Deal Summary:

The highest APY and longest offering through SELCO is a 7 year certificate of deposit at 1% APY. We do offer quarterly dividends paid directly into your checking or savings account.

SELCO CD Options:

SELCo offers several options, including the next longest and highest rate of 5 years at .8% APY. Interest is also paid with quarterly dividends on this certificate of deposit.

The shortest term offered by SELCO is 1 year at a .35% APY.

We do bump up your rate if our interest rates rise. Each CD account requires a minimum of $500. For students under 18, we require only a $100 minimum. While we pay dividends quarterly instead of at the end of term, early withdrawal penalties may apply.

Customers are welcome to deposit more than the minimum amount if they want to earn more. Certificates of Deposit are a great short or long term investment that are very stable and guarantee some return on investment without any risk. Call us or stop in to begin opening a certificate of deposit account.


Customers must first become a SELCO member and open a checking or savings account from which to transfer money. Earnings from your CD will also go to this account.


SELCO has 6 locations including three in Eugene, Oregon and 3 in Springfield, Oregon. We are highly convenient with our multiple locations in these cities and glad to service Eugene and Springfield.

Bank Overview

As a bank serving Eugene and Springfield, we take our small town focus seriously and truly enjoy helping in the community. The purpose of a local bank is to help people with opportunities at financial success through education, borrowing, and service.

SELCO offers grants for creative teaching. We provided over $42,000 in 2020 for 47 educators and 38 schools. These educators and schools presented great ideas to further enrich education within schools, including Science, Technology, and Math kits for students and additional books for their libraries. Ideas small and large go a long way to showing our community and students we care about their success.

We believe that money can be one of the barriers for student and individual success, and gladly offer grants and awards for people seeking dollars to improve themselves and our community. We believe that without community growth, we will not experience growth ourselves.

One of the primary purposes of a local credit union is education. We know that understanding your options is very important for basic banking and investing. We offer accounts for businesses and individuals, a well as investing advice for your retirement as well as your kid’s education, in addition to loans for personal use or vehicles. We encourage you to stop in to one of our branches and develop a relationship with a banker who can help guide you through your choices.