Deal Summary

15-month CD, 0.65% APY, minimum deposit $500, dividends paid upon maturity

Cornerstone Bank’s Top CD Rates

Cornerstone Bank’s top CD rate is 0.65% APY. This rate is offered on the credit union’s 15-month CD with a minimum deposit of $500. The dividends earned on this CD are paid upon maturity.

The 8-month CD is a great alternative. The account offers a 0.50% APY with a $500 minimum deposit. This account also pays you your dividends upon maturity. If you are interested in earning interested but don’t want to wait 15 months, the 8-month CD rate option is the one for you.

Cornerstone Bank doesn’t offer any short-term CD rates aside from the 8-month CD that we just discussed.

Cornerstone Bank offers two CDs. Each of these CDs can be opened with a $500 minimum deposit. You are always welcome to invest more, but you don’t have to. These CD terms are available in 15-month and 8-month options. The APY starts at 0.50% and builds to 0.65%. Each of Cornerstone Bank’s CD accounts is subject to early withdrawal penalties.


You do not need to be a member of Cornerstone Bank to open up a CD rate with them. However, having an account established with the bank beforehand will make the process of opening a CD with them much easier.

Branches in Massachusetts

Charlton, Holden, Leicester, Rutland, Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Warren, Webster, Worcester, and Westborough.

Bank Overview

Believe it or not, Cornerstone Bank is fairly new on the scene and wasn’t established until 2017. The bank came to be as a result of two former banks, SpencerBANK and Southbridge Savings Bank, joining together.

Despite having merged only recently, both individual banks have been around to serve their community since the 1800s. As of now, Cornerstone Bank has 13 different branches, with their headquarters being located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Each and every branch is dedicated to making sure their clients receive only the best customer service, which is not something many banks can say these days. Not only that, but Cornerstone Bank is also dedicated to making sure that their clients reach all of their financial goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

Cornerstone is all about community and treats their employees like family. In fact, there are dozens of opportunities for advancement within the bank that are available for just about every employee.

Cornerstone Bank truly believes that they are the best simply because of the fact that they take the time to form strong and genuine trusting relationships with both their clients and their employees.

In order to prove their dedication to helping the greater good of their community, Cornerstone Bank also provides scholarships to well-deserving students in the local area. Each student is given $2000 via scholarship so that they can put it towards the cost of higher education. Most recently, 16 Massachusetts were awarded the scholarship. In order to be considered, students simply must apply to the scholarship.