The significance and need for financial stability can not be negotiated. It tends to make a business organization even more responsive in terms of output. To meet this need of authentication Crestmark Bank CD Rates is making the way more smoother and convenient.

Let’s grab the details about its influential work in the section next.

Crestmark Bank CD Rate Offers

The highly preferred CD rates by Crestmark are given below;

12 Month CD

Key Feature

  • APY: 2.00%


  • One year commitment.
  • Suitable for individuals looking for a shorter return.

Pros & Cons

Quicker access to fundsLower interest rate
Shorter-term commitmentLimited earning potential

24 Month CD

Key Feature

  • APY: 2.05%


  • Longer term commitment.
  • Offers a balance between earning potential and access to funds.

Pros & Cons

Higher interest rate than 12-month CDStill a relatively long-term commitment
Offers a balance between liquidity and returnsNot as high interest as other CDs

36 Month CD

Key Feature

  • APY: 2.05%


  • A longer-term option.
  • Suitable for individuals looking for a more extended commitment with a still competitive rate.

Pros & Cons

Longer-term commitment with higher interestLess liquidity compared to shorter-term CDs
Competitive interest rateInterest rate not as high as longer-term CDs

48 Month CD

  • APY: 2.30%


  • A much longer commitment with a solid interest rate.
  • Balances a longer investment horizon with a competitive return.

Pros & Cons

Two-year commitment with competitive interestModerate access to funds during the term
Balances longer-term stability with competitive returnsNot as high interest as more extended-term CDs

60 Month CD

Key Feature

  • APY: 2.41%


  • Long-term commitment with the highest interest rate.
  • Suitable for individuals with a long-term investment strategy.

Pros & Cons

Highest interest rate among the listed termsLong-term commitment with limited liquidity
Maximizes earning potential over an extended periodMay not be suitable for those needing access to funds in the short term

How do Crestmark Bank CD Rates Compare?

Crestmark Bank CD rates are competitive when evaluated against industry standards. The rates offered by Crestmark Bank, as outlined in the provided data, demonstrate a range of competitive options across various CD terms.

Additionally, individuals have to consider their financial goals, and preferred investment horizon when dealing with the competitiveness of CD rates. Crestmark Bank’s commitment to providing value to businesses and stakeholders is reflected in the competitive rates they offer across a spectrum of CD terms.

Are Crestmark Bank CD Rates Competitive?

Crestmark Bank CD rates are competitive within the financial market. The bank’s focus on small to medium-sized businesses is complemented by a diverse range of CD terms, each offering a competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The competitiveness is evident in the rates, with even shorter-term CDs offering attractive returns.

Crestmark Bank’s dedication to niche markets and innovation in financial solutions is mirrored in the competitiveness of its CD rates.

Additionally, factors such as customer service, terms and conditions, and the overall banking experience should also be considered in conjunction with the rates offered.

Overview Crestmark Bank 

Crestmark is a business-to-business lender. They typically focus on small to medium-sized businesses. Crestmark has been around since 1996 and still employs many of the people who helped start it. Their mission is to add value to businesses by providing innovative financial solutions to niche markets.

They believe that their success comes from the value and satisfaction that they provide to their stakeholders- which includes clients, employees, shareholders, referral sources, regulators, and the industries and communities that they serve. They have been expanding dramatically over the last decade and were acquired by MetaBank in 2018.


To open a CD, you won’t have to have an account with Crestmark, but you will need to be affiliated with them or their owner Metabank. You should be eligible for a CD if you have used Crestmark as a lender for your business or are affiliated with any other divisions of MetaBank. 

Locations Crestmark Bank 

Corporate office – Troy Michigan

Florida Office – Boynton Beach

California Office – Newport Beach

Crestmark Equipment Finance – Troy Michigan

Louisiana office – Baton Rouge

Tennessee Office – Franklin Tennessee

Crestmark Vendor Finance – Troy Michigan.

Their head bank MetaBank also has 10 branches. 5 That are located in Iowa and 5 are located in South Dakota.

South Dakota

Branches in South Dakota:

Brookings, Head Office, Sioux Falls, West 12th, South Minnesota


The branches in Lowa are:

Ingersoll Avenue, Highland Park, Storm Lake Plaza, Urbandale, West Des Moines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit required to open a Crestmark Bank CD?

The minimum deposit for Crestmark Bank CDs is $10,000.

Are Crestmark Bank CD rates fixed for the entire term of the certificate of deposit?

Yes, Crestmark Bank CD rates are fixed for the entire term. When you open a CD, the interest rate is locked in, providing a predictable and guaranteed return on your investment until the CD matures.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from a Crestmark Bank CD before it matures?

While early withdrawal is possible, it typically incurs a penalty. The specific penalty amount may vary depending on the CD term.

How often is interest compounded on Crestmark Bank CDs?

Crestmark Bank typically compounds interest on CDs at a set frequency, which is specified in the terms and conditions. This frequency may vary as per the CD term.

What happens when a Crestmark Bank CD matures?

When a Crestmark Bank CD matures, you have a few options. You can choose to renew the CD for another term, withdraw the funds, or explore other investment options.