As an investor, you seek not only security but also rewarding returns for your investments. So, in this regard, Eastern Bank stands ready to meet those expectations. With its competitive rates tailored to varying timeframes, CD rates offers provide a solid foundation for your savings strategy.

Let’s find out the detailed analysis below;

Eastern Bank CD Rates Offers

Most required CD rate offers are depicted below;

6 Month CD

Key Features

  • APY: 5.30%
  • Interest Rate: 5.25%
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $2,500


The APY stance is slightly higher than the interest rate, indicating some compounding effect.

Pros & Cons

Short-term commitmentLower interest rate compared to longer terms
Quick access to fundsLimited time for interest to compound

9 Month CD

Key Features

  • APY: 5.27%
  • Interest Rate: 5.25%
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $2,500


  • Slightly longer than the 6-month option, providing a middle-ground for those seeking a balance between short-term and longer-term investments.

Pros & Cons

Slightly higher APYStill a relatively short-term commitment

12 Month CD

Key Features

  • APY: 5.10%
  • Interest Rate: 5.00%
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $2,500


  • A longer-term investment with a maturity of 12 months, suitable for those looking for a more extended commitment.

Pros & Cons

Higher APY and interest rateLonger commitment period
Monthly compoundingLess liquidity compared to shorter terms
Moderate minimum depositPotential opportunity cost for better rates

Are Eastern Bank CD Rates Competitive?

Eastern Bank’s CD rates stand out as competitive options in the financial landscape, offering attractive opportunities for investors. With APYs of 5.30% for a 6-month term, 5.27% for a 9-month term, and a compelling 5.10% for a 12-month term, Eastern Bank demonstrates a commitment to providing solid returns on your investment.

How do Eastern Bank CD Rates Compare?

When comparing Eastern Bank’s CD rates to industry standards, these rates generally align with or surpass many offerings in the market. The bank’s focus on delivering competitive yields, combined with a reasonable minimum opening deposit of $2,500 across all terms, positions Eastern Bank as a strong contender for those seeking a balance of stability and growth in their savings.

Whether you prioritize short-term flexibility or opt for a more extended commitment, Eastern Bank’s CD rates present a compelling opportunity to fortify your financial portfolio. As you explore your options, consider the combination of competitive rates, reputable banking services, and the flexibility to align with your specific investment goals.

Overview Eastern Bank CD Rates

Eastern Bank, based out of Boston, has remained one of the most prominent banks in all of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This bank is currently the 3rd largest in the entire commonwealth, despite only dating back to 1989. Since that time, the bank has grown to be one of the most visible in their geographic region, with 90 branches and counting between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

This FDIC-regulated institution also maintains top marks from many ratings groups. For example, Eastern Bank currently maintains an “A+” rating across 3 important metrics. Among them, this bank’s Texas Rating and Deposit Growth of 2.49% and 11.36%, respectively, are some of the best in their region. Eastern Bank’s Texas Ratio Trend has been fairly neutral, though, leading to only a “C+” rating on that front.

Locations Eastern Bank CD Rates

Most of Eastern Bank’s most popular CDs and IRA options are available to citizens living within the jurisdiction of their 112 branches. These branches are located in two states, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Specifically, you’ll be able to begin the process of opening one of these accounts by contacting the bank online or visiting one of these local branches:

New Hampshire Branches

Bedford, Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Portsmouth, Dover

Massachusetts Branches

Andover, Auburndale, Beverly, Boston, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Brookline, Burlington, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Chelsea, Danvers, Dedham, Dorchester, Dracut, Duxbury, East Boston, East Wareham, Everett, Falmouth, Hingham, Hyannis, Jamaica Plain, Kingston, Lakeville, Lawrence, Lexington, Lowell, Lynn, Lynnfield, Malden, Marblehead, Marion, Marshfield, Marstons Mills, Mashpee, Mattapoisett, Medford, Melrose, Natick, Newburyport, Newton, Norwell, Peabody, Plymouth, Quincy, Randolph, Reading, Revere, Salem, Sandwich, Saugus, Sharon, Somerville, South Boston, Stoneham, Stoughton, Swampscott, Taunton, Wakefield, Wareham, Watertown, West Plymouth, Westford, Weymouth, Wilmington

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Interest rate of Eastern Bank CD Rates?

Most generally, the Eastern Bank CD Rates work over the interest rate of 5.00% for 12 months. This interest rate varies with the time duration of CD rates.

How often is interest compounded on Eastern Bank’s 12-month CD?

Eastern Bank compounds interest on the 12-month CD monthly, potentially enhancing overall returns through more frequent compounding.

Are Eastern Bank’s CD rates fixed for the entire term?

Yes, Eastern Bank’s CD rates are fixed for the entire term, providing a huge spectrum of reliability for your investment duration.

Does Eastern Bank offer IRA options for their CDs?

Yes, Eastern Bank provides IRA options for their CDs, allowing you to potentially benefit from tax advantages while securing your savings with competitive rates.

What is the minimum deposit required for Eastern Bank’s CDs?

The minimum deposit for Eastern Bank’s CDs is $2,500, providing a moderate entry point for investors looking to capitalize on competitive rates.