Titan Insurance

Titan Insurance is a division of Nationwide Insurance, and its affiliation with Nationwide Insurance can lend some basic understanding of what to expect from this insurance company. Titan Insurance is known primarily for providing traditional auto insurance and commercial auto insurance, providing users with inexpensive coverage and savings without sacrificing the coverage that you need. One of the biggest draws to Titan Insurance is that they promise “great auto insurance for as little as $1 a day,” which is not something that insurance carriers typically offer. Another draw for Titan Insurance is their specialization in SR-22 insurance, which is the bare minimum insurance that is required by a state, and this is a popular go-to for people who have poor driving histories due to accidents or other issues. It is important to consider both the pros and the cons when reviewing this type of insurance so that you are able to find the right coverage for your needs.

Titan Auto Insurance Review

Consensus: Titan auto insurance is not an ideal auto insurance choice. If you’re looking a auto insurer, there are many other companies to consider. 

Titan Insurance BBB Reviews

Titan BBB Review

Nationwide Insurance, the parent company to Titan Insurance, is a BBB accredited company. Titan Insurance, however, operates more independently of Nationwide and is not currently BBB accredited. BBB accreditation is an optional process for companies. Though Titan Insurance has not sought accreditation through the Better Business Bureau, the BBB website still provides information on complaints that may have been made against the company in the past. Make sure to research the Titan Insurance Company in your specific location, as results can vary from state to state.

Titan Auto Insurance Complaints

On a scale of five stars, expertinsurancereviews.com rates Titan Insurance a 2.5 stars. Glass Door (glassdoor.com) rates Titan Insurance 1.9 stars. Usinsuranceagents.com rates Titan Insurance a 3.56 stars. What this may indicate is that services offered by Titan Insurance can vary from location to location. Reviewing your nearest Titan Insurance broker is the best way to make sure you are making a smart decision about your insurance coverage.

  • Expert Insurance Reviews: The biggest complaints about Titan Insurance from Expert Insurance Reviews are that you cannot file your claim online and you can expect to pay more for less coverage through Titan Insurance since it is a high risk insurance company. Despite there being information about filing claims online, you have to file over the phone when you have a claim. Expert Insurance Reviews does state that this is a solid choice if you have a poor driving record and need the bare minimum insurance for state requirements.
  • Glass Door: Glass Door reviews Titan Insurance from the standpoint of an employer. Many former employees who have reviewed Titan Insurance on Glass Door claim that the company is difficult to work for, and management does not make itself aware of the issues with the company. While these issues likely affect only some Titan Insurance locations across the nation, this may serve as an indicator that some Titan Insurance agents do not have the best interest of the customer at heart.
  • US Insurance Agents: US Insurance Agents compiles reviews from customers who have dealt with Titan Insurance in the past. Some customers have given positive reviews, but all reviews contain some negative notations. One former customer claims that Titan Insurance is not well suited to help people in rural areas. Apparently adding on services to your policy is also difficult with Titan Insurance. Another former customer claims that Titan Insurance is a rip-off, because they ended up paying more than they were meant to due to agent error. It is important to take both the good with the bad to get a complete picture of what past and current customers are experiencing with Titan Insurance.

Titan Insurance Financial Health

Titan Insurance is a part of the Nationwide Insurance family of companies, and so the financial health of this company is tied to its parent company. Nationwide is a BBB accredited, Fortune 500 company that has been long regarded as a leading insurance provider in the United States. Nationwide is proud of their financial health, and so the company posts its financial figures for several years on its website at http://www.nationwide.com.

Review of Titan Insurance Products Offerings

There are two primary types of insurance that Titan Insurance offers, which are traditional auto insurance and commercial auto insurance. Titan Insurance is also known for providing access to SR-22 insurance, which is a special type of insurance coverage for high risk drivers.

Traditional Auto Insurance: While Titan Insurance plans are designed to suit anyone, they are especially well suited for high risk drivers, and their rates and coverage options reflect this. High risk drivers are individuals who:

  • Have multiple traffic violations or speeding tickets across a short time period,
  • Have more than 6 points on their driving record,
  • Have had an at-fault vehicle accident while uninsured or underinsured,
  • Have a DUI or a DWI on their record,
  • Are teenaged drivers,
  • Have had a lapse in coverage.

It can be difficult to get adequate auto insurance when most insurance companies classify you as an at risk driver. Titan Insurance works to provide ample coverage for these drivers without making them jump through hoops to get insured. This is especially important when you consider that a bare minimum insurance is always required by the state, and yet many high risk drivers find it nearly impossible to get coverage despite needing it.

Titan offers a few different types of auto insurance, including liability insurance, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, towing and labor coverage as well as high risk coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Commercial auto insurance is an excellent idea for business owners, whether you have a single vehicle or an entire fleet operating under your business. Commercial vehicle insurance is designed to protect the vehicles regardless of who is driving them, and they are designed to be completely flexible so that your needs are always being met. Some of the coverage options that are available to you in terms of commercial auto insurance include the following:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: This benefit will cover you if someone is injured in an accident involving one of your commercial vehicles. If someone not associated with your vehicle becomes injured, they will be compensated up to the limit of coverage.
  • Property damage coverage: This coverage will help with property damage that occurs resulting from one of your vehicles, such as if a car or other property is damaged or destroyed. If you require a legal defense, this will also be covered by your property damage coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This type of coverage is also known as OTC or “Other than collision” coverage, and its designed to help you cover other damages that do not occur resulting from a collision, such as fire damage, theft, broken class and so on. This type of coverage does come with a deductible, though.
  • Collision coverage: As the name suggests, this type of coverage is for collisions. Once you have met your deductible, your insurance coverage will help to cover the damage done to your vehicle no matter who was at fault for the accident.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage: The purpose of this type of insurance is to give you protection against bodily injury sustained in a situation where the other driver is either not insured, or does not have adequate enough insurance to cover your expenses. Because so many drivers out there do not have enough car insurance, having this type of protection is imperative.
  • Med-pay insurance: A medical payment insurance option makes it possible to pay for the medical expenses of any drivers or passengers that are injured during an accident, up to an amount that is pre-determined when you buy your policy. It does not matter who is at fault, you will still be covered.
  • Hired auto liability coverage: This insurance coverage is designed to provide excess liability coverage for vehicles that are not owned and not listed, such as vehicles that you may be hiring out, leasing out, borrowing or renting for incidental business usage. Just because the vehicle isn’t one of your typical business vehicles, that does not mean you should not be covered fully.
  • Employer’s non-ownership liability coverage: The purpose of this coverage is to provide you with excess liability coverage if an employee of yours uses their own, unlisted vehicle, for incidental purposes for your business. If one of your employees is involved in a collision or other issues involving their vehicle while on the job, this coverage can help.
  • On-hook towing liability coverage: This is coverage specific to towing, which provides coverage for physical damage for any vehicle that needs to be towed, provided that the damage is caused by explosion, collision or fire.

Most of the insurance policies available through Titan Insurance allow you to mix and match the types of coverage that matter most to you, so you can fully customize your policy accordingly. This is the best way to make sure you are being insured in the best way possible.

SR-22 Insurance: This type of insurance is required in many states in order for someone who has a poor driving record to maintain their driving privileges, or to have them reinstated after a period. SR-22 is a document that states that you are currently maintaining the state’s minimum required level of insurance coverage. Typically a state will require you to carry an SR-22 document for three years. When you are carrying an SR-22 document, you will generally only be able to obtain high risk insurance, which can cost more. Many insurance companies do not provide high risk auto insurance, but Titan Insurance is one of the companies that does.

Gap Insurance: The purpose of Gap Insurance is to provide car owners against what is known as an upside-down car loan. With this type of loan, you end up owing more on your car than what it is actually worth. People who end up in this situation may find that they are still paying off a vehicle long past its usefulness. If you total your car when your loan is upside-down, you may end up owing money and having to go without a vehicle. Gap insurance is designed to prevent this from happening by paying the difference between what you owe and what your car is worth so that at the very least you can break even when insuring a vehicle you are making payments on. Gap insurance is especially important if you are already perceived to be a high risk driver. You have enough working against you already; you don’t need the risk of losing everything added to the mix.

The people at Titan Insurance understand that it can be hard to get back on your feet after a blow to your driving record. Their insurance agents work hard to match customers with the right type and level of auto insurance coverage.

Titan Auto Insurance Rates

When it comes to high risk auto insurance, you can expect that your costs will be higher than average to accommodate for that additional risk. Titan Insurance has worked hard to make their insurance products as cost effective as possible considering the risk involved. Still, to best know what your costs are going to be, your best bet will be to contact Titan Insurance directly. Many factors come into play when pricing out your insurance, including your individual driving record, how long ago the incidents occurred that caused the high risk status, and how your driving record has changed since.

Your individual Titan Insurance agent will work closely with you to come up with the right insurance products to meet your needs, whether you are an employer or an individual seeking insurance coverage. Make sure to request a quote from Titan Insurance so that you can get the best idea of what your premiums will look like, as well as what types of insurance coverage you can qualify for. When you are considered a high risk driver, choosing the right type of coverage can go a long way in preventing future issues.