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Umpqua Bank
Umpqua Bank CD Rates

UMPQUA Banks top rate is 0.10% APY. This is on their 24-month account. This is a great investment... more

4 Min Read

BMO Harris Bank
BMO Harris CD Rates – Earn 0.25%

This article covers rates, terms, specials, and penalties for CDs (certificate of deposit) at BMO... more

3 Min Read

Bank OZK CD Rates – Earn 0.20% APY

What are the CD rates for Bank OZK (formerly known as Bank of the Ozarks) as of 2022? A certificate... more

3 Min Read

Truist CD Rates
Truist Bank CD Rates – Earn 0.05%

This review of Truist CDs (certificate of deposit), looks at interest rates, rules regarding early... more

4 Min Read



1-YEAR CD 1.74%
1-YEAR CD 2 2.74%
1-YEAR CD 3 8.74%
1-YEAR CD 4 5.74%

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