Are you ready to watch your savings grow effortlessly? Look no further than Republic Bank’s CD Rates, where financial success meets peace of mind. It is a secure investment avenue tailored to maximize your returns, ensuring your hard-earned money works as diligently as you do.

In this regard, certificates of deposit are very crucial to consider because it is highly authentic to regularize the financial horizon for personal as well as professional needs.

Here is the detailed summary stated below relevant to this perspective;

Republic Bank CD Rates Offers

The featuring cd rates offered by Republic Bank are;

6-Month CD

  • Annual Percentage Yield: 2.00%


  • Limited duration may not suit long-term financial goals.

Pros & Cons

Quick returnsLimited duration may not suit long-term goals

11-Month CD

  • APY: 4.50%


  • Low interest makes it less attractive for maximizing returns.
  • Limited options for renewal at maturity.

Pros & Cons

Short-term liquidityExtremely low interest rate

12-Month CD

  • APY: 4.25%


  • Provides a competitive interest rate without an extended lock-in period.

Pros & Cons

Moderate termReturns may be lower than riskier investments

18-Month CD

  • APY: 2.65%


  • Longer commitment for a modest increase in return.

Pros & Cons

Longer commitmentLimited interest compared to shorter terms

24-Month CD

  • APY: 2.75%


  • Returns may be modest compared to shorter-term options.

Pros & Cons

Longer investment horizonModest returns compared to shorter terms

36-Month CD

  • APY: 3.50%


  • Requires a longer commitment for a relatively modest increase in return.

Pros & Cons

Slightly higher interestReturns may not justify the extended term

Are Republic Bank CD Rates Competitive?

Republic Bank CD rates exhibit a mix of competitiveness across various terms. The 11-month CD stands out with a notably higher APY of 4.50%, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick returns. However, the short-term nature of this investment may not align with long-term financial objectives.

The 6-month CD, on the other hand, offers an APY of 2.00%, which is relatively low and may not be as competitive for individuals looking to maximize returns.

As the terms extend, the interest rates for the 12-month and 18-month CDs remain competitive with corresponding APYs of 4.25% and 2.65%. These terms offer a middle ground between short and long-term investments.

However, the longer-term CDs may not be as competitive when compared to shorter-term options. These terms are better suited for individuals comfortable with a more extended investment horizon.

The rates are competitive for certain terms, especially in the short to moderate range. Individuals seeking quick returns or a balanced approach between risk and return may find the 6-month, 12-month, and 18-month CDs appealing. However, for those prioritizing longer-term investments, it’s essential to weigh the modest returns against the extended commitment.

Overview Republic Bank 

Republic Bank opened its doors in 1977 in Kentucky, starting with the purchase and rebranding of an existing bank that had operated for over 80 years in the area. Since its initial founding, the bank has made many acquisitions and opened new locations across five states.

They are an inclusive bank that values diversity. Contributing to their community is important to them, with a focus on families and education.

They support local nonprofits and have a scholarship program called Republic Bank Foundation Commonwealth Scholarships. They provide 20 scholarships to the University of Kentucky for students who live in their service areas across Kentucky.


Republic Bank operates branches in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, and Ohio. If you live, work, or go to school within their service areas you can start a new checking account or savings account with a low initial deposit. You must be a member of the bank to be eligible for the CD rates. To join, go to a branch in person or call on the phone. You can get started with the application process through the online portal on the Republic Bank website.

Locations Republic Bank 

Branches in Kentucky

The branches in Kentucky are:

Covington, Crestview Hills, Florence, Georgetown, Lexington, Louisville, Shelbyville, Shepherdsville

Branches in Indiana

The branches in Indiana are:

Floyds Knobs, Jeffersonville, New Albany

Branches in Florida

The branches in Florida are:

Largo, New Port Richey, St. Petersburg, Seminole, Tampa, Temple Terrace

Branches in Tennessee

The branches in Tennessee are:

Cool Springs (Franklin), Green Hills (Nashville)

Branches in Ohio 

The branches in Ohio are:

Norwood (Cincinnati), West Chester (Cincinnati)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any loyalty or relationship benefits for existing Republic Bank customers opening a CD account?

Yes, Republic Bank offers loyalty or relationship benefits for existing customers, such as preferential interest rates or special promotions

What happens if Republic Bank adjusts its CD rates after I’ve already opened an account? 

Once you open a Republic Bank CD, the interest rate is typically fixed for the entire term. While existing account holders won’t be affected by subsequent rate changes.

Can I use my Republic Bank CD as collateral for a loan or line of credit?

Generally, Republic Bank CDs can be used as collateral for certain loans or lines of credit. This feature can provide additional financial flexibility.

Can I use my Republic Bank CD as a part of my Individual Retirement Account portfolio?

Yes, Republic Bank CDs are often eligible for inclusion in an IRA portfolio.

Does Republic Bank offer any educational resources or tools to help customers make informed decisions about choosing the right CD term for their financial goals?

Yes, Republic Bank may provide educational resources or tools to assist customers in making informed decisions about CD investments.