First Community Bank is a financial institute based out of Virginia and began serving its community in 1874. Since then, First Community Bank has made it their mission to give their clients good service and help them ensure monetary success.

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First Community Bank CD Rates Offers

The respective details for the First Community Bank CD rates are;

Certificate of Deposit (CD) 


  • $1,000 – This is the minimum amount required to open the CD.
  • Interest is accrued daily – Interest on the CD is calculated daily, which can result in more frequent compounding.
  • The CD offers a fixed interest rate for the entire term. This means that the interest rate remains constant, providing predictability for the investor.
  • Typically, CDs offer a variety of maturities (e.g., 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc.), allowing investors to choose a term that suits their financial goals.
  • Bank penalties apply to early withdrawals


  • Be mindful of the early withdrawal penalties. If there’s a possibility you might need access to the funds before the CD matures, you may want to explore other investment options with more liquidity.

Pros & Cons

Fixed Interest RateEarly Withdrawal Penalties
Predictable ReturnsLimited Liquidity

Are First Community Bank CD Rates Competitive?

First Community Bank offers Certificate of Deposit rates with a $1,000 minimum opening deposit, fixed interest rates, and daily interest accrual, providing investors with a predictable and secure investment option.

The automatic renewal feature adds convenience, ensuring that the CD continues to grow unless the account holder decides otherwise. However, the competitiveness of their CD rates is contingent on the specific interest rates offered for various maturities, which were not provided in the information.

Additionally, early withdrawal penalties and limited liquidity may be considerations for potential investors. To fully assess the competitiveness of First Community Bank CD rates, it would be essential to compare the offered rates with those of other financial institutions in the current market environment.

Overview First Community Bank 

Since starting, First Community Bank has grown in size and has expanded to several different branches. Collectively, First Community Bank has over $1.12 billion in assets and they are only getting bigger and bigger. Aside from banking, First Community Bank also offers its clients wealth management services as well as investment services.

For those who are constantly on the go, First Community Bank also offers mobile banking which allows its clients to check their bank accounts, make deposits, and more all on their mobile devices. You can even use SMS banking which allows you to check your balance by sending a text message.

First Community Bank is so invested in helping its clients that they have established a system where if you refer a friend, they give you $10. 

First Community Bank believes that their clients are much more than a number and therefore are willing to get to know them on a personal basis while also helping them reach all of their financial goals. With the help of First Community Bank, you are well on your way to financial freedom.


You do not need to be a member of First Community Bank in order to open a CD with them. However, there is no way of doing this online so you must go in person if you would like to open a CD.

Locations First Community Bank 

Branches in Virginia

The branches in Virginia are:

Bluefield, North Tazewell, Wyethville, Max Meadows, Pulaski, Marion, Richlands, Radford, Hillsville, Glade Spring, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg.

Branches in West Virginia

The branches in West Virginia are:

Bluefield, Princeton, Athens, Pineville, Lindside, Hinton, Daniels, Oceana, Beckley, and Man.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum opening deposit for a First Community Bank CD?

The minimum opening deposit for a First Community Bank CD is $1,000.

How often is interest compounded on First Community Bank CDs?

 Interest on First Community Bank CDs is compounded daily.

Are First Community Bank CD rates fixed or variable?

 First Community Bank CD rates are fixed for the entire term of the CD.

Can I withdraw funds from my CD before the maturity date?

Yes, but early withdrawal penalties, as imposed by the bank, apply to withdrawals made before the CD’s maturity date.

Are First Community Bank CDs automatically renewable?

Yes, First Community Bank CDs are automatically renewable, providing the option for the CD to renew for another term upon reaching maturity unless specified otherwise by the account holder.