Regions Bank is the largest financial institute that is known to serve all around 16 states in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the U.S.

This widespread branch availability is enriched with an even larger extent of banking products and services. The most prominent aspects to note are;

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgages
  • Business banking and more.

To provide you with a comprehensive review analysis here is the article that explores the various aspects of banking with Regions Bank. The article will focus on key areas including savings, checking, CD rates, money market accounts, mortgage loans, and business banking services, etc.

Bank Overview

If we state the headquarters of the bank, it is primarily located at 1900 Fifth Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama.

It is found in the prime & central location that underscores its credibility and wide acceptance in the Southeastern region of the United States.

In addition to all this, Regions Bank is bound with a highly extensive network that ultimately ensures the authentication of a wide range of banking services. The services are treasury management, real estate banking, and wealth management.

Along with all these perspectives, it also takes up the credibility along with the traditional banking products that are checking and savings accounts as well as credit cards, and loans.

For the functional overview, the bank comprises a routing number. this number is a 9-digit code that is essential for processing various financial transactions. The transactions can be the Fedwire funds transfers and direct deposits. So the number is a critical piece of information for all the customers who want to manage their finances.

Regions Bank Locations

On average, the Regions Bank in total comprises a substantial network of 1,290 branches along with the 15 states in the United States.

This ratio and proportion make this bank the 7th largest bank in the U.S. The most common regions or states that include the branches of banks are

Specifically, if we say that it is the leading bank in Tennessee, it won’t be that wrong. It has a prominent position with;

  • 199 branches in Tennessee
  • In Alabama with 190 branches
  • In Mississippi with 101 branches.
  • In Florida and Georgia, it ranks 5th and 4th and has 277 branches in Florida and 115 in Georgia.

Checking Accounts

Like most of the other financial institutes, the Regions Bank also has an attractive featural product that contains its checking accounts at the top of the list. the precise details of the categories held by the checking accounts include;

Checking AccountKey FeaturesMonthly Fee and WaiversAdditional Fees
LifeGreen® CheckingStandard checking for everyday needs– No fee with a monthly direct deposit of at least $500- $8 with online statements.- $11 with paper statements.– ATM fees outside Regions network: $2.50 (U.S.), $5 (International).
LifeGreen Preferred Checking®Interest-earning with preferred services and benefits– $18 monthly fee (waived with an average monthly balance of $5,000).– ATM fees outside Regions network: $2.50 (U.S.), $5 (International).
Regions Now Checking®Simple account to manage money without overdraft fees– $5 flat monthly fee (non-waivable).– ATM fees outside Regions network: $2.50 (U.S.), $5 (International).
LifeGreen eAccess Account®Ideal for online banking with fee waivers for card transactions– Monthly fee waived with at least 10 Regions debit/credit card purchases.- $8 otherwise.– ATM fees outside Regions network: $2.50 (U.S.), $5 (International).
62+ LifeGreen® CheckingTailored for customers aged 62 or older, with easier fee waivers– No fee with a monthly direct deposit of at least $300.- $8 with online statements.- $11 with paper statements.– ATM fees outside Regions network: $2.50 (U.S.), $5 (International).
LifeGreen® Checking for StudentsSpecifically for individuals 25 years old or younger, with no monthly fee– No monthly fee.– ATM fees outside Regions network: $2.50 (U.S.), $5 (International).

Saving Accounts

After having a deeper overview of the savings accounts, the Regions Bank is also very supportive in terms of its several savings account options. The flexibility is the most credible feature that can be noticed from the details of these accounts.

Savings AccountKey FeaturesMonthly Fee and WaiversAdditional Fees
Regions LifeGreen® SavingsDesigned for Regions checking account holders with an annual interest bonus– No monthly fee.- No minimum balance requirement.- Annual interest bonus (up to $100) with automatic monthly transfers.– Excess withdrawal fees may apply.- Charges for non-Regions ATM use.
Regions SavingsBasic savings account with a low opening deposit requirement– $5 monthly fee (waived with a minimum daily balance of $300).– Excess withdrawal fees may apply.- Charges for non-Regions ATM use.
Savings for MinorsGeared towards customers under 18 years old, encouraging young savers– No monthly fee.- No minimum balance requirement.– Excess withdrawal fees may apply.- Charges for non-Regions ATM use.
Regions Now SavingsLinked to the primary cardholder of a Now Card, offering monthly and annual savings bonuses– $0 monthly fee.- $10 minimum opening deposit.– Excess withdrawal fees may apply.- Charges for non-Regions ATM use.
Premium Money Market AccountProvides access to funds with premium interest rates– $15 monthly fee (waived with a minimum daily balance of $15,000 or by having a LifeGreen Preferred Checking® account).– Excess withdrawal fees may apply.- Charges for non-Regions ATM use.

CD Rates and Money Market Accounts

Regions Bank is credible enough to work along with the large range of offers for Money Market accounts. These accounts are allowing consumers to check-writing and debit card privileges on their own.

It ultimately enables the customers to get a competitive interest rate while even not having concise access to their savings. There are different types of money market accounts;

  • A basic account with a $12 monthly fee
  • A premium account with a $15 monthly fee.

Both the accounts are known to have a $100 minimum opening deposit. However, the advantage is that the monthly fee can be waived as per the conditions.

Further details about the certificate of deposit include;

CD Account FeaturesKey Information
Types of CDsVarious CD options available, including Relationship CDs with premium rates for qualifying customers.
Term LengthsTerms range from 7 days to over 90 days for different CD accounts.
Interest RatesCompetitive rates, with Relationship CDs offering premium rates.
Example Rates– 8-month Regions Relationship CD: 5.00% APY<br>- 14-month CD: 4.50% APY
Minimum Opening Deposit– $2,500 for CDs with terms from 7 to 89 days.<br>- $500 for CDs with terms of 90 days or longer.
Relationship RequirementsPremium rates for Relationship CDs may require opening a Regions checking account and meeting other relationship criteria.
Risk LevelCDs provide a predictable return with low risk.
APYAnnual Percentage Yield (APY) indicates the effective annual interest rate, taking into account compounding.

Mortgage Loans and Other Loan Products

While Regions Bank typically provides various types of loan options. These types of loans may include home mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and lines of credit.

Interested customers are required and asked to contact the Regions Bank directly. If not they can also visit their website for the most recent information and rates available.

Additional Products and Services

Regions Bank works for the welfare and services of the customer with a large number of banking products and services. These services include;

  • Various types of checking and savings accounts
  • Credit card options like the Life Visa and Explore Visa. The Life Visa is ideal for balance transfers with a 0% intro APR for 15 months, while the Explore Visa is a secured credit card designed for building credit.
  • Moreover, online and mobile banking platforms provide convenient access.

Comparison Overview with Other Institutes

FeatureRegions BankChaseBank of America
Savings APYLow ratesLow ratesLow rates
CD RatesUp to 5.00% APY for Promotional Relationship CDsStandard and Relationship CDs, generally lower ratesUp to 5.00% APY for Promotional Relationship
Checking AccountsRange of tailored options like LifeGreen CheckingOptions including Total Checking, Premier Plus CheckingVariety of checking account options
ATMs and BranchesOver 1,500 branches, 1,900+ ATMs in 15 Southern and Midwestern US statesOver 4,700 branches, 15,000+ ATMs nationwideApproximately 3,900 retail financial centers, 16,000+ ATMs
Customer ServiceAvailable with specific hours on weekdays and weekends24/7 Telephone Customer Service24/7 Telephone Customer Service with specific hours
Mobile AppAvailableImpressive mobile appRobust and user-friendly
ProsNotable savings options, annual bonus on LifeGreen SavingsLarge branch network, new customer couponsLarge branch network, extended service hours, full-service banking
ConsLimited branches, low savings APYLow interest rates, not available in all statesMonthly fees, low interest rates, many miscellaneous banking fees

Pros and Cons Analysis of Regions Bank


  1. Online and Mobile Banking – The online and mobile platforms of the bank are highly rated, facilitating easy banking transactions.
  2. Specialized Accounts – Region bank offers accounts tailored for different age groups and needs, including the Savings for Minors and Regions Now Savings.


  1. It has Geographical Limitations, as the banking services are limited to 16 states only. This may not be suitable for customers outside those 16 areas.
  2. The bank holds limited Information on Loan Products

Customer Reviews

  • The Regions mobile app is generally well-received, with high ratings for user experience and functionality.
  • Customer experiences at physical branches can vary, but there are positive reviews about the helpfulness of the staff.
  • Some customers appreciate the ease of managing accounts online, while others have reported challenges with customer service.
  • Customer feedback often includes mentions of the various fees associated with accounts, with some expressing dissatisfaction.

Personal Review

  • The bank’s effort to provide specialized accounts and the convenience of both digital and physical banking services reflects a customer-centric approach. However, the experience can vary, and attention to customer feedback, especially regarding fees, could enhance their service.


We have tried to present the most considerable discussion in the section above about the region’s bank. So that you might get the most appropriate point of thought for making the personalized decision. Apart from all these details if you are still not sure about any of the points, you are required to contact the bank directly as the bank has set up to provide you 24/7 support service.


What is the minimum deposit for a Regions Bank savings account?

$5 for LifeGreen® Savings (with automatic transfers) or $50 for a standard opening.

Can I use Regions Bank ATMs without fees?

Yes, for Regions customers, ATMs are free to use. Non-Regions ATMs incur a fee of $2.50 domestically.

Are there any special benefits for senior customers?

Yes, the 62+ LifeGreen® Checking account offers benefits like an easier way to waive monthly fees.

How competitive are Regions Bank’s CD rates?

Regions Bank offers competitive CD rates, especially for Relationship CDs. An 8-month Relationship CD can offer rates as high as 5.00% APY.

Does Regions Bank offer online and mobile banking?

Yes, Regions provides both online and mobile banking services, highly rated for their convenience and ease of use.