To enrich your understanding with even more considerable facts about Mission Federal Credit Union and its CD rates terms, here is the quick overview depicted below;

Mission Federal Credit Union CD Rates Offers

Some of the Mission Federal Credit Union CD Rates offers are;

7-Month CD

  • Key Features: 4.25% APY
  • Consideration: Ideal for existing funds seeking a short-term commitment with a competitive interest rate.

Pros & Cons

Competitive APYsShort-term, limited investment horizon

10-Month CD

  • Key Feature: 4.75% APY
  • Consideration: Attractive option for new funds looking for a brief investment horizon with a higher yield.

Pros & Cons

Attractive 4.75% APYShort-term, limited investment horizon

25-Month CD (1x Rate Bump)

  • Key Feature: 3.75% Minimum APY with a rate bump.
  • Consideration: Offers a longer-term option with the potential for increased returns due to the rate bump, suitable for those comfortable with a more extended investment horizon.

Pros & Cons

Long-term with 3.75% APYRequires a more extended commitment
Potential for increased rateRate bump may not offset longer commitment risk

Are Mission Federal Credit Union CD Rates Competitive?

Mission Federal Credit Union CD rates, no doubt, demonstrate a competitive positioning in the financial market. This statement can be observed from the CD term explained above.

  • The 7-month and 10-month CD terms, both for existing and new money, offer APYs ranging from 4.25% to 4.75%, outperforming many national averages.
  • The 25-month CD, with a 1x rate bump, provides a longer-term option at a respectable 3.75% APY. These rates, especially for new money, stand out in the current financial landscape, presenting appealing opportunities for both short and moderately extended investment horizons.

While Mission Federal Credit Union may not consistently offer the highest rates in every category, the balance of competitive rates across various terms positions them favorably, catering to a range of investor preferences and timeframes. Additionally, the institution’s focus on both existing and new money reflects a commitment to serving the diverse needs of its members, further contributing to its competitive standing in the CD market.

Overview Mission Federal Credit Union

Based out of San Diego, Mission Federal’s goal is to improve the lives of our community through charitable giving, education, and community events. Our community partners are numerous and include the Living Coast Discovery Center, McGrath Family BizTown, and TERI Inc., which is a nonprofit dedicated to resources for special needs.

We are also a long-standing supporter of San Diego schools and offer a frequent $25 match if our customers donate $25 to San Diego schools. We also partner with the San Diego Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army of San Diego County to provide for the needs of locals. In addition, we support local homeless shelters and food banks to help people who don’t have the resources to help themselves yet.

We show community support through giving and banking. We believe that our community members will help themselves if we can educate them financially and provide the tools they need to build wealth efficiently. Between checking accounts, certificates of deposit, easy-to-use online banking, and loans, we provide for the needs of both businesses and individuals.


We can first help you become a member of Mission Federal Credit Union and open a savings or checking account for you. We will need the savings or checking account to deposit the interest earnings on your certificate of deposit.

Locations Mission Federal Credit Union 

Mission Federal offers many locations in California, centered around San Diego, Escondido, and La Mesa. We also offer a large network of ATMs for your cash convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum APY offered by Mission Federal Credit Union for a 7-month CD with existing money?

The minimum APY for an 8-month CD with existing money at Mission Federal Credit Union is 4.25%.

How does the APY for a 10-month CD at Mission Federal Credit Union compare

The APY for a 10-month CD at Mission Federal is a competitive 4.75%

What is the distinctive feature of the 25-month CD at Mission Federal Credit Union?

The 25-month CD features a 1x rate bump, providing an initial 3.75% APY with the potential for increased returns.

Are Mission Federal Credit Union CD rates competitive on a national scale?

Yes, Mission Federal Credit Union CD rates are competitive, particularly when considering the 4.25% to 5.25% APY range for various terms, outperforming national averages in the current market.

Why might investors choose a new money CD at Mission Federal Credit Union instead of an existing money option?

The new money CD options offer a slightly higher APY, making them an attractive choice for investors looking for better returns on recently deposited funds.