Deal Summary

PSECU best paying certificate of deposit offers .85% APY for 5-years with a minimum deposit of $500. The rate will be paid until the deposit matures.

PSECU’s Top CD Rates

PSECU’s second best earning option is a 4-year certificate of deposit with a .75% APY. This certificate of deposit also has a $500 minimum and can be added to as well as deducted from.

A 3-year certificate of deposit offers a .7 APY, which also has a $500 minimum. The interest on this account can be removed without penalty.

PSECU offers certificates of deposit down to shorter term investments of 3 months. We consider a certificate of deposit a great option if you don’t need instant access to your cash and would like a risk free option for a small investment. PSECU does have penalties for early withdrawal below the minimum amount. We also encourage and allow customers to invest more than $500 if they wish to.


PSECU’s certificates of deposit are easy to sign up for. You must first become a member of the Credit Union, which involves opening a checking or savings account. You can then either come in or make a certificate of deposit through our online banking system.


PSECU has several locations in Pennsylvania. We have three branches in Harrisburg including our main office and one in State college. PSECU also offers a network of more than 30,000 surcharge free ATMs as well as rebates for using ATMs considered out of network.

Bank Overview

PSECU started in 1934 with 22 founders who pooled their money together to find a better future for their families. We are Pennsylvania’s largest employee based credit union and can proudly say that we have offered over 600 financial literacy classes to our community and state, educating nearly 20,000 people about banking and money.

Recently, we helped make a $25,000 donation to Feeding Pennsylvania to support state food banks as people struggled with unemployment and hunger at the height of the COVID pandemic. PSECU members also showed their generosity by donating over $44,000 themselves. We are humbled by our members!

We also hold a yearly vote, often on Facebook, to decide which of our community organizations to give an extra donation. The $2,200 amount selected honors the original 22 members who founded and collected their funds together to make their community a better place. We let our community decide where this money should go, and let them chose from several local non profits who make differences in the lives of our community members.

Becoming a member is easy, and you can probably become a member. Just ask or call us and we will help get you access to our low to no monthly fee accounts. We believe that our community comes first and we like to show it by letting you keep your own money.