RBC is one of the top-rated options from the perspective of well-established banks. The bank is credibly known and popular due to its precise offering.

It comprises a comprehensive range of products. These products are suitable for different financial needs. Furthermore, it ensures an extreme level of convenience due to being a full-service bank. Customers rely on this banking option due to its relatively higher savings and interest rates.

To state the most credible reasons through which one might find this bank a better option, here we are going to depict the most credible reason in the form of RBC bank review.

So that one can get an overview and make a well-informed financial decision for seeking appropriate benefits from this platform. Let’s delve into the authentic details about personal & business financial needs and preferences of the customers.

RBC Bank Overview

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is one of the most recognized and largest banks in Canada. As per the information available through the official website, the bank is known to begin its services and offerings between 1864 and 1869.

RBC has turned into a global entity that is known to operate in almost 29 countries. In all countries, banks tend to offer a comprehensive range of services.

These services are further aligned with traditional banking, i.e., savings and checking accounts. In addition to these accounts, the online banking, investment banking, wealth management, and mortgage lending approach is also worth considering.

It offers greater convenience to consumers through its online banking portal. The portal allows the clients to easily manage accounts. The facilities further include credit lines and investment accounts, direct payments, and other business conducting banking.

In addition to all this, the RBC has greater convenience, in terms of customer security. It has collaborated its association with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). This collaboration further assures the deposit insurance coverage of the customers.

From the perspective of the attractive features, the RBC provides zero liability protection. It is available for its credit card users which enables the bank to safeguard it against unauthorized transactions​​.

RBC Bank Locations

RBC is the most prominent and leading bank in Canada, so it has a significant presence in terms of local branches along with ATM access all across the country.

Customers can find and get about the required RBC branch or ATM with the help of the branch locator tool. This tool is present on the official website. You can search this tool as per the searches by address, city, postal code, or transit number.

This comprehensive network approach ensures that the RBC services are very convenient to access by a wide range of customers throughout the region.

RBC’s physical locations are beneficial, however, its online services are credibly Korea-authorized making it a versatile choice for customers. It is an ideal banking approach for all those who prefer either traditional in-person banking or the convenience of digital banking solutions​​.

Checking Accounts

RBC Royal Bank stands by a range of checking accounts that are exceptionally flexible to meet different customer needs and fulfill their financial lifestyle requirements.

The basic overview of their offerings is as follows;

Account TypeTarget AudienceMonthly FeeSpecial Offers and Features
RBC Advantage Banking for StudentsFull-time studentsNone– Special offers like cash bonuses and contributions to charities on account openings
RBC Advantage Banking Account for International StudentsInternational studentsNone– Limited-time offers, such as cashback on new RBC Cash Back Mastercards
Special Offers for Newcomers to CanadaNewcomers to CanadaNone– Tailored benefits for newcomers, ensuring easy and accessible banking in the country
General Checking AccountsGeneral publicVaries (monthly fee applies)– Monthly fee varies based on the account type and included services – Some accounts offer rewards and savings, such as Avion points for travel, merchandise, and more

Each of these accounts is specially designed with the convenience of flexible and specific features. For example, students and newcomers might benefit from these accounts. The major reason is that these accounts do not apply any extra fees, and come up with lower fees and more flexible services.

Saving Accounts

Savings account options that are offered by the RBC bank include the High-Interest eSavings account and the NOMI Find and Save account. The details of the respective bank are as follows;

Account TypeInterest RateMonthly FeeWithdrawal Fees and LimitsRBC High-Interest eSavings Account
RBC Day-to-Day Savings Account1.7%None– One free monthly withdrawal, $5 fee per additional withdrawal- Free electronic self-serve transfers to other RBC accounts- No minimum deposit requirement– Ideal for earning modest interest without monthly fees
NOMI Find & Save Account0.7%NoneNone– Automatic fund transfers based on spending habits using predictive technology- Available to RBC customers with a checking account
RBC U.S. High-Interest eSavings AccountTieredNone– Free electronic self-service transfers– Basic, no-fee account suitable for everyday savings- Access to RBC Online, Mobile, and Telephone banking
RBC U.S. High Interest eSavings Account0.5% (in USD)None– No Interac e-transfer access- Free electronic self-service transfers to other RBC accounts– Designed for saving in U.S. dollars- No monthly fees- Offers a competitive interest rate for USD savings

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts at RBC

RBC offers various options for both CDs and money market accounts. The details for these accounts are depicted below with different categories;

Product TypeTermsInterest Rates (APYs)Special Features
Certificates of Deposit (CD)6 months to 5 yearsRange: 4.88% (6-month term) to 3.92% (5-year term)– Competitive interest rates – Various term options
Money Market AccountsTiered based on balanceRange: 0.20% to 0.50%– Tiered rates based on account balance – Flexible and liquid

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

Some of the most significant varieties of mortgage loans along with some other loan products are as follows. These services and featural support are highly credible in terms of authentication for your personal as well as financial needs;

  1. Mortgage Loans – RBC bank is credibly offering numerous varieties of mortgage options. These options further include fixed-rate and other variable-rate mortgages. These rates are authentic to deliver home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), that ultimately allow the homeowners to easily borrow against the equities in their home.
  2. Personal Loans and Lines of Credit – Apart from mortgage approaches, the RBC is authentic to be known due to its loans and lines of credit. These credits can include home equity lines of credit, car loans, and most importantly other personal loans for a range of purposes.

Additional Products and Services

RBC’s range of additional products and services includes:

Product/ServiceDescriptionKey Features and Benefits
Investment Products– Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and RRSPs- Wealth management services for personalized investment advice and strategies– Diverse investment options- Wealth management for personalized advice
Insurance Products– Life insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance– Financial protection and peace of mind in various life situations
Banking Services for Newcomers– Tailored banking solutions for newcomers to Canada– Convenience and support for newcomers navigating their financial journey in Canada
Digital Banking Services– Online and mobile banking solutions- Features like online bill payments, money transfers, and digital financial planning tools– Convenient account management- Accessible digital tools for financial planning and transactions

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

FeatureRBC BankTD Bank
Account TypesChecking, Savings, CDs, Money Market, MortgagesChecking, Savings, CDs, Money Market
Monthly FeesVaries by account; some can be waived$4.95 to $25, fees can be waived with minimum balance
Minimum DepositVaries by account$0
Savings APYCompetitive but lower than online banksUp to 0.05%, lower than online banks
BranchesExtensive network in Canada and some US presenceOver 1,100 locations on the East Coast
ATM AvailabilityExtensive networkOver 700 fee-free ATMs
Digital BankingAdvanced online and mobile platformsOffers mobile banking app
Customer ServiceStrong customer service reputation24/7 phone support, mixed reviews online
PromotionsVarious promotions availableOccasionally offers sign-up bonuses for new accounts

Pros and Cons Analysis of RBC Services


  1. RBC offers a comprehensive array of financial products, including various types of savings and checking accounts, CDs, mortgages, investment services, and insurance products.
  2. RBC’s online and mobile banking platforms are user-friendly, offering convenient access to a range of financial services.
  3. As one of Canada’s largest banks, RBC provides services suitable for a global customer base, including cross-border banking solutions.


  1. Compared to online banks, RBC’s interest rates for savings accounts and CDs might be lower.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of RBC are mixed. Many appreciate the bank’s wide range of services and its digital banking platform. However, some customers have noted concerns about interest rates and service quality in busy branches. Experiences can vary widely based on individual circumstances and branch location.

Personal Review: Services, Customer-Centric Approach

RBC offers a vast range of monetary products and services, winning and dining to a spectrum of customer needs. Their digital and advanced banking platform is well-reputed for its benefits and user-friendliness.

The bank’s global out-stretch and detailed service contributions make it a great choice for those seeking full-service banking. However, customers looking for higher interest rates on savings might find more acceptable options elsewhere.


To conclude, RBC stands out for its large-scale spectrum of financial services, vigorous digital banking platforms, and global presence. It provides well to customers seeking detailed banking solutions. However, for those organizing competitive interest rates, specifically for savings accounts, influencing options with online banks might be beneficial.


What types of savings accounts does RBC offer?

RBC provides various savings accounts, including High-Interest eSavings, NOMI Find & Save, and Day-to-Day Savings.

Are RBC’s deposit accounts insured?

Yes, RBC’s deposit accounts are insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) up to eligible limits.

What mortgage products does RBC offer?

RBC offers a range of mortgage products, including fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages, as well as home equity lines of credit (HELOCs).

Does RBC offer investment services?

 Yes, RBC provides various investment services, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and retirement savings plans.

Can I access RBC services online?

Yes, RBC offers comprehensive online and mobile banking services for account management, bill payments, and financial planning.