Minnesota Bank and Trust is a community-focused bank that provides financial products for the community they serve. They have been listed in Forbes as one of the best banks in America for the previous four years in a row. Benefits of joining Minnesota Bank and Trust include user-friendly mobile and online banking, a personal banker and financial team for comprehensive services and advising, and competitive interest rates.

Let’s have a deeper analytical overview of CD rates in the section below;

Minnesota Bank and Trust CD Rates Offers

Most considerable CD rates offered for the concerned consumers are stated below;

3-Month CD Term

  • Interest Rate: 0.03%
  • APY: 0.03%


  • CD matures in just three months.

Pros & Cons

Quick Access to FundsLow Interest Rate
Short-Term CommitmentLimited Earnings

6-Month CD Term

  • Interest Rate: 0.25%
  • APY: 0.25%


  • It Strikes a balance between short and long-term.

Pros & Cons

High YieldModerate Commitment

18-Month CD Term

  • Interest Rate: 2.73%
  • APY: 2.75%


  • A respectable interest rate for the chosen duration.

Pros & Cons

Balanced TermModerate Interest Rate
Competitive APY$1,000 Minimum Deposit

36-Month CD Term

  • Interest Rate: 0.60%
  • APY: 0.60%


  • Suitable for those comfortable with a 3-year lock-in.

Pros & Cons

Longer CommitmentConservative Returns
Stable Returns

60-Month CD Term

  • Interest Rate: 0.60%
  • APY: 0.60%


  • The interest rate remains on the lower side.
  • Maintains accessibility for a wide range of investors.

Pros & Cons

Extended DurationLiquidity Concerns

Are Minnesota Bank and Trust CD Rates Competitive?

Minnesota Bank and Trust offers a range of Certificate of Deposit (CD) terms with varying interest rates. The competitiveness of these rates depends on the specific CD term.

However, other terms such as the 3-month and 60-month CDs feature lower interest rates at 0.03% and 0.60%, respectively, suggesting less competitive returns. Investors seeking short-term liquidity might find the 3-month CD attractive, but those aiming for a balance between yield and commitment may gravitate toward the 18-month or 36-month options.

How do Minnesota Bank and Trust CD Rates Compare?

Comparing Minnesota Bank and Trust CD rates reveals a diverse landscape.

  • However, when compared to the 18-month CD at 3.47%, investors must weigh the higher yield against the longer commitment period. The 36-month CD, with a 0.60% interest rate, may seem less appealing in terms of returns.
  • The 60-month CD shares the same interest rate but extends the commitment period, potentially making it less attractive for those prioritizing liquidity.

Overview Minnesota Bank 

Minnesota Bank and Trust is a local partner of the parent company Heartland Financial. Even though they manage over 2 billion dollars in assets, they are dedicated to being not just a financial partner, but a family member to the community they serve. Bankers and employees of Minnesota Bank and Trust live, work, and worship in the same communities as their members. 

They send their children to school with their children and volunteer in their community. Growing their members’ financial wellness benefits the communities that they also live in which is part of the reason why they are dedicated to delivering the best quality services.

The bank gives back to their local Minnesota community in many ways. By providing financial wellness advising and products, they strengthen and help grow the community as a whole. In addition to direct financial contributions through annual donations, bankers and employees of the bank also contribute with manual labor and volunteer work within their communities. Many bankers and employees are active on local boards and clubs within their service area.

You can find comprehensive personal banking and investment services, lending for purchasing a home, and tools for small businesses through this bank. This bank is local enough to know what challenges are facing your community while also having the broad industry expertise of a national bank.


To purchase a CD through Minnesota Bank and Trust you must first be a member and live in Minnesota. Visit a branch to open a new savings or checking account. You can get in touch with a personal banker online through their website. 

Locations Minnesota Bank

Branches in Minnesota 

The branches in Minnesota are:

Minnetonka, Edina

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more funds to my existing Minnesota Bank and Trust CD during the term?

Generally, CD deposits are fixed at the time of account opening, and additional funds cannot be added during the term.

How are the interest rates on Minnesota Bank and Trust CDs determined?

Interest rates are set by the bank based on various factors, including prevailing market conditions, economic trends, and the specific terms of each CD.

Are the interest rates on Minnesota Bank and Trust CDs fixed or variable?

Minnesota Bank and Trust CD rates are typically fixed for the term. This means that the interest rate remains constant, providing predictability and assurance of returns over the agreed-upon period.

How will I receive the interest earned on my Minnesota Bank and Trust CD?

Interest payouts vary, and the bank may offer options such as crediting the interest to the CD, transferring it to another account, or providing a check.