E*TRADE is an up and coming financial service company. They offer customer-friendly online brokerage, investing and related banking solutions. E*TRADE was founded in 1992 but went public in 1996. It is headquartered in New York City and continues to be successful as they had 3,000 employees in December 2010. E*TRADE philosophy is to empower individuals to their full financial potential. They are there every step of the way by providing the products, tools and services. With E*TRADE’s amazing reputation, your short- and long-term investing goals will be met.

Although many may think E*TRADE only operates online, they have 28 retail branches available across the United States. E*TRADE gained popularity when the “baby commercials” were released nationwide to thousandths of televisions. The theory behind the commercials is that it is so easy to manage your investments that even a baby can do it.

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E*TRADE offers a knowledgeable base of tax information via their online tax center located on their website. They make sure that you have not missed one single detail as they help guide you step-by-step. Although their online tax center is not a substitute for the IRS’ tips and advice, it is still used by millions because it is concise and easy to understand.

E*TRADE guarantees to make diversifying with bonds easy. They want to be able to help add to your income and provide relative stability to your well-rounded portfolio. E*TRADE has one of largest databases of fixed-income securities with over 30,000 available to its loyal clients. You are given access to their experienced investment professionals who will give specific bond recommendations or a professional evaluation for your entire investment portfolio. E*TRADE offers low and simplified fixed-income pricing so that you are given clear and competitive options. They offer exceptional value with theirs bonds and fixed income.

E*Trade CDs

The minimum opening deposit is $1,000.00 and if you open a CD with a check that is mailed to E*Trade, then your CD rate will not decrease while your check is in the mail, provided your deposit is received within 10 calendar days of your application. If E*Trade rates increase during that period, then they will increase your CD rate to the higher rate. Fixed-rate CDs will still have the same rate from the date of deposit until their maturity date.

E*Trade Savings Account Rates

E*Trade is known for investing and trading but they also have incorporated your everyday banking needs. They offer a savings accountwith requires no minimum balance requirements and doesn’t suffer from account fees.

The minimum opening deposited required is only $1.00 and you gain easy access to your money with Quick Transfer to and from any institution. There are several ways to fund your account which include mailing E*Trade a check, wiring funds, direct deposit, ACH transfer, and transfers from another account.

With E*Trade’s savings account, withdrawal limits do apply. Customers are allowed up to six withdrawals or transfers from their account in any calendar month. If withdrawals go over the limit, E*Trade may close the account or convert it to an E*Trade Checking account, or remove the account’s transfer and draft capacity.

E*Trade: Complete Savings Account – as of 8/15/11

  • 0.25% APY

Terms & Conditions: Interest Rate and APY may change at any time. $15 fee per Bank Check request.

E*Trade offers a very good money market account that is fairly easy to obtain. The rates are consistently higher than the national average with balances of $5,000.00 and the minimum to open is a low $100.00. In order to avoid the $10.00 monthly fee, maintain a $1,000.00 average monthly balance or $5,000.00 in combined average monthly E*Trade Bank deposits balances. After the initial account opening, there is no account minimums if you have $50,000.00 or more in linked bank and brokerage accounts; or, if you make at least 30 or more stock or options trade per quarter.

E*Trade: Money Market Account Rates – as of 8/15/11

  • $0 – $4,999.99 – 0.05% Interest Rate – 0.05% APY
  • $5,000 – $49,999.99 – 0.25% Interest Rate – 0.25% APY
  • $50,000 – $99,999.99 – 0.25% Interest Rate – 0.25% APY
  • $100,000.00 and more – 0.25% Interest Rate – 0.25% APY

Terms & Conditions: Certain fees may reduce earnings on accounts. Rate are variable and subject to change daily.

E*Trade only offers one checking account but it has a very good rate attached and the benefits are outstanding. You will receive unlimited ATM fee refunds at any bank nationwide, free unlimited checking and bill pay, and free quick transfers to and from any institution. This checking account is covered by E*Trade’s Complete® Protection Guarantee.

A minimum opening deposit of $100.00 is required and account holders must maintain a minimum average monthly balance of $5,000.00 to avoid the $15 monthly fee. This fee can be waived if the account holder sets up direct deposit of $200 or more each month, maintains at least $50,000.00 in combine E*Trade Bank deposits, or maintains a combine balance of $50,000.00 or more in linked E*Trade Securities, E*Trade Bank accounts, and employee stock plan accounts.

E*Trade: Max-Rate Checking – as of 8/13/11

  • $0.01 to $5,000.00 – 0.05% APY
  • $5,000.00 – $49,999 – 0.15% APY
  • $50,000.00 or more – 0.15% APY

E*Trade claims they are the better way to borrow. With their promotions, one can see why. They offer low rates, quick and easy process, and they are cutting edge. They will beat any other lender’s loan pricing or pay you $500.00. E*Trade has a pre-approval guarantee which means they will make a same-day pre-approval loan decision or pay you $250.00. For qualified E*Trade customers, they are eligible to receive up to $1,000.00 off closing costs.

E*Trade: Conforming Fixed Rates – as of 8/13/11

  • 30-yr – 4.230% Interest Rate – 4.400% APR – 1.0 Points – $981.54 Monthly Payment
  • 15-yr – 3.290% Interest Rate – 3.584% APR – 1.0 Points – $1,409.23 Monthly Payment

E*Trade: Conforming Adjustable Rates – as of 8/13/11

  • 7/1 – 3.060% Interest Rate – 3.188% APR – 1.0 Points – $849.70 Monthly Payment
  • 5/1 – 2.625% Interest Rate – 3.028% APR – 1.0 Points – $803.31 Monthly Payment
  • 7/1 ARM 10yr Interest Only – 3.250% Interest Rate – 3.239% APR – 1.0 Points – $541.67 Monthly Payment
  • 5/1 ARM 10yr Interest Only – 2.790% Interest Rate – 3.068% APR – 1.0 Points – $465.00 Monthly Payment

Terms & Conditions: The APR and Monthly Payment calculation is based on a loan amount of $200,000.00 for the purchase of an owner occupied property, with 70% Loan-to-Value (LTV), closing costs of $1,600.00 plus points shown, 15 days of prepaid interest and a 60-day lock. The APR shown for Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) may be increased or decreased after consummation. Due to market fluctuations, interest rates are subject to change at any time and without notice. Interest rates are also subject to credit and property approval based on secondary market guidelines. The rates shown are based on average rates for our best-qualified customers. Your individual rate may vary.