieve these goals. Our bankers are dedicated community members who know how much financing can remove barriers to success.