Acceptance InsuranceAcceptance Insurance, also known as (First Acceptance Corporation) is a publicly traded company that provides personal automobile insurance as well as other similar products. The company has a headquarters in Nashville, TN and is marketed through companies such as Yale Insurance, Acceptance Insurance and Insurance Plus brands. The company works within 12 states of the United States and has over 350 retail locations. Acceptance Insurance provides coverage in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Acceptance Insurance Review

As reported by their investor overview, First Acceptance Corporation is an underwriter, servicer and retailer of non-standard personal automobile insurance. The “non-standard” means that they provide insurance to individuals that either can’t get or do not want standard insurance. Some of the reasons that customers may be unable to obtain standard insurance are payment history, lapses in coverage, driving record issues, vehicle issues, or payment preferences. This makes them a good choice for those having trouble getting insurance that they really need.


Acceptance BBB Reviews

First Acceptance Insurance Company, Inc. has been BBB accredited since April of 1998. The BBB provides a rating for the business of A+. This rating was determined because of the size of the business, the number of complaints filed against the company and the way the company handles any complaints. Most of the complaints filed against the company are from customers that had issue with the timely payment of claims and lack of response from the company upon completing a claim. Each complaint is individual and is shown on the BBB website along with the response from First Acceptance Insurance Company, Inc.

Acceptance BBB Review

Acceptance Online Complaints

As with the purchase of any product or service, it is important that you determine the worth and reliability of the insurance company you decide to work with. One of the best ways to learn more about the insurance company you are considering is to look toward previous and current customers. The information that they provide can often give you a look at how the company handles issues and what they provide. Online complaints can provide you with some information about how the company works and can illuminate company weaknesses. This will allow you to weigh your options.

Glassdoor Review of Acceptance

Complaints are not always the entire story behind any company or product. While there are some complaints against Acceptance Insurance, there are also many positive attributes to their offerings such as:

  • More options for those who have trouble obtaining insurance coverage.
  • Easy to access customer support online or by telephone.
  • Availability in several states.
  • Flexible payment options for various situations.
  • Roadside assistance options.
  • A wide range of available products.
  • Easy options for making your payments.
  • Experienced representatives to help with setting up the policy.
  • Claims system that is easy to access online or by telephone.

The company offers a great deal to individuals who are considered high risk drivers, who have bad credit, are at an age that is considered risky, those looking for the right coverage at a decent price. According to a review by, the company may not be the right choice if you are looking for several types of coverage in one location.

Acceptance’s Financial Health

First Acceptance Corporation is a company that is publicly traded and has a fairly wide customer base over 12 states. It is likely that company will have the funds to back up any claims that are filed. They have over 350 locations and are able to provide insurance coverage for many. The one concern might be that they are backing high risk individuals making it more likely that they will have to pay out multiple claims over a period of time. Additionally, due to the nature of their customer base, they offer fewer products than some other insurance companies.


Acceptance Review of Insurance Products

Acceptance Insurance Products

Auto Insurance: Most of the insurance policies that Acceptance provides are automobile insurance coverage. The company offers auto insurance to individuals that might otherwise have trouble getting insurance. Many of these individuals include those that are seniors, teens, have a poor driving record, have made multiple insurance claims, require SR 22 Auto coverage, are non-owner insured, prefer non-standard policies, have bad credit or are otherwise difficult to insure. Some of the auto coverage options they have available include basic liability, comprehensive and collision coverage and uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Renters Insurance: Acceptance also provides renters insurance for individuals that do not own their residence, but rent it. The coverage ensures that your belongings are covered within the building from things such as fire, flood, smoke damage, tornado, windstorm and theft. Some policies will also cover any guests in your home if they should fall and be injured during the stay. The coverage amount is based on the value of your property and how much you want to pay. In some cases, landlords require tenants to obtain and carry renters insurance during their tenancy. They may also have specific requirements regarding coverage amounts and details.

Motorcycle Insurance: Acceptance provides drivers with motorcycle insurance as well. Liability coverage provides the rider with basic coverage if they are in an accident and are at fault. It will cover damage to another driver’s vehicle and medical expenses if they are injured. There is also comprehensive and collision motorcycle insurance to help pay for the repairs to your motorcycle if you are in an accident. It also helps with your medical expenses and in some cases you will be protected against fire, vandalism and theft. Acceptance includes $2,000 in accessory coverage under this policy type as well. This is for aftermarket parts as well as safety apparel.

Roadside Assistance: Acceptance offers a roadside assistance program that provides towing and winching, emergency fluids, flat tire repair, jump starts and lockout services if you should need them along the way. The coverage allows you to feel protected when you are traveling or simply on your way to work. When you get stuck on the side of the road it is nice to know you have someone to call. The exact nature of the coverage depends on the policy that you set up and what you are paying for.

Hospital Benefits: One unusual coverage offered by Acceptance is their hospital benefits. This is a gap coverage that covers your hospital stay if you already have medical insurance and they simply don’t provide enough for your hospital stay. The coverage offers one year of hospitalization for a maximum of $125 per day, accidental death or dismemberment payout of up to $10,000 and excess medical payments of $1,000. The coverage is not offered in Alabama.

Ohio Bond Coverage: Acceptance provides Ohio drivers with an Ohio Bond Card that is required by the state in order to drive. The card is issued to a driver in the state and goes with the driver in any vehicle that they drive. It is not issued to the vehicle. This is a policy that is necessary in Ohio and ensures that you are able to get the coverage that you need to drive in the state.

Med Pay Insurance: The Med Pay insurance covers medical expenses for you and other covered passengers involved in an accident regardless of fault. The coverage includes ambulance, emergency room and hospital bills, physician visits, x-rays, surgery and funeral costs. The Med Pay can also help you to pay your co-pays and deductibles left by your health insurance.

Acceptance Insurance Rates

Not all insurance policies are the same and not all rates are the same. There are several things that can change the amount that you will pay for your insurance. Whether you have had insurance in the past or you are investing for the first time, there are things that you will alter how much you end up paying for in the end. Some of the factors that might alter your insurance prices and rates include:

  • The amount of coverage that you need,
  • The type of insurance coverage you are looking for,
  • The deductible that you choose,
  • Your credit history,
  • Your driving record,
  • The items being covered such as the vehicle type, the personal property etc.,
  • Your age and the age of all drivers (if auto insurance),
  • Time with the same insurance company,
  • Other policies you might have with the company,
  • Discounts that you might be eligible for.

Choosing the right policy can be complicated and you will want to consider any discounts that might be available. Acceptance Insurance provides discounts to those that pay on time, that pay the entire premium up front, military personnel, experienced drivers, safety course certificate holders and more. You may be able to work with the representative to find a policy that fits both your budget and your needs. There may also be discounts available if you get more than one policy type such as renters insurance and auto insurance or auto insurance and motorcycle insurance. Go over all of your needs in order to find the very best policy.