Deal Summary

60-month CD, 0.85% APY, minimum deposit $1000, dividends paid quarterly.

Union Bank and Trust’s Top CD Rates

Union Bank and Trust’s top CD rate is 0.85% APY. This rate is offered on the bank’s 60-month CD with a minimum deposit of $1000. The dividends earned on this CD are paid quarterly.

The 30-month CD is a great alternative. The account offers an 0.80% APY with a $1000 minimum deposit. This account also pays you your dividends quarterly. The quarterly payout of dividends is beneficial because it serves as additional income. The best way to earn money is to leave it untouched as long as possible.

For short-term investors the bank offers a 3-month CD. This CD offers an annual percentage yield of 0.15%. This CD is also obtainable with a $1000 minimum deposit. All of the CDs mentioned are paid quarterly.

Union Bank and Trust offers 21 CDs. Each of these CDs can be opened with a $1000 minimum deposit. You are always welcome to invest more, but you don’t have to. These CD terms vary from 3 to 60-months. The APY starts at 0.15% and builds to 0.85%. Each of Union Bank’s CD accounts is subject to early withdrawal penalties.


You do not need to be a member of Union Bank and Trust in order to open a CD with them. As a result, you can open one up online. Be sure to have all of your information ready so that you can open the account as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Bank Overview

Union Bank and Trust was founded in 1917 and is a family-owned business that has strong roots within their community. Most recently, UBT was named the #2 bank in the United States by Forbes.

UBT is dedicated to supporting their community in every way possible, including the environment. They plant trees in local parks, donate blood, volunteer where they can, and donate money to organizations that need it. Employees at UBT are also encouraged to be philanthropists and as a result volunteer their time and money wherever it is needed. During the holidays, UBT has a program called Magic Moments that give special gifts to 10 families in the community that are either less fortunate or have done something to earn recognition.

In an effort to help the community stay safe from potential identity fraud, UBT also hosts Shred Day, which is an event that encourages the public to bring documents to be shredded so their information doesn’t get stolen.

UBT is also dedicated to keeping their community members as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to their finances. That’s why they have also established a Financial Literacy program in which UBT teams up with community non-profits to provide financial literacy courses either online or in person to those who may need it.

The program is led by Caitlin Moore, who is an experienced financial coach that covers over 40 educational topics to help people take control of their finances.